Monday, 17 June 2013

Shameless Spoil #16 | P10P Prize Package from Sam

A while ago, Sam and I did a collaboration-slash-competition on Project 10 Pan (my link).  We said we would send the winner, who finished more products than the other, a prize with beauty products of her choice.  Turned out, I won, and she lost.  She took her time to put together this giant concoction of beauty bits that stunned me.  When I came home after my Taiwan trip and saw this heavy 'stationery' envelope - words couldn't describe how grateful I was!

Thank You, Sam!

Thank You to Sam's Sister for posting, too! ((... although I don't know which one you are... I believe Sam has a dozen of siblings... :P))

Make Up (Kiko, Rimmel, 17 and No.7)

Some Kiko and Rimmel items were requested; the rest, is over-whelming surprises!  Kiko is an Italian brand which is not entirely new to me.  I have acquired items from them before (link 1) (link 2) and they are impressively good quality.  This time Sam helped me get Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow "29 Intensive Coral" , Long Lasting Lipstick "01 Tea Rose" "03 Hot Pink" - all from the limited edition Colours in the World (UK shop link).  I got an extra Mat Lipstick in "78 Light Brown" - a nude darker than my usual nudes, good to tune down brights.

I wanted the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer after reading and hearing so much about it from blogs and youtube.  (Accident: Sam sent me two tubes of "101 Celestial"!  I already seek her consent that I can do whatever I want with the extra.)  I also asked for the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer "010 Ivory" and Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder "001 Transparent" - these are always out of stock at the e-retailers that ship international so they must be popular...  Let me see if they're worth the hype?  A new tube of Scandaleyes Mascara "Black" was included, which she's forgot she's sent before (my link).  I used it but the wand is too big for my tiny eyes.  :P  Perhaps someone else with bigger eyes will want to give it a try?

Been wanting to give the No.7 Concealer a try ever since I saw a video by Lisa (lisasz09 youtube), where she discussed about CPB, Revlon and Hourglass.  The gold tube is no longer on the Boots website, so Sam sent me a Stay Perfect TM Blemish Cover "Fair" (pictured below, in white tube).  Also from Boots, I am thrilled to see all the colourful pieces from 17 - including the crazy leopard printed tube of Wild Curls 6x Volume Mascara "Brown Black", Eye Dazzle in "All at Sea" "Lucky Clover", Fast Finish Nail Polish "Gemstone" (a really good formula and rich shade!), Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat (what colour should I put under this?), lip stain marker Berry Crush Lip Stain "Cherry Berry" and Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss "Moonshine Violet Glitter Rainbow" "Very Berry".  Aren't they bright and fun and perfect for Summer?

Body and Skin Care (Liz Earle, First Aid Beauty, Soap & Glory)

Sam knows that I get more excited by skin care than just make up.  She got me an amazing Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask Starter Kit to play with - it is a green clay based mask with manuka honey and other great stuff in.

First Aid Beauty, or FAB Essentials, is new to me.  In the mail I got a Facial Cleanser, Gentle Body Wash, and Body Moisturizer.  I have also ordered a small set from FeelUnique - more on that in another post!

Finally, Sam sent supplies of my favourite scrubs from Soap and Glory - the Flake Away- and a handbag size Hand Food hand cream.  This little tub of scrub has a made in heaven scent.  E.g. Mr. A once complained to me the presence of such nice smelling product will distract him from taking a shower (!) - the fragrance is that seriously good!

Thanks, again, Sam!

Make sure to check out Sam's blog (her link).  She's been busy pursuing her professional career now so she's been publishing less often.  I did also send her the 'loser prize', which she must have been hiding - do go over her blog, drop her an encouragement/comment if you like it, and tell her Jacq sent you over!

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Tell me how am I to do with the extra Rimmel Apocalips and Scandaleyes - perhaps a mini Giveaway?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Celestial is nice but I want to try luna...
    I have to buy one of the scrubs of soap & glory... I think I would buy it just for the smell ... I'm intrigued to see if they smell that good..

    1. Trust me, it is worth trying even just for the smell! ((don't over-spend on them though)) ^.^

  2. Oooh, those Kiko products look so enticing! I didn't know that they were available in the UK? I seriously must be living under a rock or something!
    I wish they still sold Soap&Glory at Target, I seriously am there at least a couple times a week. :/ I want to try their "A Great kisser" juicy peach lip balm so bad. I'm obsessed with anything peachy. Congrats on the win! It sounds like you both had a lot of fun! Sam sent you some awesome stuff! :)

    1. Hi Kirstie,
      They have a store in London and a UK online shop. (as far as I know) I think Soap and Glory is sold at Sephora now. Not entirely sure how well are they stocked and priced - check that out! Never tried S&G lip balm but peach sound so fresh and yummy~ Thanks for the congrats - the p10p is really fun and just another excuse for us to send each other gifts... lol

  3. yey glad you liked it Jacq. Sorry I realised I did send it again - it came free with your other Rimmel purchases so I thought wth send it again =)

    yep so many siblings it was sister number 4 who sent it (im sister number 2 - second youngest).

    I will be sending another parcel out at the end of the month - this time I won't take soo long - apologises again, work is really demanding xx

    1. Do not mind, Sam. I am happily spoilt~ Take you time~~

      Thank you sister number 4 for the favour, tell her if she wants anything from HK, I'll send her too!

  4. oops I wrote a post but I think it got deleted - testing!

    1. post again! a few words with pictures will be great :D

  5. Excited for you
    How is the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder? Want a review on that xd!

    1. just tested it out once yesterday - i used a Real Techniques setting brush to apply it to my T-zone and under eye. Nice powder, not too thick and stays a long while on my face holding my make up together.

  6. Oh, lucky girl, you received a ton of goodies! Enjoy everything dear!



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