Friday, 5 April 2013

FOTD: They Are Real Lashes

still bare lips

lips and dress added

Yes.  A Face of the Day for a Friday!

Yes.  I can also fake the long full lash look without wearing actual fake lashes.  :)

Yes.  I took the inspiration from Benefit's mascara name.

Yes.  You can't tell what eye shadow I was wearing; given the two portraits above are both shot with my eyes open; but hey, that's what I see when I have my eyes open, too!  Story of Asians with 'Hidden Double Eyelids'.

Yes.  I look pretty swollen and silly in these photos, but I really can't pick any use-able pictures other than these.

Yes.  My words are about to end here.

To see the list of products used!  Please expand~

Cheeks and Lips
  • Benefit Dandelion
  • Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick - 30 Sweet Watermelon

Do you prefer mascara or false lashes?  Which is your mascara pick to fake the real lashes?  :P

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I wish a could wear false lashes, but I feel them so uncomfortable for wearing them for more than 2 hours
    One mascara that I really like is the old trusty loreal telescopic...
    Really nice lashes, one question... the eyelash primer make your lashes stiff?

    I love how photographs the Face and body foundation...

    1. Hi Eugenia, if you find wearing falsies not comfortable, try trimming them shorter, e.g. just wearing them on the outer corners.
      Otherwise, try some types with softer or thinner bands, that will sit more comfortably on the lids.
      The eyelash primer does make my lashes stiff, not hard, a bit like 'hairspray'. I don't mind that because usually stiffer mascaras work for my soft lashes~

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks szaidik. My natural lashes aren't full nor long so I had to wear falsies when I want the drama. layering three mascaras (like this post) is what i need to do if i want real good looking 'natural' lashes :P I heard more bad than good things about the MJ traditional bristle mascaras, I love every single comb-wand ones MJ brought out though. :)

  3. the Kiss Me Heroine mascaras have been discontinued?! I'm so shocked cuz they're like one of the best selling mascaras in Taiwan O___o your lashes look amazing here! I always see Kiss Me work wonders on others but they just don't have the same effect on me :'( PS: you don't look swollen lol

    thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog ^_^

    1. Hi Francis, yes, the heroine make mascaras are now repackaged/reformulated/rebranded. They come in bright pink tubes.

  4. Your lashes look amazing! When I want the fake lash look without lashes I use Revlon's Lash Fantasy mascara. It has a primer side and mascara side. It's an art form to figure out how much time to let coats dry but it's worth it for the effect.

    1. Thanks CC. I have tried some Revlon mascaras that aren't too impressive, purchased the Growluscious and waiting to try that out... I agree, when layering mascaras, the time lapse between coats is crucial!

  5. I want to try another majolica majorca mascara!

    1. I may get you one~ Perhaps send you a box in May or so? :)

  6. Great blog. Following you
    Hope you check out my new blog.

    1. Thank you Hien, will sure visit your blog!



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