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Un-Boxing | Glamabox March 2013

Hi guys, another Glamabox review for you!  I received my box quite late this month, probably past mid-March.  Hence, this post has to be published this late. (Luckily still within this month!?)

The website or facebook page of Glamabox kept hinting that a full size product will be included in this month's box.  To be frank, I am both excited and sceptical.  I mean, full size is good, but will it be something I really want to try or use?  

The Full Size Gem

Proactiv Renewing Cleanser is a cleanser mainly targeted at problem skin with break-outs or tends to break-out.  To begin with, my facial skin (knock on wood) doesn't have break-outs issue. it is pretty dry/normal.  However, my back has acne issue; not sexy.  This Proactive cleanser has benzoyl peroxide as the active ingredient, and exfoliating beads to gently scrub away dirt and dead skin cells.  The texture of this cleanser is a soft milk, which doesn't foam up.  I am now using it daily as a back body wash, and I am already seeing an improvement!

Nut Oil and Mud Mask

Monaco Argan Oil is an oil which is beneficial to the hair.  I use it after washing my hair, while the hair is still damp, before I blow-dry.  As I have only used this a few times, I can't tell the difference between using this or my other oils (Ojon Hair Serum or Oscar Blandi Jasmine Serum).  This could possibly mean that this brand is as good as Ojon or Oscar Blandi!  Note: I do not have very bad ends or hair to begin with, my hair is soft and straight and thin biologically.  Alert: This stuff smells amazing, just like Nuxe Dry Oil, that aroma of almond, rose and baby powder concoction.  Lovely!

Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel is a mud mask, although it, at the same time, has a very special gel texture to it.  I have tried 1 sachet of it and it just looks like plain glacial mud mask on.  However, the texture is a cooling, gel-based creamy mud.  I am describing it pretty badly. lol.  One thing I don't get, it says to apply a 1/8" layer on the face, and I have no idea how thick that means.  I only use the whole sachet up.  While the mask is drying, instructions advice us to use a "Rejuvalux proprietary energized water" to keep the mask moist; apparenty I do not have that around, so I improvised and spray on some toner every 5 minutes.  The results?  It makes my skin feels so fresh and toned after washing it off.  It has been a while since I encounter a face mask that I enjoyed.  (The last one was probably by Nuxe).

BB Cream and Snail Mask

La Roche-Posay makes one of my favourite tinted sun protection last Summer (link to review).  This year, in this box, the newly released UVidea XL BB Cream in the shade 01 is becoming a new favourite!  The coverage is better, but it feels as good on the skin.  I will repurchase this stuff when I use up the sample.  Another item from La Roche Posay is their Toleriane Dermo Cleanser, which I have tried before (review).  It is an okay milky cleanser that doesn't foam.  I prefer other creamy/milky cleanser though.

I am currently on a snail slime project where I test out a great array of snail mask available on the market (mainly the more affordable ones).  Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask that comes with the box fits in my experiment time frame perfectly!  I will give it a go and report back with my mask reviews~ :)

List and worth of everything:

Proactiv Renewing Cleanser 120 ml, HK $249
Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask HK $14
La Roche-Posay UVidea XL BB Cream - Shade 01 3 ml, HK $28
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser 15ml HK $16
Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel 14 g, HK $125
Monaco Argan Oil 10 ml, HK $29
Total: $461 (great value, given that I only paid $108 for subscription)

If you're from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, or Singapore; Check out Glamabox, it is a great way to try out new beauty goodies!  (My GlamaID is 24963)

Have you tried any of the brands mentioned above?  Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?  Tell me in the comments below! :D

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I still haven't subscribed to a beauty box, but everytime I read these posts I wish I had! I also want to try Proactiv! || GLASSES GIVEAWAY! xxx

    1. We only have one major beauty box subscription here. I'm glad they are doing well so far (this is my 7th month, need to renew soon...)
      Agree: Isn't it good to see some Proactiv or nice stuff in? :D

  2. I subscribed to a beauty box in my country and got shit* too soon, I prefer to buy something for myself for that money.
    but I love seeing beauty boxes from other countries =)

    1. Hi Eugenia,
      Oh... I didn't got rubbish stuff in my box just yet, but some of those i will never use, or don't find it useful... :S
      I am now starting to ponder whether i should renew my subscription (it will end in 4 months)



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