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Glamabox April 2013 (and 8 Month Review)

After receiving 8 out of the 12 boxes (I made an annual subscription), I think it is about time to give an overview of the boxes.  This may help some of you decide on whether you may want to try out Glamabox, while at the same time help myself out with answering 'should I renew my subscription?'

April 2013

Can I say I'm really excited as well as quite disappointed with this month's box?  I am over the moon when I see the three good size skin care samples, and one full size moisturiser.  However, I am not that happy with the Chicken Essence.  Not a fan of grocery in a beauty box.  Boo.

Box content:  Dr. Cell All in One Face Gel ($250, 50g) is the full size gem of this box.  I have had their cleanser in previous boxes but it is too basic to win my love.  This gel has Coenzyme Q10, Collagen hyaluronic acid, amino acids and more.  I tried it on and it felt very soothing and moisturising.  The second thing that definitely caught my eye is the Ren Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel ($330, 150ml).  Countless times I have heard the UK ladies glorifying this brand, first time I've ever encountered a sample myself!  This is perfect for the current weather as the pollution and humidity is causing my pores to congest, esp. around the nose and chin.  It has an amazing natural floral aroma and runny gel texture.  Just give a mild foam, and rinse off easily, leaving skin soft as baby bottom!  :D  The other two skin care pieces I have not yet tried, but will very soon do.  O'slee Honey Sugar Mask ($98, 100ml) is a fresh lemon honey scented sugar scrub/mask.  It can be used on wet or dry skin, interesting!  b-liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel ($490, 45ml) is a treatment gel with Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Aloe and Witch Hazel.  Finally, the item that is now living in my fridge and does not interest me at all is called Yuantsuei Essence of Chicken ($310, 7 packs/box).  Never been a fan of chicken essence since forever...

Worth:  $250 + $11 + $10 + $33 + $44 = $348

Overall:  Pretending I do not see the chicken essence, this is a Hurray box to me.

March 2013 Glamabox

February 2013 Glamabox

My Past Boxes

When I got my first box in September, I didn't quite know what to expect.  It was not a bad start, I guess.

Box content worth: $460
Love: Louvier DNA Silk Mask
Hate: Ido Deep-sea Collagen Peptide + Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles

October box was nothing special.  The full size eye cream still sits untouched in my skin care cabinet, so I guess that's borderline turning to waste.  It is a little sad that I can't find anything I love from this box yet; as the masks are still untouched.

Box content worth: $415
Love: None
Hate: None

Link: September and October 2012

A very skin care intensive box in November, which was great!  I love new skin care.  The Viscontour serum is a great pick me up on bad skin day, when you need to look greater than you're ready to.  The other skin care bits from La Roche Posay and Time to Move are nice to try, too.

Box content worth: $889
Love: Viscontour Serum
Hate: None

Link: November 2012

December was the first time I received a full size make up in my box.  It is an exciting thing, but putting base make up in a box is tricky, especially for foundation.  If they throw in a concealer or powder, it is easier to make it work.  On a side note, the DIY box and Bridal box are really worth checking out - I have found some lovely gems in those boxes!

Box content worth: $407
Love: Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup + Kobayashi Ammeltz Cura-Heat Patch
Hate: IDO Burner Light (instant congee packs)

Link: December 2012 (+ DIY Box, + Bridal Box)

Sen's Repairing line is a definite thumb-up that I have encountered through January's Glamabox.  I have and love their shampoo from the Sleek line (my review), but would have never ventured out into this delicious rose-scented version for dry hair, if it wasn't Glamabox's samples.  The meal replacement thing, interesting though, didn't make it into my stomach for the whole 3 months since its arrival.  I guess I will never break the barrier and consume it myself... I also gave away the cleanser, which isn't bad, but too basic and a bit drying for my skin to handle.

Box content worth: $285
Love: Sen by Kim Robinson Repairing Shampoo + Conditioner + Coupon
Hate: Niji's Diet + Dr. Cell Clear Washing

Link: January 2013

February, again, there's a full size make up item in this box, which has stirred up a bit of extreme-love-hate feedback.  The Gerda Spillmann cream foundation was a full size and the colour matches me alright.  It is a nice product to try and own, at least to me.

Box content worth: $390
Love: Gerda Spillmann Bio-Fond Cream Make-Up
Hate: None

Link: February 2013

The key item in March has to be the full size cleanser.  I have been using the Proactive wash on my back daily since I got the box and it does seem to keep my back acne under control.  Not too impressed in terms of clearing all the breakouts, though.  I do, though, am happy that they put in a sample of the La Roche Posay BB Cream which I have been wanting to try.  It turned out to be great stuff and I get a coupon to use too, if I am to repurchase.

Box content worth: $461
Love: La Roche-Posay UVidea XL BB Cream, Proactiv Renewing Cleanser
Hate: None

Link: March 2013

January 2013 Glamabox

Will I continue with my subscription?

I encounter some great brands through Glamabox, e.g. Sen by Kim Robinson, Proactive, Gerda Spillmann, Viscontour, Ren, La Roche Posay.  One thing I really am not happy with is the food/grocery bits they throw in my boxes.  Some may find it fun and nice to have.  But after 8 months, I realise that none is better than some when it comes to these food items.

If I am to pay $108 separately for the individual boxes, which would I say 'yes', and 'no' to?

Sep 2012 - No
Oct 2012 - No
Nov 2012 - Yes
Dec 2012 - Yes
Jan 2013 - No
Feb 2013 - Yes
Mar 2013 - Yes
April 2013 - Yes

So, with 5 'Yes' and 3 'No', I'm probably going to re-subscribe again in the future.  However, I may wait until I move home after my wedding, to get the boxes again.  After all, it is a little overwhelming to handle the boxes and new products every month when life is in a whirl!

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Hope you find this helpful!  

If you're from China/Singapore/Taiwan/Macau/HongKong, go get yourself a box to try! (my link)

Are you subscribed to Glamabox or any other boxes?  Tell me your experience in the comment below.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I stop buying this type of boxes long ago, but the box you get has better products that the ones in my country...
    and I think I would like to get some food/small snack in my box...

    1. Hmm.. I think snack might be okay, but Glamabox tends to throw in meal replacement or health-food that isn't at all too tasty... :S



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