Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Acquired: from GlamaEvent and GlamaBox

I placed an order on GlamaEvent before my 100 Day Spending Ban began, and then another ban-breaking check-out from Glamabox - confession made.  Now that I definitely have enough face masks to last me until 2015, I am also definite to stick to my Spending Ban (and Embargo), my living space is so cramped that I find suffocating!


GlamaEvent is a platform similar to HauteLook where brands occasionally put their products on sale for a limited period of time.  This is the first time I have ordered from them, mainly because they are giving out a free Glamabox (of that month) as gift with purchase of certain amount - lesson learnt.  My cousin wanted to try out the famous YSL Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation, hence we combined our order.  She got her YSL set and I got some skin care bits.

From a totally brand new company called Fresca, I picked up their Petit Fresca Skin Treats trial set.  Fresca is a Japanese brand (brand homepage) and it seems to have good reviews on @Cosme (Japan's beauty review/shopping heaven).  The kit is called reborn me! and everything inside is named very interestingly: cleanse me! (Radiant-C Cleanser II), replenish me! (Hydrating Lotion II), vitalize me! (R3 Complex Serum II), vivify me! (Botanical Gelée Mask), defend me! (Day/Night Moisturizing Créme II), shield me! (UV Herbal Gel 40 SPF40 PA+++), restore me! (Soothing Eye Gel II).  The packaging is to die for!!  I am planning to give these a test and review them in a separate post because they are so cute!

I also restocked on one of my favourite sheet masks from Louvier - their Moisture Mask.  Did a review on it before, and glad to find it on sale!  Balm Balm has been popping up here and there on various blogs and I decided to give this serum a try.  It is a very moisturising oil-based serum and I am still saving it as recently my skin has not been lacking moisture nor oil but clarity.  
  • YSL 年輕妍活 黑色化妆袋套裝 HKD 228 - My cousin's, not mine.
  • fresca Skin Treats 全效護膚7件套 reborn me! Skin Treats HKD 199 - Amazing deal!  It was listed at 3,885 yen.
  • 英國 Balm Balm 神奇玫瑰果精華液 Little Miracle Rosehip Serum (30ml) HKD 162 - It is just £13.25 on the UK website.
  • Louvier DNA 藍銅嫩白蠶絲面膜 Moisture Mask (26ml x 20片) HKD 109
From the 'free' Glamabox, after splitting some items with my cousin:
  • La Roche Posay Uvidea XL Melt-in BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ - 01 (3ml)
  • Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (120ml) - Benzyl peroxide wash, I use this on my back (used up one in my last empties post)
  • Dermal Special Formula Absolute Whitening Pure Mask (30g)
GlamaEvent is a fun and exciting way to shop, I am always tempted to shop there when there are brands I fancy.  The whole limited time discount thing is so addictive!

Glamabox DIY - 2nd round

When Glamabox put out the DIY concept the first time, I craved in and ordered one.  If monthly beauty box subscription is a fantastic way to try out products, these DIY boxes are marvellous, better way to pick what one wishes to try the most!

This time, I managed to stock up some of my favourite great products that Glamabox sells - Viscontour and Sen by Kim Robinson offer great ones!  The DIY box costs HKD $188 each, and I picked up two, because I want to qualify for free delivery!

On the other hand, new things I cannot get more excited about include: AFU (homepage link), an aromatherapy brand from China - yes the Mainland China with Simplified Chinese, not the Traditional Chinese area (HK, Macau or Taiwan).  Apparently it is a very popular brand up North, so famous that there are fakes online - don't ask me how to distinguish real from fake!  With Glamabox, I trusted their source so I picked a mask and an essential oil to try out.  Hair loss or hair thinning is always a concern for me, while I'm pretty laid back with my hair routine, anti-hair-loss shampoo and rinse can be easily incorporated into my schedule; American Dr. D will try to fight for that slot.  While Proactiv's Renewing Cleanser is trying to help out my back acne with benzyl peroxide, I am ready to combat any intense break-out with the Refining Mask, a sulphur treatment.

Things that I pick:

  • BioHerb Derma Miracle Series Arbutin and Tranexamic Acid Whitening Mask (30ml x 5pc)
  • AFU 阿芙•玫瑰谷酸奶花瓣面膜 Rose Valley Ultimate Whitening Yogurt Mask (15g) - homepage link (Chinese)
  • Viscontour Topical Hyaluronic Acid Serum (5 x 1ml) - mentioned in previous empties post
  • 高絲 Kose Clear Turn White 透明質酸保濕面膜 (1盒 x 5片)
  • Timeless Truth 蠶絲活酵母激活面膜 Organic Silk Fiber Elixir Mask (1片 x 30ml)
  • Be Creation Lucky LT 修護潤澤眼膜 Eye Mask (4對 x 10ml)
  • AFU 阿芙•天竺葵精油 Pelargonium Graveolens (1ml) - homepage link (Chinese)
  • Proactive Refining Mask (28g) - Sulphur acne treatment
  • Kerasys 修護洗髮及護髮素 Damage Clinic Shampoo + Rinse (60ml + 60ml)
  • Dr. D Biotech Laboratory Anti-Hair-Loss Follicle Revitalizing Shampoo (2 x 40ml) 
  • Dr. D Biotech Laboratory Anti-Hair-Loss Anti-Breakage Treatment Conditioner (2 x 40ml) 
  • Sen by Kim Robinson 滋潤修護系列洗髮水 Moisture and Repair Shampoo (2 x 8ml)
  • Sen by Kim Robinson 滋潤修護系列護髮素 Moisture and Repair Conditioner (2 x 8ml)
  • Darlie Expert White Prophylaxis Toothpaste (120g)
Things that came as extras:
  • The Body Shop Natrulift Firming Serum (5 x 1.5ml)
  • Eternal Concept Dead Sea Treatment Aloe Vera Gel (5 x 2.5ml)
  • Dr. Cell Clear Washing - already gifted these away as I'm not a big fan~

I hope you find this review/haul helpful and intersting~

Do you like the idea of DIY beauty boxes?  Share your experience with any products mention above, that might help me/others out a great lot!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I've never heard of DIY boxes... Sounds better than conventional boxes.
    a question Does the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser dry your skin?
    would you say is too strong ?

    1. No, the Renewing Cleanser isn't too strong. I can even use it on my face. It is a creamy lotion, non-foaming.



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