Saturday, 20 April 2013

New-in | Second Trip to Mi Ming Mart

I obtained a $100 off coupon with my last order, so I went back and used it.  I only bought one item, i.e. the pHion Green Superfood (180 capsules).  Originally it is $320 a bottle, with my $100 off coupon, I paid $220.

This is the capsule form of the green powder which is supposed to have a great bunch of raw whole vegetables, roots and fruits ground together.  I didn't enjoy that very much, mainly due to the hassle and the taste.  Therefore I spend my dollars on this capsule alternative, hoping I will get more frequent intake out of it.  I will report back how well I like this, probably when it is emptied?

Review of previous purchases

You can look at my previous haul post here, with everything I got and some initial review.  Things I love are the pHion Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet, which I can now buy on iHerb (link, use code JBF362 for discount), and the Synergie Skin Uberzinc sunscreen/sunblock.  The Synergie sun protection is a very nice day moisturiser and primer for make up.  I will do a better review on it later.  Of course I also love the Koji Eyelash Fix White (Sasa link), which came as a free gift.  It dries clear, holds all day and is so easy to remove from the eye and the false lash band.  Very affordable too!

Things I do not love are pHion Green Superfood, i.e. the green powder, and pHion Ionic Colon Cleanse.  Because of their taste I am not willing to take these, and now they're sitting half opened in my kitchen... I guess they perform, but I can't tell, as I have not been taking them regularly.

I have not much to say about the pHion Probiotic Blend, which I finished the whole bottle but not notice anything different, or the Queen Photogenic False Lashes, which I haven't even worn once.

Will I shop at Mi Ming Mart again?

Probably not.  I am on a strict (not so strict?) spending ban right now, so although I do have the loyalty stamp card from MMM, I cannot go back to buy any time soon.  Right now, I do not think they stock anything I want to try in particular, and that I cannot get elsewhere.  Well, except some more Synergie skin care... Do tell me if you recommend anything from MMM though!

Are you diligent in taking dietary supplement for health or for beauty?  What supplements do you take?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I take multi vitamin, omega 3 and collagen.
    If available I prefer taking tense up but I can't get it easily in Canada so I normally take the meiji collagen.

    1. I see.. I have never tried tense up (the drink you're talking about, right?). Not really a believer of collagen supplement. :P

  2. Never take dietary supplement, used to take Centrum but upsets my stomach and also I tested with phosphorus supplements and then could not sleep so stop taking them.

    1. I see. Centrum is like an all round good for health pill? I usually finish half bottle of those things and totally forgot about them... Sorry to hear about your phosphorus story. I will make a note of that - phosphorus can hinder sleep.

  3. Sorry you didn't like this. But at least you tried it right? $100 coupon isn't bad either. I'm usually skeptical of beauty supplements. I thnk I'll stick with vitamins.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Hi girlie blogger, what vitamins do you take?

  4. Very nice post...I really like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. I will head over to your blog, and follow you if I like it. If you like mine, please follow! :D Thanks



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