Sunday, 30 June 2013

Jacq's Journal 2013 June | 碎念日誌

A collection of random thoughts or happenings.  New updates will be concatenated at the front. ;)


29 June

My not-so little purchase from fellow beauty blogger came in today.  How exciting!!!  Looking forward to playing with them after my spending ban~~ :D


27 June

My lovely sisters brought me home boxes of masks from Taiwan after their week long trip.  Those My Beauty Diary boxes are to die for!  I'll be using them as storage forever; now I need to figure out what other masks can fit in them~ ;)  I asked for more My Scheming new masks, but apparently, they didn't read my blog and duplicated the box of Snail when the Black Pearl I requested was out of stock :S



After reading the second book by this Japanese lady on housekeeping/organisation, I asked for the book one too.  My current home is entering the 9th year of post-move chaos, and no one has been contributing to its tidiness.  Perhaps it's time for me to play a role, before I shall move out.  XD

26 June

Will be testing this out for the coming weeks and see how it works for me.  Photo blurred on purpose.  Want to make a guess?


25 June

A big lot of beauty products came in today - Ari sent me a box plus an envelope of treat.  Above is just a sneak-peek, showing about a quarter of this surprise.  Post will come up soon~

She definitely has a problem: she knows my taste so well and is so generous...  I am stunned with what she picked up for me!!  Tell Ari (her blog) she need to face her 'problem' - and I'm grateful for what she sent!

美國的朋友 Ari 未經我同意就寄了一大箱(& 一小包)[玩具]給我。

19 June

The arrival of two boxes.


18 June

All my other friends have received theirs, but me!  Why?!  I waited it for the whole day and even moved my schedule around to make available for it.  Yet it didn't get to me.  :(


18 June

Made an iHerb order, again, for my family.  Sneakily threw in some hair and body bits for myself.

幫家人訂購零食和個人護理/保養品。第一次用 iHerb 的話,用優惠代碼 JBF362 可以折價最多美金 $10!上面有 Real Techniques 化妝掃,ELF 化妝掃,Physician's Formula 化妝品等等…

15 June


Went to beauty salon for facial treatment and body massage.  This night, my lash extension finally came all off.

14 June

When I deliver souvenir to girlfriend A, I brought home with me my three Tom Ford palettes and a bunch of extras.  Seductive Rose featured here.  She gave me a brand-new old-formula Kiehl's Rare-Earth Face Masque, a Bliss soap, Haba sunscreen sample and Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer mini.

從女朋友家中接了三盤 TF 眼影回家,本來想說,[百天禁敗]結束後才去拿的,還是忍不住… 另外她送我一瓶面膜和其他小樣,有空來試試看!

13 June


Give & Give set including Yuan's own Revitalizer with snail and rose extracts!  (shop link) Why am I on spending ban!?!?  and Why did they extend the promotion to Friday to torture me two more full days???

12 June


My sister Jo brought home Excel Powder & Pencil Eyebrow "PD07 Mocha Brown" for me from Okinawa.  (link to Excel brand homepage).  I requested this from Jo, as my favourite blogger Yuan was raving about the "PD02 Camel Brown" in this post...

8 June


Came home after a week's holiday, to four welcoming packages from different senders - Cool!

2-8 June

1 Beef Noodles // 2 Bakery // 3 CMP Block Museum of Arts // 4 HK International Airport



On vacation @Taiwan.  Spent a great lot of time eating, shopping, at the Taipei Zoo, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts) and the CMP Block Museum of Arts.  Lovely.

Who wants to read some travel log and see photos?

1 June

Mail arrived: Nars Orgasm Blush and Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation 入手。
Pictures to come :P

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Travel logs and a beauty shopping guide would be great!

    1. I'm doing a beauty shopping guide + beauty haul post. Hope that helps...

      Travel log/itinerary, I hope I can do but that is not my strength :P

  2. I was tempted by the promotion as well. It was a good deal but they always come out with different deals and I don't want to buy any new skincare products yet.

    1. Yeah Sylvia, I managed to fight the temptation of shopping at that sales! (give me five) I will keep an eye out for the next one for sure!

  3. A very fruitful month (beauty-wise) indeed!! :D :D :D can't wait to see how you play with TF palettes!

    1. I will do some FOTD with the palettes soon, keep an eye out for that, Jen :)

  4. Now that your embargo is ending I want to see some TF action =)

    1. Yes madam! I can't wait to play with them in one weeks time! :D



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