Tuesday, 28 May 2013

100 Day Spending Ban | Week 8 Update

Another week has gone, did I break any rules?  What have I learnt?

1.  A Recap

My rules:
  • No spending on ANY make up or skin care.  No exceptions.  I do welcome free gifts or samples though.  Note: during this span I shall have at least 3 Glamaboxes coming in, so that can keep me entertained!
  • Every single day I survive this ban, I will put HK $100 into my Fun Fund.  When the ban is over, I can treat myself well (perhaps some Burberry or Guerlain make up??).  :D
  • My 100 Day Spending Ban starts on 1st of April and shall end on 9th of July.

2.  Fun Fund (Week 8: 20 - 26 May)

$4,400 + $700 - $300
= $4,800

i) iHerb, 21st May

Made an order on iHerb for the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection, along with some other things.  I confess that I threw in some toners and masks so this is a day of violation :(

Good thing is, I ordered some dark spot creams for my mum to test out.  She has a few sun spots that annoy her so I hope what I ordered may help her~  The DHL delivery came in on the 24th, so a haul post will very likely be posted next week!

ii) Caudalie, 23rd May

I have withstood the longest time ever to buy myself a bottle of Beauty Elixir.  The resistance finally broke down, first due to sales, second and more importantly, because of Liv Tyler.  First, the price of these are amazing.  The 100 ml is 280 HKD at Colourmix and 30 ml is 115 HKD at Sasa.  Oh, and Liv Tyler.  One day, I will try out everything mentioned by Liv in the interview by Into the Gloss.  One day.  ;)

iii) Watson's, 24th May

If you are following my facebook or daily updates post, you know I was weak at the 25% off sales in Watson's store.  Out of all brands that participated in the sale (Majolica Majorca, Kate, Media, Palgantong, Clio, Bourjois, Max Factor, Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Collection/Collection 2000, Lavshuca), the only things that made me spend money on were three Media lipsticks.

Media Shiny Essence Lip "PK-5" ($ 63, 2.5 g) Now $47.3
Media Moist Essence Rouge "PK-1" ($ 67, 2.4 g) Now $50.2
Media Moist Essence Rouge "RS-2" ($ 67, 2.4 g) Now $50.2

3. Lesson Learnt

"Advertisement, spokesperson campaign or advertorial aren't marketing techniques half as effective as making the celebrity (e.g. Liv) use the product and mention it in real (and casual) interviews."

4. Wants or Wishes

I will write these down weekly, and after the 100 day spending ban I will look back and see what I really will buy.  I suppose this is a good way to see how unnecessary some of my desires are...!  I am limiting myself to add one wish per day only, is that considered self-control, too?

Innisfree Almond Sugar Scrub
MAC Eyeshadow - Soba
Muji Lip Balm - Grapefruit (Yuan, again)
Nip+Fab Pistachio Body Butter (inspired by PersianBabe, apparently.  could it be somebody else?)

Tom Ford Quad - 11 Lavender Lust, 12 Seductive Rose (because these are limited Asia exclusives, my friend Angie has already helped me purchased and is keeping them for me~)
Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate (I'm gonna treat myself some good eye cream after spending ban... if I behave well in the coming weeks)

Other updates:

1.  Come Shop My Stash!  
Blog Sale is updated again.  Please go and have a look.  Link in the tab on your top left, or this link.

2.  Recap of last week's posts:  Another beauty empties post in the name of Finished Fortnight.  Tom Ford eye shadow palette Seductive Rose in all its glory - exclamation!  Two Glamabox posts - a Korean royal secret box by Whoo, and the May monthly box.

3.  Jacq's Journal:  Continual random updates of me, my toys (beauty product musings), and food~

Jacq's 100 Day Spending Ban
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I'll be in Taiwan next full week, I can't wait for my daily dosage of bubble tea (and bitter melon juice), along with the affordable skin care and masks shopping!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. You're so strict and organized. I don't think I'll be able to survive a spending ban. Good job! I'd love to get a set of Real Technique brushes.

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Thanks Girlie Blogger :) I'm not that strict at all... Seems like I've been spending every week although I'm reporting this ban every week... :S

  2. I was hooked reading the interview with Liv, is a beautiful and sophisticated woman, I would also like to have all her skincare products...
    Good luck on your vacation! have fun...

    1. Yes Eugenia, isn't her amazing? :)
      I will take care and have a safe trip, thanks for your nice wishes~



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