Sunday, 30 June 2013

100 Day Spending Ban | Countdown to Last 10 Days

Warning: this may look like a haul post more than a spending ban update!

Another week has gone, did I break any rules?  What have I learnt?

1.  A Recap

My rules:
  • No spending on ANY make up or skin care.  No exceptions.  I do welcome free gifts or samples though.  Note: during this span I shall have at least 3 Glamaboxes (all arrived!) coming in, so that can keep me entertained!
  • Every single day I survive this ban, I will put HK $100 into my Fun Fund.  When the ban is over, I can treat myself well (perhaps some Burberry or Guerlain Tom Ford make up??).  :D
  • My 100 Day Spending Ban starts on 1st of April and shall end on 9th of July.

2.  Fun Fund (this decade: 20 - 29 June)

$6,700 + $800
= $7,500

i) 20th June:

Shower gels for my family

Stuff for myself

Went to five (!) different places today to procure different products.  First, Choi Fung Hong.  I have mentioned it before (link) that it is one of the great place to try out affordable products (bath and body, or skin care).  I like buying shower gels of family size for my family here.  Remember last week I said shopping for family  helped my spending ban?

Aside from the shower gels for my family (costs HKD $24-26 each), I picked up some accessories and a few items for my back acne.  JimmBenny Aloe Vera Anti-acne Cleansing Mousse $35, Aloe Vera Anti-acne Cleansing Tonic $30 uses traditional while Joseristine Pionin Anti-Acne Clarifying Toner $95 has an ingredient called Pionin to kill germs, which I have never heard of.

Two new types of cotton are released.  Joseristine Multi-Functional Cotton Pads $16 (120 pc) is like exfoliating cotton pads with the pink little rough dots on the surface.  Joseristine Cotton Puff $18 (100 pc) is more traditional looking, with a slit to let your finger slip in, probably facilitating the usage - will see how these works!

Last but not least I picked up a Joseristine White Fungus Almond Moisturizing Mask $10 as I'm a big fan of almond and fungus for the skin.  The rest are all free gift with purchase...

Secondly, I went to Aeon Living Plaza (Daiso) to pick up some essentials.  The special detergents on the left are for female undergarment - i.e. to remove blood stain.  Cough-cough.  It is an essential as accidents do happen, and there are 4 female in my household... (not counting the guinea pig, of course)  Also picked up a pack of Aloe Make-up Remover Tissue $12 (30 pc) for wiping off swatches on hands - I don't want to use my better No.7 ones for this purpose!

Next stop is Sasa/Bonjour.  First and the most random of all, I got some Hummings Sanitary Napkins $8 (4 pc) inspired by other bloggers who mentioned about Korean napkins.  Totally random, what more can I say?  Then I picked up a pack of Arezia compressed paper mask tablets $12 (15 pc) to use with the Base Formula aloe vera gel.  You soak these in water or toner to make sheet mask.  Two boxes of cotton were bought for similar purpose too: Daisan Fuwari Natul Cotton $15 (80 pc) and Daisan 5 Layers Cotton Puff $22 (80 pc).  Blue box from Sasa and Pink from Bonjour - unsure of the difference, if any.  :P

Biore Watery Cleansing Liquid $72 (230 ml) and Dolly Wink Lashes "9 Natural Dolly" $98 (2 pair) were checked out in my basket because I have wanted them for a long time... Lame reason...

Last but not least, went to Lung Shing Pharmacy - a humble looking old drugstore with a lot of hidden gems. Sooae Snake Essence Mask Pack + Moisture Eye Patch $15 was picked up, along with two Batiste Dry Shampoo $42 (200 ml).  I got two new-to-me scents to try, "Cherry" and "Lace".

ii) 21st June:

Skin care is definitely my weakness.  The Neogence AminoAcid Cleansing Mousse is redeemed with VIP points.  Great to try out or give to friends as gifts.

Jen (link), a fellow beauty blogger in HK, mentioned that this Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mask $58.5 (4 pc) to be one of her favourite sheet masks, and it is being discontinued.  I bear this in mind all the time and it is literally always out of stock no matter how large the Sasa shop I go to.  Saw this and had the urge to pick up a box.  Jen, I blame you!

iii) Others:

I placed an order from Hakme's blog sale (link) which included a bunch of make up; and a skin care order of Dr. Hsieh from Taiwan.  Both of these I will treat as 'post-spending ban' shopping as they will come in a bit later.  Money spent on these things will be deducted from my Fun Fund - a report will come later about how I spend(t) the Fun Fund~ ;)

3. Lesson Learnt

Despite I seem to have spent quite a bit in these 10 days, in fact, I have (still) saved a lot by writing items down in my wish list.  This really helps me control my 'lust' to buy things.  I will review the 100 items I placed in my wish list when the 100 days are over!

The ban is now almost over - time to review my Embargo and sort out all the 'haul' posts that I need to finish writing up... Base Formula, Prof. TK, a-before-spending-ban Sasa and Daiso haul (long over-due), iHerb, Laura Mercier/Nars (from Blog Sale), FAB and Daniel Sandler (from FeelUnique), etc...

4. Wants or Wishes

I will write these down weekly, and after the 100 day spending ban I will look back and see what I really will buy.  I suppose this is a good way to see how unnecessary some of my desires are...!  I am limiting myself to add one wish per day only, is that considered self-control, too?

Base Formula Aloe Vera & Rose Hydrating Gel
Base Formula Neroli Hydrolat
Japonesque HD Foundation Brush (saw it on BeautyBay)
Kanebo Media Primer "Peach" (because the mua used this on me in my pre-wedding photoshoot!)
Pangea Organics Facial Mask (just $34 on iherb! plus, you can save $10 using code JBF362!  Yuan talked about it too!)

Cosme Decorte AQ Crystal Comfort Mask (most probably due to Yuan again...)
Cosme Decorte Extra Protection UV (most probably due to Yuan again...)
Diorskin Nude BB Cream
Nude Miracle Mask
Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer (A rose cream.  Yuan blogged about it)

5. Other updates:

a.  Shop my stash!  Blog Sale!

b.  Recap of recent posts:

Jacq's 100 Day Spending Ban
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I'm thrilled to enter the last decade of my spending ban.  Can't stop planning how to spend my Fun Fund!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Hope you have fun spending your found...
    Those are very pretty eyelashes, I want multiple styles of that brand for quite some time now...
    I've never seen a detergent specific for women...
    And those shower gels look tempting... What amount of product brings?

  2. Dolly Wink lashes are really cute and good quality. A little expensive but worth a try.
    Detergent specific for women (underwear)! Japanese invention, really helpful actually :P
    Each shower gel is 1 litre in amount~~~



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