Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Fussy Brow Routine

If there is one beauty secret I have ever picked up from my mum, it is the importance of filling in the eyebrows.  

My mum has never been into make up.  The only make up item(s) she used to own were a Dior make up palette - the travel set you get at duty-free; a Chanel lipstick in a metallic reddish brown colour; and a lot of brow pencils.  The palette and the lipstick were long gone, barely used, no doubt; for the only thing she does daily was shaping her brows with a razor, and filling it in with a pencil.  She and I have different brow condition: hers sparse and relatively dark, mine with more hair but not quite dark.

Anyway, this long intro serves only one purpose.  My whole make up addiction/illness has nothing to do with my mum, except for the brows department.  It has never been the most exciting part in my make up routine, but ever since I realise how brows change and frame one's face, doing my brows has been a crucial step.

I don't always have that much time in my hands to spend on my brows.  For 5 out of 7 days a week, I just use a pencil and a spooly brush, that's all.  However, on the rare occasions where I have time to manage my brows.  I go all in.

Weekly Maintenance

First I'd pluck the stray hairs beneath my arch with a tweezer.  Then, with some brow scissors, I trim the overall length of my brow hairs, starting from the head to the tail.  A razor blade (not pictured here) is used to shave the extra hairs above my brows to define the 'top line'.

Spooly is constantly used to brush through my brows to find their shape and to tame them, keep them in place.

The Fussy Way

Onto the make up.

I start by sketching in the colour lightly with a brow powder and an angled brow brush.  When the desired shape is roughly there, I move on to a pencil or a pen (used here) to define the arch, darken up the shade, and extend the tail.  Again, spooly is used to brush through brows in between brush and pen strokes.

Finally, a tiny bit of brow gel, clear or tinted (used here), is applied to the front part of my brows, where hair is more voluminous, to hold and set them.  If I applied too heavily and clump brow hairs together, spooly is used to brush away excess.

I hope you find the result rather natural!

Some of my preference with brows:
- I prefer them light to medium tone, not too dark.
- I match it to my complexion, not too care if it matches my hair colour or not.
- Thick is better than thin, as I find it more friendly and youthful looking
- Long is better than short.  Although I still struggle with where the tails should end sometimes, I prefer to extend them towards my temple.

Products used:

Kai Eyebrow Scissors with Comb (for right handers) - link
Sasatinnie Angled Eyebrow Brush
Stila Brow Set "Fair" (discontinued)
Integrate Lasting Liquid Eyebrow "Shade 1"
Forme Volume Down Eyebrow Mascara (discontinued) - brand link

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How do you like your brows to be?  Do you do them daily?  

Leave me requests or questions about brows - I'd love to answer them for you!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I get my eyebrows threaded at my local mall (waxing removes skin, unfortunately. I use a wax-based pencil to keep my brows defined and tidy.

    Your brows are perfection - you are so right about the importance of brows!

    1. Jamilla, I have never tried to get threading or waxing done outside. Every now and then when I have my facial done, my facialist will pluck stray hairs for me - which doesn't alter my shape at all.
      Cheers :D

  2. I love your routine, I have a love hate relationship with my eyebrows ... And I like to fill them with grayish brown color.
    I want one of those eyebrow scissors. And I would like someone else do my eyebrows ... but I have the fear of leaving with no eyebrowsO_O

    1. Thanks Eugenia,
      I guess it just takes some practise and time to learn loving one's brows! greyish brown (ashy brown) colour is good too, but I don't have black-black Asian hair, mine is really dark brown so I tend to use brown with no grey in. it can definitely be a personal preference :D



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