Sunday, 30 June 2013

100 Day Spending Ban | Countdown to Last 10 Days

Warning: this may look like a haul post more than a spending ban update!

Another week has gone, did I break any rules?  What have I learnt?

1.  A Recap

My rules:
  • No spending on ANY make up or skin care.  No exceptions.  I do welcome free gifts or samples though.  Note: during this span I shall have at least 3 Glamaboxes (all arrived!) coming in, so that can keep me entertained!
  • Every single day I survive this ban, I will put HK $100 into my Fun Fund.  When the ban is over, I can treat myself well (perhaps some Burberry or Guerlain Tom Ford make up??).  :D
  • My 100 Day Spending Ban starts on 1st of April and shall end on 9th of July.

2.  Fun Fund (this decade: 20 - 29 June)

$6,700 + $800
= $7,500

i) 20th June:

Shower gels for my family

Stuff for myself

Went to five (!) different places today to procure different products.  First, Choi Fung Hong.  I have mentioned it before (link) that it is one of the great place to try out affordable products (bath and body, or skin care).  I like buying shower gels of family size for my family here.  Remember last week I said shopping for family  helped my spending ban?

Aside from the shower gels for my family (costs HKD $24-26 each), I picked up some accessories and a few items for my back acne.  JimmBenny Aloe Vera Anti-acne Cleansing Mousse $35, Aloe Vera Anti-acne Cleansing Tonic $30 uses traditional while Joseristine Pionin Anti-Acne Clarifying Toner $95 has an ingredient called Pionin to kill germs, which I have never heard of.

Two new types of cotton are released.  Joseristine Multi-Functional Cotton Pads $16 (120 pc) is like exfoliating cotton pads with the pink little rough dots on the surface.  Joseristine Cotton Puff $18 (100 pc) is more traditional looking, with a slit to let your finger slip in, probably facilitating the usage - will see how these works!

Last but not least I picked up a Joseristine White Fungus Almond Moisturizing Mask $10 as I'm a big fan of almond and fungus for the skin.  The rest are all free gift with purchase...

Secondly, I went to Aeon Living Plaza (Daiso) to pick up some essentials.  The special detergents on the left are for female undergarment - i.e. to remove blood stain.  Cough-cough.  It is an essential as accidents do happen, and there are 4 female in my household... (not counting the guinea pig, of course)  Also picked up a pack of Aloe Make-up Remover Tissue $12 (30 pc) for wiping off swatches on hands - I don't want to use my better No.7 ones for this purpose!

Next stop is Sasa/Bonjour.  First and the most random of all, I got some Hummings Sanitary Napkins $8 (4 pc) inspired by other bloggers who mentioned about Korean napkins.  Totally random, what more can I say?  Then I picked up a pack of Arezia compressed paper mask tablets $12 (15 pc) to use with the Base Formula aloe vera gel.  You soak these in water or toner to make sheet mask.  Two boxes of cotton were bought for similar purpose too: Daisan Fuwari Natul Cotton $15 (80 pc) and Daisan 5 Layers Cotton Puff $22 (80 pc).  Blue box from Sasa and Pink from Bonjour - unsure of the difference, if any.  :P

Biore Watery Cleansing Liquid $72 (230 ml) and Dolly Wink Lashes "9 Natural Dolly" $98 (2 pair) were checked out in my basket because I have wanted them for a long time... Lame reason...

Last but not least, went to Lung Shing Pharmacy - a humble looking old drugstore with a lot of hidden gems. Sooae Snake Essence Mask Pack + Moisture Eye Patch $15 was picked up, along with two Batiste Dry Shampoo $42 (200 ml).  I got two new-to-me scents to try, "Cherry" and "Lace".

ii) 21st June:

Skin care is definitely my weakness.  The Neogence AminoAcid Cleansing Mousse is redeemed with VIP points.  Great to try out or give to friends as gifts.

Jen (link), a fellow beauty blogger in HK, mentioned that this Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mask $58.5 (4 pc) to be one of her favourite sheet masks, and it is being discontinued.  I bear this in mind all the time and it is literally always out of stock no matter how large the Sasa shop I go to.  Saw this and had the urge to pick up a box.  Jen, I blame you!

iii) Others:

I placed an order from Hakme's blog sale (link) which included a bunch of make up; and a skin care order of Dr. Hsieh from Taiwan.  Both of these I will treat as 'post-spending ban' shopping as they will come in a bit later.  Money spent on these things will be deducted from my Fun Fund - a report will come later about how I spend(t) the Fun Fund~ ;)

3. Lesson Learnt

Despite I seem to have spent quite a bit in these 10 days, in fact, I have (still) saved a lot by writing items down in my wish list.  This really helps me control my 'lust' to buy things.  I will review the 100 items I placed in my wish list when the 100 days are over!

The ban is now almost over - time to review my Embargo and sort out all the 'haul' posts that I need to finish writing up... Base Formula, Prof. TK, a-before-spending-ban Sasa and Daiso haul (long over-due), iHerb, Laura Mercier/Nars (from Blog Sale), FAB and Daniel Sandler (from FeelUnique), etc...

4. Wants or Wishes

I will write these down weekly, and after the 100 day spending ban I will look back and see what I really will buy.  I suppose this is a good way to see how unnecessary some of my desires are...!  I am limiting myself to add one wish per day only, is that considered self-control, too?

Base Formula Aloe Vera & Rose Hydrating Gel
Base Formula Neroli Hydrolat
Japonesque HD Foundation Brush (saw it on BeautyBay)
Kanebo Media Primer "Peach" (because the mua used this on me in my pre-wedding photoshoot!)
Pangea Organics Facial Mask (just $34 on iherb! plus, you can save $10 using code JBF362!  Yuan talked about it too!)

Cosme Decorte AQ Crystal Comfort Mask (most probably due to Yuan again...)
Cosme Decorte Extra Protection UV (most probably due to Yuan again...)
Diorskin Nude BB Cream
Nude Miracle Mask
Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer (A rose cream.  Yuan blogged about it)

5. Other updates:

a.  Shop my stash!  Blog Sale!

b.  Recap of recent posts:

Jacq's 100 Day Spending Ban
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I'm thrilled to enter the last decade of my spending ban.  Can't stop planning how to spend my Fun Fund!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Jacq's Journal 2013 June | 碎念日誌

A collection of random thoughts or happenings.  New updates will be concatenated at the front. ;)


29 June

My not-so little purchase from fellow beauty blogger came in today.  How exciting!!!  Looking forward to playing with them after my spending ban~~ :D


27 June

My lovely sisters brought me home boxes of masks from Taiwan after their week long trip.  Those My Beauty Diary boxes are to die for!  I'll be using them as storage forever; now I need to figure out what other masks can fit in them~ ;)  I asked for more My Scheming new masks, but apparently, they didn't read my blog and duplicated the box of Snail when the Black Pearl I requested was out of stock :S



After reading the second book by this Japanese lady on housekeeping/organisation, I asked for the book one too.  My current home is entering the 9th year of post-move chaos, and no one has been contributing to its tidiness.  Perhaps it's time for me to play a role, before I shall move out.  XD

Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Fussy Brow Routine

If there is one beauty secret I have ever picked up from my mum, it is the importance of filling in the eyebrows.  

My mum has never been into make up.  The only make up item(s) she used to own were a Dior make up palette - the travel set you get at duty-free; a Chanel lipstick in a metallic reddish brown colour; and a lot of brow pencils.  The palette and the lipstick were long gone, barely used, no doubt; for the only thing she does daily was shaping her brows with a razor, and filling it in with a pencil.  She and I have different brow condition: hers sparse and relatively dark, mine with more hair but not quite dark.

Anyway, this long intro serves only one purpose.  My whole make up addiction/illness has nothing to do with my mum, except for the brows department.  It has never been the most exciting part in my make up routine, but ever since I realise how brows change and frame one's face, doing my brows has been a crucial step.

I don't always have that much time in my hands to spend on my brows.  For 5 out of 7 days a week, I just use a pencil and a spooly brush, that's all.  However, on the rare occasions where I have time to manage my brows.  I go all in.

Weekly Maintenance

First I'd pluck the stray hairs beneath my arch with a tweezer.  Then, with some brow scissors, I trim the overall length of my brow hairs, starting from the head to the tail.  A razor blade (not pictured here) is used to shave the extra hairs above my brows to define the 'top line'.

Spooly is constantly used to brush through my brows to find their shape and to tame them, keep them in place.

The Fussy Way

Onto the make up.

I start by sketching in the colour lightly with a brow powder and an angled brow brush.  When the desired shape is roughly there, I move on to a pencil or a pen (used here) to define the arch, darken up the shade, and extend the tail.  Again, spooly is used to brush through brows in between brush and pen strokes.

Finally, a tiny bit of brow gel, clear or tinted (used here), is applied to the front part of my brows, where hair is more voluminous, to hold and set them.  If I applied too heavily and clump brow hairs together, spooly is used to brush away excess.

I hope you find the result rather natural!

Some of my preference with brows:
- I prefer them light to medium tone, not too dark.
- I match it to my complexion, not too care if it matches my hair colour or not.
- Thick is better than thin, as I find it more friendly and youthful looking
- Long is better than short.  Although I still struggle with where the tails should end sometimes, I prefer to extend them towards my temple.

Products used:

Kai Eyebrow Scissors with Comb (for right handers) - link
Sasatinnie Angled Eyebrow Brush
Stila Brow Set "Fair" (discontinued)
Integrate Lasting Liquid Eyebrow "Shade 1"
Forme Volume Down Eyebrow Mascara (discontinued) - brand link

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How do you like your brows to be?  Do you do them daily?  

Leave me requests or questions about brows - I'd love to answer them for you!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The New Review Rating System... plus Foundation Swatches

I invented one last year.  Not entirely original nor exciting, but I'm coming up with a new one this year.

Several ideas came up:

1.  Scoring:  0-100 marks.  No way, too wide a range and too scientific.
2.  Grading: A, B, C, D, E, F, U?  No way, reminds me too much of school and exams.
3.  Stars or Hearts: * ** *** **** ***** Not bad, but I want something more interesting.

My new system:

A 5-tier ranking using very complicated names I made up...

Black Jacq: Inspired by "Black Jack" obviously.  Not a gambler myself, but when serendipity brings along Holy Grail status products, Black Jacq is the label I grant them.

Joyeux Jacq:  Alliteration employed, roughly, or grammatically wrongly, meaning Joyful Jacq.  Simply means items I enjoy using and things that make me happy.  Favourites.

Just Jacq: Alright, medicore, use-able and do not have problem using it.  Just somewhere in the middle of being liked and disliked.

Non-Jacq: Probably an okay item that did not earn my heart.  Not a wrong make but not one that works for me.

What the Jacq?: Something wrong with the product in my humble opinion.  Not only do I think it is not designed for me, I do not recommend this to others, either.


I know my system is slightly confusing, not to me, so I'm briefly reviewing five products for your better understanding.  :)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

2013 台灣遊(三) 戰利品 | Taiwan: Beauty Shopping and Souvenirs

My Scheming Masks - Buy One Get One - Ella as spokesperson!

Warning: Picture-heavy and relatively little product.  You may be disappointed.


I'm requested to do a Taiwan Beauty Shopping guide and show my recent haul from Taiwan, hence this post is born.  To be frank, I could have done a lot more damage to Mr. A's wallet if I weren't on spending ban.  However, to be more frank, I guess I'm actually evolving to a better spender - not over-acquiring things I want that I do not need.  I hope you may find this true after comparing this post to that of last Summer.  

Beauty Shopping in Taiwan

Actually Taiwan beauty brands do a lot of online retailing.  The Taiwan e-market is pretty well-developed and require another full lengthy post to discuss.  Therefore, this post will solely be focusing on the real physical stores.

Let me address the one store that I wish I could visit but failed, then talk about all the other ones I visited.  ;) 

-1. PayEasy + Family Mart

Payeasy is an online store, while Family Mart is a chain convenient store.  While I was in Taiwan, they had this sale going on, where they place a brochure/catalogue of Payeasy merchandise at Family Mart stores.  You can place order on the value sets or discounted items in store (Family Mart), and get the products delivered to the convenient store by the next day.  I was tempted to try out some hair products by Beauty Hair, but as time was limited and I didn't stay at each location/hotel that long, at the end I didn't make any purchase.


月頭有看到 Family Mart 跟 Payeasy 合作,


0. Poya 寶雅 (link)

When I was at Taichung FungJia area in 2011, this one store was nearly the sole place I shopped.  (You don't want to see what I bought 2 years ago.)  This time, though, due to our crazy schedule driven by the photoshoot, I managed to miss its opening hour.   It is basically a beauty department store, where they have a lot of 'drugstore' skin care and make up brands, with some lifestyle/household items.  They have a big chart showing what brands are sold at which branch, interesting (link).  Poya, I find, is quite similar to Mirada (will be discussed below).  One thing I wish I had purchased from them this time is the My Scheming Black masks, they were on buy one get one!




1. Cosmed 康是美

Basically Cosmed and Watson's are the two major chain drugstores that dominate Taiwan.  (In Hong Kong, the equivalent are Mannings and Watson's.) 

They stock major Japanese and Taiwan 'drugstore' brands of skin care and make up, and depending on the size of the branch, the brands and products they stock may differ slightly.  

Cosmed and Watson's have very keen competition, therefore they are always on sale.  When I was in Taiwan, Cosmed is doing a mask festival, where a lot of masks are buy one get one or buy two get one...



Ella 的面膜。買一送一,買了蝸牛跟杏仁酸各一。

My Scheming Snail Essence Hydrating Mask, 10 pc
My Scheming Mandelic Acid Brightening Mask, 10 pc
(Buy one get one, NTD $299)

Mr. A's MacBookAir and mouse! :D

買不到<我的心機>,就買了 Sexylook 的黑面膜。

Bought Sexylook black masks as I couldn't my hands on the My Scheming black ones.

Sexylook Calendula Moisturizing Cotton Black Mask, 5 pc (my own translation)
Sexylook Collagen Centella white cotton black mask, 5 pc (my own translation)
(Buy one get one, NTD $199?)



LoveMore masks (reviewed some here) are really good quality, so I bought a set of 'new' flavours to try out.  

LoveMore Black Pearl True White Mask Sheet, 3 pc
LoveMore Herba Saussurea Involucrata Revival Mask Sheet, 3 pc
LoveMore Cubilose Extract Hydrating & Firming Mask Sheet, 3 pc
LoveMore Yurong Scattered Amazing White Mask Sheet, 3 pc ('scattered' [San] means 'medical blend' or prescription... weird translation!)
LoveMore Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Mask Sheet, 3 pc

(Oriental Herbal Silk Mask Combo box set, NTD $399?)

2. Watson's 屈臣氏

Sighting: Kibio (got it in Glamabox before), 1028, Dr. Wu value set.
Similar to Cosmed discussed above.  :P

When I was in Taiwan, Watson's was doing 15% off all open-counter make up, and on the last day of my trip, they had 23% off.  Pretty crazy.


On the last day of our trip, Watson's was having a 23% off almost everything.  Took opportunity of it and got me and my cousin some bits.

Sofina Primavista Ange Long Keep Base UV (NTD $350 each)
Dejavu Remover Pot - for nail polish (NTD $99 each)

Sofina samples - ask Honor (link) for review!

Aquakey Super Mask Concentrating Mask Regenerating & Moisturizing, 6 pc
(Buy one get one, maybe NTD $360?)

Dr. Wu Acnecur Pore Refinig Toner with AC.Net, 30 ml
Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Toner with Vitamin C+, 30 ml
(Dr. Wu Acnecur and Whitening Toner Set, NTD $149 each)

Hikar Anti Wrinkle Platinum Mask (NTD $19 each)

Almost every time I visit Taiwan I had to get a new tube of Integrate mascara.  It is the best.  I hate the fact that Integrate is not sold in HK!  Bebe Poshe is a brand (link - warning loud music) developed by several celebrity in Taiwan.  Aren't these pencils precious and cute-looking at the same time? (their brand image)

Integrate Mascara Base
Integrate Separate Mascara EX
(bag is gift with purchase, lost the receipt)

Bebe Poshe Eye Candi Shimmering CatEye Pencil "02 Stardust Copper" "04 Sexy Bronze" "03 Envy Green" "05 Peach Pie" 
(probably 15% off, lost the receipt, maybe NTD $200? each)

Naruko is pretty well-stocked at Watson's.  Depending on the store you go, you can find larger displays with value sets or trial/travel sizes.  I bought this 'new' Magnolia wash as I didn't bring enough (any) face wash to use along with my Clarisonic.  It is a great wash, not too far from the Rose/Narcissus/Raw Job's Tears foaming ones that I have, but this smells lovelier and feels a bit more moisturising.

Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Cream Wash EX
(lost the receipt, probably less than NTD $200)

Bought it as we ran out of shower gel/scrub.  Very affordable and not bad.  Wrote about it here.

Pure Green Tea Body Scrub
(NTD $39)

3. Hands Tailung 台隆手創館 (shop link)

(買來買去都是 Burberry/Tom Ford,犯不著到台灣買)。
其實基本上和香港的 Log On 很像,但美妝/保養品更多元化一點。

I'm not a massive department store beauty spender.  My favourite high end brands, e.g. Tom Ford, Burberry Beauty, can be purchased locally; Japanese brands that I fancy, e.g. Addiction, Three, Laduree, cannot be bought in Taiwan.  The only brand that they have but we don't (in HK), is Albion.  However, I do not yet have the vacancy to try out the whole Albion philosophy yet - so I'll leave it for later.

Anyway, I went into the Hands Tailung at Sogo, Zhongshan station, to check out new quirky Japanese pieces.  Hands is very similar to Log-On in HK, with a wider variety of beauty/body products.  I find Hands Tailung very well stocked with new, 'hit', cult beauty products that Japanese magazines mention.  Easy to find cute and not too pricey fun make up or skin care.

Envie de Neuf Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask - free sample handed out to me inside the Sogo department store, at a promotion booth.
BCL Nail Nail Color Gel Nail "Sakura Pink" (own translation) (NTD $308) - want to recreate the baby pink gel nails I had from my last manicure session.  I don't have polish as gel-like as this.

指甲油,在手創館買的。想用來扮 gel 甲的,希望成功。

4. Momo 藥妝 (link)

沒買什麼,就掃了幾套 Dr. Wu 化妝水和 寵愛精華霜 嘗鮮/做禮物[手信]。

Momo is a big online beauty department store (correct me if I'm wrong).  This time in Taiwan, I have passed by several of their real stores.  They stock brands similar to Watson's/Cosmed, and their branches are similar in size and location too.  I only got some trial/travel sizes to try and to give as gifts.

Dr. Wu Intensive Renewal Toner with Mandelic Acid, 30 ml - I'm obsessed with Mandelic Acid!
Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Toner with Vitamin C+, 30 ml
(Dr. Wu Mandelic Acid and Whitening Toner Set, NTD $149 each)

Dr. Wu Intensive Hydrating Toner with AHyaluronic Acid, 30 ml
Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Toner with Vitamin C+, 30 ml
(Dr. Wu HYdrating and Whitening Toner Set, NTD $149 each)

For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid Tri-Molecules Moisturizing Active Serum, 5 ml
(NTD $158 each)

5. Mirada 美華泰 (shop link)

想是跟 Poya 等差不多吧。開架美妝的百貨公司。我去了西門附近那一間。超好逛。

A beauty department store.  Amazing.  Highly recommend.  (A big branch is near Ximen area and that store is a must-go every time I visit Taipei.)

蒙娜麗莎面膜是 Mr. A 先看見的,它旁邊還放著同牌子的[青春露]。
同行的先生看見青春露,就說是否 SK2 的代用品。
我倒了一點青春露在手上,感覺氣味和質感都跟 SK 家很類似。
由於我的 SKII 正品還沒有用完,所以就先買這款面膜。


蜂毒和蛇毒面膜 買來寫面膜評比的。

Mr. A saw a display of Monsa toner, which should be a copy of the SKII Facial Treatment Essence.  I tried that out on the back of my hand, liked it, but didn't buy.  The texture, scent and claims are pretty similar to the real stuff.  It costs around NTD $400-500, reasonable.  Glass bottle, too heavy.  I haven't finished my HKD $400-500 SKII yet.  So I opted for the mask next to it.  It is a Kaolin clay based mask with a remarkable scent of sake.  For some reason, I have really high hopes for this new find!

Then, I also picked up more Snake and Bee venom masks for my next review-a-thon.

Monsa Extract of Natural Sake Vinasse Fine Clay Mask (my own translation)
(set with two samples, NTD $250)

Dermal Bee Venom Collagen Essence Mask
Dermal Syn-ake Collagen Essence Mask
(NTD $19 each)


Nexcare 3M Pimple Pads Value Pack - More varieties at Mirada than 光南 Wholesale, although maybe NTD $10-20 more pricier.  The ultra-thin blue boxes on the right are new releases. (NTD $149, NTD $169)

E Heart Sexy V-Line Beauty Bra - a must buy, so glad I purchased this.  As mentioned in my photo-shoot post, I managed to hurt myself in an accident and I wasn't in the condition to wear a proper bra.  These saved my life, and they look very good on.  Most importantly, they are comfortable.  86 Shop also sells these, at $499 each.
(NTD $420 each)

6. 86 Shop 86 小舖 (link)

new store, new flyer - and 10% off!
86 Shop is similar to Momo but younger and more fun.  :)  Recently they opened two shops in different cities, one in Taipei at ShiDa night market 師大夜市, another at KaoHsiung (GaoXiong 高雄).

I was a ecstatic when I saw the store at ShiDa.  First being I didn't know it was there, great surprise!  Secondly, because it is very well stocked. (Mr. A said, it is the cool air-conditioning that caused ecstasy.)  A lot of the newer, smaller Taiwan brands, whether make up or skin care, 'professional' or high street, were there.  I saw Bevy C and Bonanza among many other brands.  Miss Hana and Miss Bowbow were there, as well as 睫老闆 Lash-Boss (my own translation).

睫老闆 "clear nylon band #123" lashes (NTD $35)
Miss Hana Eyebrow Pencil "Light Brown" (NTD $169)
86 Shop x Miss Bowbow "cotton thread band #861" lashes, 5 pairs (NTD $250)
睫老闆 "clear nylon band #M2" lashes, 5 pairs (NTD $199)
Miss Bowbow Eye Tape (NTD $280) - to fake the double eyelid, the newest type with mesh net tape... gonna let my friend Wendy test this out.

7. 金興發 JSF Mall (link)


A lifestyle/random department store.  Quite a lot of branches around Taipei.  I also bought a lot of Japanese candies for my friend per her request, from this store.  I'd say this is an in-between between Mirada (more beauty) and KuangNan (more stationery).

Pen refill (NTD $26 each)
Seven 7 "724" Lashes, 5 pairs (NTD $250) - these are brown with clear band
Cosmos "CN10" Lashes , 5 pairs (NTD $129) 

8. 光南大批發 KuangNan AV (link)


As the name suggests, it used to be an Audio Visual store.  Now it is more like an AV, stationery, everything store, a lot at wholesale price.  Not particularly packed with beauty products, but if you're interested at the more low-end local finds, there are a lot of false lashes, tools, natural skin care or make up (e.g. Solone), too!

Belle Madame BM Charcoal Konjac Face Wash Sponge (my own translation) - NTD $59 for pack of four - mainly bought as souvenir for my friends.

天然竹炭蒟蒻洗面海綿 主要買來送朋友的小手信(伴手禮)。

Leopard-print notebooks - NTD $8 each
Pen refills - NTD $20 each - for Mr. A

9. Daiso 大創

基本上,就是香港 Aeon (以前Jusco)$12 店進的貨。

Same as the Aeon/Jusco Living Plaza in HK, they sell the 100 yen products from Japan.  Food items are priced at $49, while the rest are mainly $39, unless otherwise labelled higher.  A great place to find cutely designed stationery and essentials.

Banana Chips (NTD $49) - Mr. A's
B5 Bag - to organise my chargers, etc.
Hair Band - as I need one for my mask sessions
Mini Blades - to maintain my brows...
(NTD $39 each)


Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel - gift by our airline, only for ladies though... :P

Tribal postcards from Ketagalan Museum (website) at Beitou, Taipei.  The local Aboriginal (hey new word) Taiwanese culture/history is mesmerizing.  I really wish Mr. A would buy back some original music/songs, but none did he pick up.  Next time!

Magnetic postcards from Taiwan Spirit (website) store, at DanShui, Taipei.  The Ah Gei (top right corner) is a really popular tourist snack!

More souvenir from Danshui, these are vintage designed notebooks.

Went to MOCA Taipei, the Museum of Contemporary Art (website).  Had to support this choreographer Huang Yi (website), whom danced with a Kuka Robot.  His art reminds me of the good old days taking Robotics class at Uni.  :)

At CMP Block Museum of Arts, Taichung (link), I bought this cute little piggy bank, which has a screw mechanism where you attach this to a plastic water bottle, and let small coins drop down.  I tried, only HK $0.2 and $0.1 fit.  :P

More postcards (yes I'm obsessed with them), and moustache stickers from book store.

Stickers of 'national'/regional flags and Rilakkuma.  ;)



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Have you been to Taiwan?  What beauty products or souvenirs do you usually buy/collect when you travel?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


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