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Face Mask Review #5 | More Snails!

This is the second addition to the Snail Mask Series.  I did an intro on this ingredient with a review of a handful of masks previously, check it out if you fancy.  This time I'm gonna review a few more... To be honest, I ain't impressed with about half of those I've tried... (Hey, I still found some that I care for!)

Hmm... Am I having too high hopes for sheet mask, or snail slime?  :S

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1-packaging, 2-before, 3-during, 4-after

ElishaCoy Skin Repairing Snail Skin Re-generation Eco Pure Pulp Mask Sheet
  • Brand: Homepage
  • Product: Sasa Link
  • Price: Got this for free at Sasa (redeemed with loyalty points).  
  • Made in Korea
  • No English ingredient list
  • Product Claims: "cool feeling", "moisture and nourishment", "lightening"
  • The Sheet and Scent: I hate the sheet, it is like kitchen paper stiff like masks do 10 years ago.  Cutting was mediocre, the stiff sheet makes it impossible to lay the mask flat anyway, regardless of the cutting.  The scent is a soft fragrance, not offensive.
  • My Review: First, the English writings on the front make no sense, or too much grammatical mistakes to make sense to me anyway. Read it yourself and try to figure it out.  I do feel a cooling effect, and slight moisture; same results can be obtained by putting on a wet towel on your face I suppose.  Nourishment and lightening, on the other hand, I don't see.  Redness on my face was not tamed, pores not minimised, nothing.
  • Rating: No Way.  No wonder they don't sell well...

1-packaging, 2-before, 3-during, 4-after
Dr. Morita - ingredients

Dr. Morita Repair Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask 

  • Product: Taiwan link (in Chinese)
  • Price: $50.15 for box of ten, so each one costs about $5.  Exclusively sold in Mannings.
  • Claims: "Repair" "Moisturising: Reduce the loss of skin hyaluronic acid" "Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant" "Soothing, soften"
  • Sheet and Scent:  Sheet super soft and fit my face contour well.  Slightly scented, pretty nice.
  • My Review: Very generous with serum and the serum is lovely.  It can be used over the recommended 10 - 15 minutes.  Skin is much brighter, moisturised and softened after use.  *It will be better if their ingredient list is better printed, from 
  • Rating: Hurray.  I will be very glad to finish up the box, and will repurchase.

1-packaging, 2-before, 3-during, 4-after

Cellio Snail Extra Soothing Essential Mask
  • Brand: Korean site
  • Price: $10 buy one get one, so it's $5, from Sasa store.
  • Made in Korea
  • No English ingreidents
  • Claims: The English on the front is a little confusing, so I'll take the three Chinese claims on the front.  "Hydrating" "Anti-Wrinkle" and "Whitening".
  • Sheet and scent: Basic texture, soft and holds serum nicely.  Cutting was mediocre though.  Significant perfume scent, quite nice, not repelling but not attractive to me; it can be taken away.
  • My Review: 20 to 30 min seems a slightly long duration to me.  I let it sit for just over 20 min and took it off.  Most of the serum is absorbed and skin feel moist.  Not too much 'soothed', and I find it slightly sticky to touch afterwards.  Overall, if the fragrance is less strong, this is acceptable.
  • Rating: No Way
1-packaging, 2-before, 3-during, 4-after

Dewytree - ingredients
Dewytree Snail Vitalizing Mask
  • Brand: Korean link HK facebook
  • Price: Got it from Mannings for $17.9.  Sometimes it is on 15% off or other promotion.
  • Made in Korea
  • Product Claims:  "Revitalizes dehydrated, damaged, aging skin"  (I find the Chinese claims also mention "Anti-inflammation" "Anti-bacterial" "Fade marks" "Pore-tightening", which is not in the English claims)
  • The Sheet and Scent:  Sheet is soft, pretty nice quality, but not the best cutting.  It is quite short top to bottom.  Has a fragrance, nice and strong; I'd rather prefer it absent.  It lingers a bit too, not favourable.
  • My Review:  First of all, how could the Chinese and English product claims be that different?  The Chinese says wear it for 15 - 20 min, while the English says 20 - 25 min.  I mean, I know I can decide it for myself how long to let this sit, but what was the HK distributor thinking when they print the Chinese sticker?  Not a fan of the perfume that lingers for the total course of 20 minutes.  After the mask, my skin is soft, hydrated and nourished.  This mask does leave my skin more moisturised than some other; I find their serum/formula pretty decent.
  • Rating: No Way/Okay.  I do like the soft sheet, but I dislike how the Chinese and English descriptions differ.  Not repurchasing.
1-packaging, 2-before, 3-during, 4-after

Sasatinnie - ingredients
Sasatinnie Snail Rejuvenating Face Mask

  • Item: Sasa link
  • Price: Got it from Sasa for $6
  • Made in Korea
  • Product Claims:  "Sasatinnie Snail Rejuvenating Face Mask, formulated with Snail Mucus, helps dissolve abnormal tissue and boosts the generation of new skin cells. It also helps your body organize the healthy skin repair of damaged tissue. Containing 5 kinds of roots, it provides the in-depth moisturizing effect. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that can help control aging and inflammation problems, leaving your skin a truly wonderful youth. "
  • The Sheet and Scent:  Sheet is decent; soft, pretty nice quality, and cutting is good.  It has a herb root, ginseng-like scent.
  • My Review:  I love the serum and feeling of this mask on the skin.  The liquid is gel based and not dripping.  Soothes and hydrates.  In the ingredient list there are a couple of great Chinese herbs/roots (當歸, 甘草, 枸杞) and I do feel my skin is improved after 1 usage!  
  • Rating: Hurray.  Love the ingredients and scent and effect and price.  Will definitely repurchase!

1-packaging, 2-before, 3,4-during (forgotten the after shot)
Dermal - ingredients
Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask 

  • Product: Web shop
  • Price: Got it from one of the Glamabox.
  • Made in Korea
  • Product Claims:  "Regeneration" "Moisturizing" "Nutrition"
  • The Sheet and Scent:  Sheet is soft, slightly on the larger side.  The cutting is pretty great, with good eye-lid cover too.
  • My Review:  It feels comfortable with this mask on.  It is a good moisturising and basic type to use to keep skin healthy, I feel.  Not one that perform miracle but very nice to have around.
  • Rating: Okay/Hurray.  Very moisturising.  Like it a lot! 

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Yo!  Hope you find this helpful (or at least interesting to read!).  I still have about ten snail masks left for the next post.  Then I shall move on to Snake or Bee Venom... I literally can't wait! :D

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I need to try the dr morita and dermal onee now. Heard that the dermal one is awesome for its price!!

    1. I need to check on the Dermal price.. but maybe not now.. coz I really don't need to buy more masks! :D
      If you try the Dr Morita ones, tell me what you think~

    2. I need to hunt down the dr morita one from sasa. I can't find it in store in Canada. I'll definitely try the dermal one as well. I might just get it off gmarket.

    3. I need to explore G-market. Have you tried to shop from there before?

  2. nice reviews, You got me into this world of face mask sheet and I'm putting some on the wishlist.
    I like to try the Sasatinnie Rejuvenating Snail and the Dr. Morita one...

    1. Tell me what you think about the sheet masks, Eugenia! :D I will send you one or two with your blog sale order~



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