Thursday, 16 May 2013

Face Mask | Cocktail Style

Considering the mere size of my mask stash, I should have used them way more often than I do.  Trust me, I'm making up for that using a concoction of potions and clays every time.  How?

--whisper: I won't admit I'm showing off my lash extensions in the pictures above, although that is the only reasonable excuse of posting such disgusting portraits online! Judge not my hair band nor my pajamas, muchos gracias--

1.0 Cleanse:  This usually comes in a form or another of clay or thicker cream.  Labelled as clarifying, pore-minimising, deep-cleansing, purifying, they take away dirt and grease and prep my skin for the following steps.  My skin is normal/dry most of the time, but recently, due to the adverse - using this adj. casually here - humidity, it has become more normal/combination with an oily and unruly T-zone plus cheeks close to my nose.  I concentrate the deep cleansing clay in the centre of my face thinning it out-wards.  Sometimes I don't even cover the outer perimeter of my face.

1.5 Eyes:  With some eye masks lying around, I figure it is a good time to apply this at the same time with the cleansing step.  I do a thin layer of the gel eye mask hoping that my dark circles, delicate skin and fine lines in formation will be combatted.  Same as the other masks, I smooth the product on my face with a mask brush - similar to that shown in this picture.

2.0 Hydrate:  I took off the previous masks with a damp cleansing sponge.  For the next step, you can go way further, a firming cream, a whitening masque, or like me, a hydrating pack, as you wish.  After the cleansing with clay, skin is more ready to absorb beneficial ingredients you feed it with.  I picked a delicious treat that makes my mood flies high and skin baby smooth.  Dessert served with a brush, instead of a spoon.

3.0 Sheet:  Similar to the previous step, this can be of your own skin needs or tastes.  I am opting for some snail servings as I'm in the process of reviewing an array of escargot sheets.  Otherwise, feel free to throw on any type you fancy, soothing, moisturising, revitalising, refreshing, refining, calming... The key?  Pick your own favourite keyword!

4.0 xxx:  You can take this cocktail method as far as you'd like.  Feel free to do a step four or five...  Perhaps a toner-soaked-cotton mask, or a sleeping mask?  Do whatever you, or your skin, prefer!  This method is applicable to any steps of your skin care.  You can do a cleansing cocktail party with micellar water, oil, and bubble; or a serum cocktail party with firming, whitening and hydrating potions.  Currently I have been experimenting with the toner cocktail every night, with at least three toners applied one after another.  Mainly for fun, but I've noticed great results.

List of products used, with short reviews:

Montagne Jeunesse Damask Rose - Drooling rose scent.  A clay that is not drying.  Dries up quite a bit and hardens, therefore I spray my face all over with a toner before I wash off with a wet sponge.  Great clay for the normal/combo skin, may not be strong enough for the oily-ers.

Helenere Cellular Eye Mask (link) - Eye care is a preventive measure one will never regret starting too early.  This mask is a light gel that keeps my eye area smooth and soothed.  Nothing miraculous, as (knock-on-wood) my eye area has been alright for the time being.

Mask House MultiFruit Yogurt Mask (Strawberry Hydrating) - Reminds me of the old school Skinlite mask sachet I got in Sasa when I had a very very tight budget as a student.  It is still available online, how surprising!  You have to massage those beads after you apply, before you wash off, to release the secret power (if any) of the product.  This smells delicious.  One packet of this is more than one use so it lived in my fridge overnight and will be consumed tonight.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Mask - An 'Okay' one.  I will do a better review when I try a few more snail masks.

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How often do you do face mask?  

Will you give your skin a cocktail after reading this?  

Hope you find my sharing helpful!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I think the above cocktail style face mask would suit dry skin like you have, but not combination skin like mine :P would surely get acne if I do so.

    I would prfer cocktail style in this way:
    1. Cleanse
    2. toner-soaked-cotton mask
    3. Sheet Mask
    4. Cream

    1. Honor,
      your cocktail sounds good too ;)
      but even for my dry skin, I have been skipping cream even for air-con nights, just using night gelly (sleeping mask?) as my last step~ :P



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