Thursday, 27 June 2013

The New Review Rating System... plus Foundation Swatches

I invented one last year.  Not entirely original nor exciting, but I'm coming up with a new one this year.

Several ideas came up:

1.  Scoring:  0-100 marks.  No way, too wide a range and too scientific.
2.  Grading: A, B, C, D, E, F, U?  No way, reminds me too much of school and exams.
3.  Stars or Hearts: * ** *** **** ***** Not bad, but I want something more interesting.

My new system:

A 5-tier ranking using very complicated names I made up...

Black Jacq: Inspired by "Black Jack" obviously.  Not a gambler myself, but when serendipity brings along Holy Grail status products, Black Jacq is the label I grant them.

Joyeux Jacq:  Alliteration employed, roughly, or grammatically wrongly, meaning Joyful Jacq.  Simply means items I enjoy using and things that make me happy.  Favourites.

Just Jacq: Alright, medicore, use-able and do not have problem using it.  Just somewhere in the middle of being liked and disliked.

Non-Jacq: Probably an okay item that did not earn my heart.  Not a wrong make but not one that works for me.

What the Jacq?: Something wrong with the product in my humble opinion.  Not only do I think it is not designed for me, I do not recommend this to others, either.


I know my system is slightly confusing, not to me, so I'm briefly reviewing five products for your better understanding.  :)

Swatch: LM "Medium Ivory", KP "15", UNT BB Cream, HH "03", Clinique "Natural Fair"

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation "Medium Ivory" - Black Jacq
As good as its fans rave everywhere on the internet.  I got this near brand new tube from a blog sale and consider it to be one of the best blog sale finds I've ever made.  Very good coverage, blends in like a dream, wears beautifully with a almost creamy matte finish.  Colour under-tone matches me, although I find this to oxidise a tiny bit; works for me in the Summer.  May need another shade to mix when I am paler.

Kesalan Patharan Liquid Foundation N "Shade 15" SPF21 PA++ - Joyeux Jacq
This bottle c/o Honor, she lent me to try out/review after we bought it together at the KP warehouse sale.  The colour matches her (H is about two shades lighter than me) better than me.  However, this is a sheer foundation that can be blended out into barely-there chiffon-like base.  The texture is definitely divine, and comfortable to wear.  I find my skin beautifully enhanced without looking made-up.  This also works well when mixed with MAC Face and Body "C2" (too dark), to lighten it up.

roughly blended out
UNT Color Mineraluxe BB Cream (link) - Just Jacq
I have tried and I own dozens of BB creams, therefore it isn't easy to win my love.  This one comes in one shade only - matches me okay, but slightly pink/grey I find.  While it has SPF30/PA++, I don't understand why it doesn't print on the tube (the new repackaged one may have).  It evens/covers skin tone very well, leaves skin glowing and quite dewy, a finish I prefer.  However, the formula can slightly too shiny for the Summer, and powdering over this may look heavy.  I still use this, just wish they can do a hint more yellow and spread-able, light, semi-matte version.

Holika Holika Enamel Magic Melomovie Powder Brow "03" - Non Jacq
I am a brow-freak.  I collect brow pencils, gels and palettes in a fanatic fashion.  This, sadly, doesn't work for me.  It has a nice wax/powder hybrid that feels smooth, stays put and delivers pigment at the same time - mind you, a lot of brow products can't balance them all.  I also adore the shade of brown, it is a medium warm brown with just the right yellow and red, not ashy (grey).  The reason why this is Non Jacq is because of the width/fatness of the pencil.  It is a jumbo size meaning it requires special sharpener (have yet to find the perfect one), and it doesn't give much precision and definition.  I like to control the thickness of my brows and fill it in however way I like.

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream "Natural Fair" SPF30 PA+++ - What the Jacq?
This is a free sample c/o Clinique.  Have tried this at least three times, but it doesn't work for me.  First of all, the "Natural Fair" is really dark.  About the same as the LM "Medium Ivory", more yellow.  The cream is thick, does not blend well, and separates on my face.  I tried it with and without anything underneath.  I don't find it moisturising either, given the 'Moisture Surge' tag.

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What are your current favourite foundation/base make up?  Do you have ones that don't work for you, at all?

Tell me what do you think about my new 'rating system'!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I love the new rating system. So creative! I have a love/hate relationship with the Laura Mercier foundation. Sometimes it looks absolutely amazing and sometimes it looks cakey. I loved it enough to wear on my wedding day though.

    1. Thanks CC - I'm liking the new system a lot too :D Can't stop rating everything around me using these 5 ranks.
      I am very much enjoying the LM Silk Creme now, just figuring out whether it is the perfect shade or not... Nice to know this is your wedding day choice!

  2. i love the new system... is not difficult to understand.
    I hope to see many products with Black Jacq rating.
    ps: Who thinks a jumbo pencil is a good idea to fill in brows?

    1. Thanks for liking the new system Eugenia :D
      ps: probably the Korean designer of this product like thick thick brows?

  3. LOL!!! I love it!!! Super creative! I was thinking about sending you the MUFE HD but I wasn't sure what your color was, I am gong to guess its 117? That is the shade I use but I am not 100% sure what you would be.

    1. Hi Ari! Thanks for liking the new system. It is fun to make up one :P
      You don't need to send me MUFE, you already send me so much!
      Just for discussion purpose: Base on Temptalia's Foundation Matrix and Karlasugar's swatches, I do think 117 works for me. Have you tried MUFE face and body? I have heard great things about it too!



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