Saturday, 13 April 2013

New-in: Korean Beauty Purchases

I know, I know, I've published a post talking about not buying any more beauty products, or a 100 day spending ban.  The truth is, these aren't procured after that ban, it is before.  It is just that I do not have enough space in that post to mention all of these....

1.  Etude House

Etude House Dear My Party Nails - PPK001 $28
Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails #1 (blue) $28
Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails #2 (yellow) $28
Etude House Lip Shape Puff $20

Did a NOTD with all the three nail polishes above.  I really like the formula and colour of the pink one, not so much that of the Ice Cream ones.  And the puff... isn't it amazing?  :D

2. Skin 79 (and Heynature)

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions $168, 40 g (送洗臉泡)
Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse SPF30/PA++ $196, 50 g (送洗臉泡)
Skin79 BB Cleanser $168, 100 ml (其實免費)

Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream
Heynature Cleansing Oil
Heynature Aqua Brightening Gel
Heynature BB Silver Crystal SPF 35/PA++ Aqua Blast Blemish Base

I was shopping for the BB Cleanser for a beauty swap (with a girl in the Netherlands).  There is a webstore by the local distributor, went ahead and ordered more in order to reach the free shipping benchmark.  I have tested out the BB Cleanser myself, I find the soapy scent not very attractive, but the texture is fun; similar to my Heynature one.  Will do a comparison/review, sooner or later, on these bubble mask/cleanser; I have three...

The Skin79 Mousse reminds me a lot of the Shu Uemura ones, sent one to my friend Ari, so she can try out. Make sure to check out her blog and chase her for her review!

3. Lioele (from Colourmix)

Lioele Silky Highlight BB Touch $96, 20 ml
Lioele Dollish Lipstick - #6 G. Nudy Pink $75

Also bought these Lioele because I was shopping for the Holland swap!  The highlighter looks and feels good on the back of my hand, need to test it out on my face soon.  For the lipstick, I purchase this for myself because Sara praised about the one I sent her.  Can't give my opinion on it yet, but it has a lovely texture and colour, doesn't it?

4. Cellio (from Sasa)

Cellio Snake Extra Soothing Essential Mask 1 pc
Cellio Snail Extra Soothing Essential Mask $10 1 pc

They are on "buy 1 get 1".  And I want to try out all affordable snail masks in the market... After my snail mask review (part 1 here), which will probably be done in April, I will start a bee venom and snake venom comparison/review.  Want that? :D

5. from Mannings

Dr. Post Snail Aquaring SOS Mask $25.9, 1 pc - with 1 ampoule base.
Dewytree Snail Vitalising Mask Sheet $17.90, 1 pc (25 g)

Again, because I wanted to test out all affordable snail masks out there... Already tested out the Dr. Post, want to know if I like it or not?  Read it here.

6. from Watson's

Sooae Snail Whitening Essence Mask Pack $18.9
Sooae Snail EGF Essence Mask Pack $18.9
Sooae Snail Moisture Essence Mask Pack $18.9

Isdani Baek-Myeong MTS Mediental Clinic Mask $23.9 (3 ml + 25 ml)
Oracle Labocare PDT Hydro Gel Mask $16.9
Oracle Labocare IPL Hydro Gel Mask $16.9
Oracle Secret Lab Brilliant Source Treatment Mask Rx. $9.9
Oracle Secret Lab Aqua Source Treatment Mask Rx. $9.9

Again, again... Because I wanted to test out all affordable snail masks out there.  Then I went crazy and got some non-snail ones... Already tested out one of the Sooae ones, want to know if I like it or not?  Read it here.

Have you tried anything from Korea recently?  What is/are your favourite Korean beauty brand(s)?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I have not tried any foundation in that format mousse or spray ... not convince me ...
    I really like the pink bb cream, is on my wishlist for a while but before buying any bb cream or foundation I have to finish some of which I have already ...
    and look forward to the reviews and comparisons of face masks...

    1. I have tried the famous Shu Uemura make up base (mousse) at the stores before and that is really nice texture! None other sprays or mousse appealed to me though.
      If you want the pink bb cream, I can send you that. When you are interested/ready to do a swap, just email me!

  2. Those nail polishes are so cute... I absolutely adore the packaging and the colours are really gorgeous too! x

    1. Yes Hannah, cute as toys aren't they!? :D

  3. any more pre-ban hauls coming? love reading them!! LOL

    1. Jen, there are at least two more... but I haven't gotten around to put them together for a post :D



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