Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Shameless Spoil #18 | A Sephora Haul, but Better

Every time I received a beauty swap mail, for these couple of months, I felt like something went wrong...... My swap friends constantly 'mis-treat' me!  They send me way more than I ask for, making me scared that what I send don't live up to their expectation.  Let me tell you, that's a very bad feeling.  :S

Anyway, here comes a scary mail from Traci, the beautiful lady whom I've swapped with before here - post link!  I got her a Tom Ford Seductive Rose palette - post link! - along with some Dolly Wink lashes, then came her 'revenge'.  She basically went into Sephora, picked up what I wanted to try, and then throw in a heavy load of extras.  Everything she chose I am liking, that's impressive~

Grateful is not great enough to describe my sentiments.

List of everything:

Monday, 29 July 2013

Jolly July Giveaway!

This has been way over-due!

A small giveaway to celebrate reaching 300k view on this blog, 550 followers on instagram, and 200 likes on facebook page.  I'm grateful for your support and I'm going to celebrate this joy with my readers in a giveaway.  If the response is good with this one, I'll do one again later in August!


There will be two winners.  
1.  The Nail Set will be given to one random winner, who has entered using all methods (or the most methods), including the bonus entries.
2.  The Eyeshadow Set will be given to one random winner, who didn't win the Nail Set.

Each person can enter once.  Giveaway is open until 23:59 (GMT), 10th August, 2013.  By 12th Aug, Winners will be announced here on the blog (and on my facebook page) and contacted by email personally.  Prizes will be sent out within 1 week after I receive the winners' correspondence addresses.

What you have to do to enter:

1.  Leave a comment in this blog post.  Write anything you like.
2.  Follow this blog on BlogLovin' - link!
3.  Like the Facebook page - link!
4.  Follow on Instagram @jacqlibra - link!

i.  Follow Joyeux Amour on Instagram @joyeuxamour - link!
ii.  Like Joyeux Amour's Facebook Page - link!

After you have done any, or all, of the above, remember:

5.  Email me at "jacqlibra at gmail dot com", subject line "Jolly July Giveaway", and send me a filled-in copy of the form below.

-------------------copy this form and fill in with your info---------------

First Name:

Blog Comment Username: (if any)
BlogLovin' Username: (if any)
Facebook Username: (if any)
Instagram IG Username: (if any)
Bonus:  i.  Yes or No, ii.  Yes or No

The prizes:

Nail Set

Eyeshadow Set

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Good Luck!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Sunday, 28 July 2013

New In #2 | Reviva Labs, Mychelle, Real Techniques and Mrs Meyers

Placed an order mainly because of these bad boys above.  My mum's pigmentation and spots are really fading, which stimulated her colleagues' curiosity.  As a result, I had to purchase 6 sets for them.  I heard more ladies are interested so I may have to order it, again, soon.  The word of mouth of my mum (as someone who isn't into beauty at all) is way more powerful than I imagined!

Reviva Labs Skin Lightener for Day Fade Cream with Kojic Acid/Brown Spot Night Cream with Kojic Acid Combo (42 g, 28 g) - product link!
Reviva Labs Brown Spot Night Gel (35 g) - product link!

This time we picked up the Kojic Acid version instead of the previous Hydroquinone active ingredient I have learnt is controversial, potentially harmful to use.  Do your own research!

iHerb coupon code: JBF362

If you would like to purchase anything for the first time, use the code for $10 off with purchase over $40.

Another reason that made me place the order on that particular day, is that Mychelle is doing a brand-wise 20% off special discount.  I remember Tao (our favourite iamgrape1119) had used this brand before so I asked her what she recommends me try.  She asked me to try out the Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum, and I gladly obeyed, picking up a sampler for dry skin to test out alongside~

MyChelle Dermaceuticals "Hello, Beautiful" Collection Dry Sample Kit 6 Piece Kit - product link!
MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum (30 ml) - product link!
MyChelle Dermaceuticals X-zema Balm with Mangosteen (14 g) - product link!
MyChelle Dermaceuticals Love Your Lips "Pistachio Coconut" (14 g) - product link!

The giant glue stick lip balm and X-zema balm are for my lips and body, I'm developing eczema this time of year as I suspect my skin doesn't like my sweat's chemistry... :S

Then I added a Real Techniques setting brush into my cart the last minute, as I love mine dearly and wanted one to use in rotation.  The freebie Sierra Bees Madre Bees lip balm is another flavour I'm recruiting to my army of chapsticks; I'm throwing in one in each of my order, will probably have a full collection in no time!

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Setting Brush - product link!
free Sierra Bees Organic "Cocoa Butter" Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E (4.25 g) - product link!

Bath and body, aromatherapy and supplements.

Aroma Naturals Soy VegePure Travel Candle Meditation "Patchouli & Frankincense" (79.38 g) - product link!
Aaron Industries Epsom Salt (453 g) - product link!
Health Plus Inc. Super Colon Cleanse 500 mg (240 Capsules) - product link!
Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brushproduct link!
free MRM FreshOmega Pure Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil (1 pc) - product link!

Finally, some bits procured for Mr. A, and his apartment.

Clif Bar Energy Bar "Blueberry Crisp" 12 Bars (68 g per bar) - product link!
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap "Honeysuckle Scent" (370 ml) - product link!
Derma E Psorzema Creme (113 g) - product link!
Atkins Advantage "Dark Chocolate Decadence" Bar 5 Bars (44 g per bar) - product link!

iHerb coupon code: JBF362

If you would like to purchase anything for the first time, use the code for $10 off with purchase over $40.

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Hope you find this post helpful, perhaps in a way gives you some shopping ideas?  Leave me comments or questions below if you've any!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Week #2

Period covered: 20 - 26 June

This week alone I have been reading a lot; for leisure and for spiritual growth.  Wishing all the pilgrims and clergies at Rio a fruitful and fantastic celebration of World Youth Day!

Oh, by the way, I haven't been lazy at shopping.

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Tom Ford Cheek Brush $650

2.  Emergency Pick-me-ups
Boots, Media, Dariya and Cosmoses.  Four items I purchased within a $200 budget set.  With story and review written - post link!

3.  Delivery - MAC
My friend T helped me order some MAC make up.  Another friend F brought it to the third one, A, and then A gave them to me when we met up for dinner.  :P  post link!

4.  RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner
A gift from A, as she finds this a little irritating to her eye area. Not pictured.

5.  Watson's Pick-ups
Victim to the 25% off deal, I made two trips to this chain chemist, bringing home mainly brow products.  I am obsessed with brows... With yet another tube of Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base SPF 50+ PA+++ 50 g $ 59.4.
Kate Designing Eyebrow N "EX4" 3 g $ 76 -> $ 57
Kate Eyebrow Pencil "BR1" "BR2" 0.07 g $44 -> $33
Palgantong Designing Brow Pencil Eyebrow "BP25 Marron Brown" $ 80 -> $ 60
Pictured above

6.  Naris Up Brow Up Pencil Eyebrow "Light Brown" $ 35
Black Jacq, my Holy Grail!  Recently I've seen fewer and fewer of these in stock at Sasa, and fearing it will be discontinued, I decided to procure back-ups.  Brow pencils take time to be finished but I've used up one of this - post link! - and only have one in use right now.  Justified purchase of half a dozen?...

7.  BCL Browlash EX Waterproof 2 Way Eyebrow Pen + Waterproof Eyebrow Coating [Limited Promotion Set] $ 108
I got both "Natural Brown" and "Grey Brown", the two options available.  Then, I received the Sasatinnie Rose Facial Mist Toner as a gift with purchase...

The Week in Blog Posts

First Impression on Emergency Pick-up Pick-me-up |
Amazement from Ari (love mail received) |
Finished Fortnight |
| Ahava Cleanser Review |

Weekly Favourites

Tom Ford Cheek Brush
Softest bristles ever.  Very good cutting.  Bristles grab and deliver product beautifully.  White hair allows easy control of amount of product, more than dark hair.

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Facial Radiance Pads
A very mild yet seems to be effective way of doing exfoliation every night.

Must-Read of the Week

Not beauty related.
First, to the pilgrims and souls touched by the accident at Santiago de Compostela - bbc news link! - condolences.  It is a place I could have paid pilgrimage, too, myself.  God bless our trains and railway workers; it has been a tragic year of transportation!
On the other hand, I have been keeping a close eye on the happenings at Rio where the World Youth Day is taking place.  From a distant, you can also participate in viewing and reading, the official website Rio 2013 - link! - and Rome Reports - link! - are two of my favourite sources.  The other official, more comprehensive and well-edited (but boring?), channels are Vatican Radio - link! - and Catholic News Service (CNS) - link!.  Oh, and by the way, I heard speculations that the next one will be held in Poland, the motherland land of Saint JP II.  We'll know by this time next week!

Wish List Concatenation

BCL Browlash EX Waterproof 2 Way Eyebrow Pen "Light Brown" $ 98
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil
Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil

Bite Beauty Lip Layer "Neutral & Bold" (saw this in Allure magazine, Aug issue)
Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo US$ 24 (can you tell I'm very sickly addicted to brow products?)
Tom Ford "Cocoa Mirage" "Silvered Topaz" $ 550 (despite owning four of these quads, I still want at least 3 more...)

BlogLovin ♥ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♥ Google+ ♥ Instagram 

Please help me with my brow addiction, any suggestion?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Friday, 26 July 2013

Ahava Review | Cleansing Gel-Milk Hybrid (and the brand's controversy)

Ahava Time to Clear All in One Toning Cleanser* is the first thing I try out from this Israeli brand.  It is marketed at HK$310 for 250 ml locally - website link!

Most offerings from Ahava is made with Dead Sea Mud, or Dead Sea Minerals.  This particular cleanser has incorporated ingredients such as dead sea salt, various algae (seaweed) extracts, witch hazel, etc.

Squeezed out from tube
What It Does
It removes make up, takes away dirt, cleanses the skin, purifies pores, tones and keeps skin fresh.

How I Use It
I used it in two different ways.  First, in the shower, as a face cleanser after make up removal.  I massaged this on my dry face and rinse off with water.  Second, as face make up remover, wiped off with cotton or cloth.

The Texture
After using arrays of different consistency, I'm thrilled to still find something alien.  As I put it, this is a hybrid between a cleansing milk/emulsion, and a gel.  This doesn't foam up, no further emulsify.

The Aroma
The scent is interesting.  It vaguely reminds me of the Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser - review link! - that came with the Clarisonic Mia.  Compared to the Ahava Time to Hydrate Essential Moisturizing Lotion (review coming up), which has a more melon tone, I'd call it a grass-infused date (the fruit) fragrance.  Quite fresh and not offensive, but not one that I particularly adore.

My Review
As discussed above, the consistency is new to me, and I'm pleasantly surprised by it.  It feels lovely on the skin and facilitates gentle massage movements, given its gel properties that doesn't slip away as easily as milk.  Washed or wiped off, it also leaves skin feeling clean and soft, and as it puts it, toned.  My skin is ready for skin care steps to follow after using this cleanser.
Cleansers form part of my skin care regime that I go through daily; the stash come and go quickly.  I believe that most formula work similarly.  As long as they bring away make up and dirt effectively, and you wash off the any residue of the cleanser itself properly, they don't differ tremendously.  Of course, that also depends on your skin type, allergic reactions to ingredients, and preference on texture/fragrance.  

Overall Rating
Just Jacq - The only thing that made me not like it is the fragrance.  I confess that if they make it fragrance-free or even better-smelling, I'll go out and repurchase it.  However I adore and enjoy the texture and result, I just won't spend dollars on skin care that carries scent I don't fancy!

The Controversy
Last but not least, I'd like to lightly touch on the controversy behind this brand.  While I was looking up information about this brand and their products.  I came across websites, activist groups and news addressing certain practice or 'moral issues' about Ahava.  For instance, the 'mud' ingredient they use are 'stolen' (HK PR representative confirmed they acquired the mud legally), and the location(s) of their factory is in an occupied territory (the West Bank, which is a zone being fought after, and according to different people, it belongs to different countries), not in Israel (therefore the product we obtain today is stated as "Made by Ahava DSL Ltd. Dead Sea, Israel" instead of "Made in Israel").
If you have further questions, feel free to do your own research.  Google can assist you, or you may find wikipedia helpful:

*PR Sample

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Finished Fortnight #16 | De-cluttering 丟掉的藝術

I am currently under-going a major de-clutter project at Maison Jacq.  Therefore, aside from the empties you'll see, at the end there will be a pile of products I sadly have to part with.  I am also consolidating a load to blog sale or to giveaway; will let you guys know when I have time to get around handling that part.  ;)




First, skin care I've finished!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Shameless Spoil #17 | Ari Amazement

I do not know where to start introducing; in a way, this post doesn't require much introduction.  The photos speak it all.  I will link our previous swaps at the end of this post.  Let's jump right into what she spoilt me with this time!

First off, let me begin with the skin care treats she surprised me with.

40 Carrots Retinol-Rich Skin Care, or 40 Carrots, is a totally new brand to me.  Although I roughly remember Tao has talked about it in her videos before, I do not know what to expect!  Carrot + Mango Moisture Splurge is a moisturiser that smells and feels amazing.  Carrot + Cucumber Eye Gel says it can wake up tired eyes - that sounds good!

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion - looks like an interesting instant-effect serum to me~
Ahava Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask - I'm currently testing out several items from Ahava, and this is a great addition to my brand exposure.  Look out for my review coming up!
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength - Been using mandelic acid products among other things to exfoliate currently, so I may need to test out this peel later.  :P
Clark's Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask - Heard much great things about this mask from beauty bloggers, I even had a moment almost purchasing this off certain website.  Happy to have receiving this from Ari!

Pacifica "Hawaiian Ruby Guava" Body Butter - Smells delicious~
Liv Grn "Earth" Eau de Parfum - A heavenly melon scent, I'm almost out of it!
Crabtree & Evelyn "Citron" Age Defying Hand Remedy - Out of the many scents of Crabtree & Evelyn, this is one of our common favourites, Citron.  Glad to have one more tube of this!

Various perfume samples - Diane von Furstenberg "Diane" Eau de Toilette, Hanae Mori "Hanae Mori" Eau de Toilette, Emilio Pucci "Sole 149" Eau de Toilette, Escada "Especially Escada" Eau de Parfum, Lancome "La vie est belle" L'eau de parfum, Gucci "Gucci Guilty" Eau de Toilette, Bvlgari "Jasmin Noir", Bvlgari "BLV Eau de Parfum II".

My current favourite is Lancome's La vie est belle, which reminds me a lot of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, and Bvlgari's BLV EDP II, a very fresh unisex, light fragrance.

From Target, Up & Up Cotton Rounds (100 pc) and Rite Aid Renewal Exfoliating Cotton Rounds (80 pc) both has micro-bead surface on one side, and hexagon-pattern 'smooth' on the other.  Both made of 100% pure cotton, in USA.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal "005 Nude" "004 Taupe" - Trying them out, first impression, the Nude is a better option than the Stila Kajal (I had an old topaz one) to use in the waterline, as it has a more long-lasting, drier texture.

I told Ari I wanted to try the American exfoliating cotton rounds, along with the Rimmel Scandaleyes (cheaper in the States than from UK), so I kind of requested these.  However, I did not at all expect that she would spend extra shipping in shipping the cotton to me - the mailing fee is way more expensive than the cotton itself - silly girl, you don't have to do this for me!!

Beautyblender - My first authentic one!  Tried it with a liquid foundation once, and a few times with blending concealer.  It does have potential to live up to the online hype!

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss "227 Ocean Sunrise" the lighter pink, and "233 Rosy Dawn" the darker pink.  Am I the only one who find Sunrise and Dawn coming in the same mail very thoughtful and sweet?  :)  Also, both pinks are colours I will definitely wear!

Tokidoki Arte Palettes in "Vegas", and Stila Collectible City Palette "No.5 Sensational in Sydney" - Haven't tried these out yet, aren't they so pretty (while wearable) in the pan?

Tarte Girl Meets Gloss 5-piece maracuja gloss collector's set includes five full size glosses in "Bubbly", "Curious", "Preppy", "Chic", "Sparks".  Tarte Ten limited-edition collector's palette has ten eyeshadows and a dual-ended eyeliner (brown/ black).  The compact comes in a sturdy magnetic case, including a big size mirror and a soft round crease brush.  On the instruction/ description/ tutorial card, it is said that the eyeshadow pans can be refilled.  Interesting fact: both the lipgloss set and the eyeshadow palette are made in China!  That's new news to me.

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint "Enchanted" is a similar jumbo lip crayon like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.  Same facts: they are both made in USA and has a minty kind of scent.  This Tarte one though, is much more moisturising and glossy/shiny.  Like!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Clinically Proven Natural Mascara (3 ml sample) is made in Italy.  I've yet to find time to test this out.  It does say increases lash volume by an amount of 424%!

From left: matte soft beige/ shimmering violet/ shimmering silver gray/ matte almost black/ vivid shimmering gold/ deep shimmering forest green/ vibrant shimmering copper/ deep shimmering chocolate/ vivid shimmering amethyst/ vivid shimmering teal

Bite Bite Size Discovery Set of 5 - "Retsina" "Musk" "Shiraz" "Fig" "Pomegranate"

Last but not least, the cutest lipstick set on earth, from a lip brand I adore very much, Bite!  These babies are super cute in their mini tubes and, together, a handy tin.  I will find a lot of uses out of these flattering, comfortable shades~ :)

Mail Ari Sent:  Ari 1 | Ari 2

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Thanks Ari xoxo

Go check out her blog - link! - and follow her around New York!
Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Jacq's Journal 2013 Jolly July | 七月碎念日誌

A collection of random thoughts or happenings.  New updates will be concatenated at the front. ;)


22 July

A mini MAC haul, I purposely place this here so that no one will notice I shopped...

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish "Soft and Gentle"
MAC Brush "138" "168" "217"
MAC Eyeshadow "Vanilla" "Nylon" "Patina" "Soba"
MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder "In for a Treat"
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish "Definitely Defined"

Vintage Ads inspired, printed postcards by Joyeux Amour - shop link!

Also did a little damage to my wallet at a Watson's with their 25% off all open counter cosmetics...


Palgantong Designing Brow Pencil Eyebrow "Caramel Brown" $ 80 -> $ 60
Media Makeup Base S "Orange" $ 58 -> $ 43.5
Media Liquid Eyebrow AA "BR" "DB" 0.7 ml $ 58 ->$ 43.5
Curel Sebum Care Foaming Wash 90 ml $ 49

19 July

Went to Hong Kong Book Fair with my cousin, bought a lot of books, subscribed to several magazines (because of the gifts).  Above is just a portion of what I acquired, I'll probably do another post to show everything.

書展 2013 戰利品,其實不止上圖的。。

Monday, 22 July 2013

First Impression | A Few Emergency Drugstore Pick-me-ups

Yesterday, Sunday, I left home in a great hurry, to catch the bus, followed by mini bus, to visit my friends at a reasonably distant parish.  Smart Silly me, managed to run out with a bare face, and left behind my fully packed make up bag.  Therefore, for the whole day, I've been greasy, shiny and un-touched with dark circles, chapped lips and no eye brows.  Exaggerated, but not looking and feeling at my best nonetheless.

After enjoying the gathering - meeting, Mass, food, presentation, a lot of photo-taking - I headed over to a mall looking for some pick-me-ups.  With a fixed humble budget that I set for myself, I challenge myself to buy the least products that can make me regain well-being and confidence for the family dinner that follows.  I had some things in mind, and after struggling for couple hours minutes in-store, the above pictured were purchased.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing & Toning Wipes $39 (25 wipes)
I need to reward myself with a huge jar of bubble tea, as I didn't cave in the buy 2 get X% off discount, and just got one pack of this stuff.  As I needed something to clean off the oil and dirt accumulated throughout the day, wipes seem to be a good choice.  These TTWH ones along with the Sensitive ones are the cheapest, and being present in a very humid, very hot Summer made me gear towards these.  So far, find this non-irritating and non-drying.  Doesn't smell very tea tree nor witch hazel, but with a faint (artificial) fragrance.  Potential Rating: Just Jacq

Cosmoses Smoothing Auto Eyebrow "2 Gray Brown" $24
My brow addiction made me believe that I look like a ghost without doing something with my eye brows.  Perhaps untrue, but that drove me to buy this.  My criteria of picking it, include - spoolie brush attached, - the cheaper the better, - packaging isn't too flimpsy.  This twist up pencil with an oval lead ticks all boxes, with one big flaw (and a small one).  The shade is too warm (red), despite it being called "gray brown".  However, the major problem is the texture is too creamy and soft; I much prefer a more waxy and drier pencil lead.  Potential Rating: Non Jacq

Dariya Set Up Lip Treatment $49 (10 g)
Considering the lip product stash at home, I hesitated to procure any more lip colour, which I have little chance of revisiting, and finishing.  Therefore I opted for this slightly tinted lip serum/gloss, which I have had good experience with.  I own the Extreme Rich Lip Treatment from this same brand, and like it a lot too.  Just used this a handful of times, already liking this one a big lot!  Potential Rating: Black Jacq

Media Treatment Foundation A3 "OC-C1" $77 (11.5 g)
I confess, I spent way too long in that Sasa debating whether I should get a cream foundation compact, concealer, liquid foundation, 2 way compact foundation, mineral loose powder, or a plain pressed powder/foundation.  Yes, even within that small shop, and within my tight budget (I set it as $200 for this whole challenge), I have too many choices.  #firstworldproblem  Anyway, I finally bought this because it says it has SPF20, PA++, suitable for all seasons, long-lasting, pore-covering, smooth, collagen and hydration, gentle mineral particles, etc.  Verdict?  This shade is slightly pale, which I can still work with.  The texture is smooth but a hint drying.  Does cover pore and doesn't accentuate flakes.  Compact is also neat and look nice, especially at its price point.  Potential Rating: Joyeux Jacq

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Week #1

I missed the lovely weekly updates I've been doing for my 100 Day Spending Ban, so I decided to continue doing such, with another title... :)

Period covered: 10 - 19 June

Yes, indeed this is a little cheat as I'm thinking to do these every Saturday, while my last spending update published on a Wednesday...

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base SPF50+ PA+++ HKD $63.60 (33 g)
A very reserved purchase.  After downing a small travel size of the blue version (for face and body) - post link! - I decided this is Black Jacq material and had to repurchase.  When I saw the double discounted price tag at Mannings, I gave in and picked up a silvery tube (for face).  I am loving it!

2.  Delivery - US Swap
Another swap with beautiful Traci arrived.  It came later than expected but more than I imagined!  Needless to say, I'm happily spoilt.  (will do separate post)

3. Delivery - iHerb Order
Another order made, due to two main reasons.  First, mum and her colleagues want more of the Reviva Labs skin creams, so I had to order for them.  Another reason being, Mychelle was 20% off brand-wise so I had to pick up something.  (will do separate post)

4. Delivery - Nanogen Order
Replenished for Mr A, and giving one product a try myself.  

5. Delivery - UK Mail
Sam sent me more stuff, after she realized she did not send 'enough' in the previous prize package.  More on her generous craze in another post!

6. Book Fair 
Subscribed to three magazines and obtained a bag load of beauty products.  I actually consider this a beauty shopping with free magazine subscription as gift, fair, no?  Also, some lady at the Vivi counter told me Gla magazine is being discontinued by the Japan publisher, bad news; I really heart that.

7. Tom Ford HKD $650
Mr A and I spent an afternoon strolling from one mall to another, ending up with a brush splurge at Lane Crawford (department store).  Which is the first brush I acquired?  Answer is on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Should be counted in next week!

The Week in Blog Posts

Mr. A Hair Story Episode 3 | An iHerb Haul featuring ELF Studio Brushes | Updated Jacq's Jolly July Journal | 5 Mascaras I can't use (link can't be inserted using iPad Blogger app)

Weekly Favourites

Tom Ford Cognac Sable 
Can't stop using this for 5 consecutive days.  Its good size mirror and luxe case is a perfect touch up compact to carry along in my hand bag, too.  

Biore Watery Cleansing Fluid
Smells lovely, this gel-ish fluid replaces cleansing oil to remove my face make up.  Leaves skin comfortable, fresh and soft!

Must-Read of the Week

iamgrape1119 is back!  Our beloved Tao has written an update post, finally.  Head over and send her some love - she totally inspired me to 'seriously' blog.

Wish List Concatenation

Kate Colorcious Diamond Eyeshadow Palette - link!
La Femme Blush "Blossom"
Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick "Stay With Me Coral" (because Lisa Eldridge raved about it)
Rimmel Apocalips "Stellar" (because it looks amazing on Leigh Ann - video link!)
Sleek Lipstick "Papaya Punch"
Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Creme
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette
Kiehl's Super Thick Volumizer - link! (oh no! it is discontinued...)
Three Balancing Cleansing Oil
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

Thursday, 18 July 2013

5 Mascaras I Can't Use

... or at least, on their own.

Some of these are big "No-No"s, others, maybe alright for layering.

Background: My Lashes

Naturally soft and pointing straight forward when they are not shielding my eyes (pointing downwards).  Easy to curl, as they are very thin and soft, but doesn't hold curl especially in the moist local climate.  Quantity of lashes are few, quite sparse.  Some lashes are decently long, but others are tiny and hard to find.

image sourced from the internet...

Not for Me

MAC Zoom Lash
- What the Jacq?
1st trial, 11-Mar: Straightens my curl, shortens my lashes (if that's possible), no added volume.
2nd trial, x-Jun:  Straightens my curl very very badly.  No added length nor volume.
Wand: Traditional bristle brush.
Overall:  I will still say this 'shortens' my lashes.  Doesn't hold my curl at all.  In fact, I think just one light coat make my lashes point straight down to the floor.  No wonder MAC mascaras never gained much love from bloggers/youtubers, now I know why...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

New-in | ELF Studio Brushes now on iHerb

This was my June iHerb order.  Since hooked onto this site, I almost made a purchase once a month from them.  Culprit of this order was re-ordering the set of Reviva Labs Brown Spots cream (s) for my mum's colleague.  By the way, another two sets of this stuff is sitting in my shopping cart because two more colleagues want it - but they are currently out of stock!?!?  I also bought a bunch of gluten-free snacks for my nephews-in-law.

The ELF Studio brushes popped up while I was browsing around and decided to pick up two that I have never tried before; the Blush Brush and Mineral Powder Brush.

Free stuff: Sierra Bees Madre Bees Organic Mint Burst Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E (4.25 g), an iHerb highlighter pen, MRM FreshOmega Pure Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil (1 pc)

the culprit, shopping for mum's colleague
Other things I purchased:  Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Directional Hair Root Lifting Spray (250 ml), Earth Science Triple Action Problem Skin Treatment (177 ml), Aubrey Organics Scalp-Soothing Shampoo Primrose & Lavender (59 ml), Hugo Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential Mist (60 ml)

Giovanni is marked up double the price in local stores, so I figure why not throw in a root spray in my order?  My back acne sprays are all opened and in use, I was panicking hence I purchased one from Earth Science - been really enjoying it so far, it has quite specific good (and bad) stand-out properties!  Not much to say about the shampoo and the facial mist - they were half accidents - they do smell good though... :P

If you're interested in getting anything from iHerb, e.g. Real Techniques brushes and Physician's Formula make up, use coupon code JBF362 for $5 - $10 off your first order.  

iHerb ships internationally and I warn you, it is a dangerous shopping site!

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I hope you find this helpful in case you're hunting for Real Techniques or ELF Studio brushes!

What would you like to try from iHerb?  I'm always planning for my next order!
Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Friday, 12 July 2013

His Hair Story Ep. 3 | Nanogen Review

It has been a while since I've written about Mr. A's hair story.  After the last post, where he demonstrated the camouflage powder Nanofibre's magic on his little Meditarrean sea, he began switching over to the Nanogen hair care products (which I have picked up for him).  What prompted me to write this review is, Mr. A requested re-order, I made a haul, and Nanogen HK kindly gave me a discount code which I can share!


This is the review of the Shampoo and Conditioner only.  Simply because Mr. A is too, too, too lazy to use the other products.  He has just started two weeks with the Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum (only after he finished 1 set of the Shampoo and Conditioner!) and he hasn't even touched the Mask or the Spray.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Mr. A's review is pure positive.  He hasn't even thought of the design flaws (which I'm going to point out later), as he really enjoys using both products, themselves.

He shampoos both morning and night, while only in the morning does he condition.  The bottle of shampoo lasted him over one month (I don't exactly know how long), but he did remind me to re-order around the four weeks time, when the bottle is running low.  The conditioner lasted him longer than the shampoo did.

I have also tested out the shampoo and conditioner twice, for reviewing purpose.  Of course the effect on me isn't as significant as on Mr. A (all these hair growth products really take time to work!), but I can already tell the texture and how I feel about them.

The Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Shampoo (shop link) retails for HKD $197 for 240 ml.  Not cheap.  For Mr. A's hair it lasted just under two months, two washes per day.  He has medium length hair.  My issue with the bottle is, they leak just a tiny bit in the box during delivery, probably because they weren't standing upright, and the opening isn't taped nor sealed.  (dear customer service, please follow-up!)  It doesn't leave my long hair dry even if I do not condition afterwards.

The Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Conditioner (shop link) retails for HKD $197 for 240 ml.  It lasted longer than 2 months, with just a few pumps per use, and once per day.  This, unlike other hair care line's offering, also has the hair growth ingredients in, and no silicones (probably the last thing you want to put on a thinning scalp to clog up the follicles).  The customer service guy advised this to be massaged onto the scalp and if time allows, leave it to work a while before rinsing it off - I wonder if Mr. A has listened to me or not, but he definitely has soft-to-the-touch hair all day, after using this.  My problem with this is, the pump dispenses too little product.  Mr. A's hair would need around 6 pumps, and my length of hair, probably triple  number of pumps.  I know this line is mainly targeted at thinning hair, but hey, long hair would love a more generous dispenser!  (dear customer service, if ever a larger salon size is available, please contact me)

Oh, almost forgot; both the shampoo and the conditioner has a lovely light fragrance, definitely unisex and not offensive. Ingredient list can be found in previous haul post.

The Result on Mr. A

Photos speak better than a thousand words, so of course, I have photos to illustrate the results.  However, firstly, I'll have to apologise, the photo quality isn't the best down there.  They are taken under different light settings, and the length of Mr. A's hair is a lot shorter now than then.  I did not perform any editing on the images below, not even tuning the brightness (I probably should).  Both pictures taken with the same iPhone 4.


Are you ready?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

100 Day Spending Ban | Finale!!

It's finally over!

1.  A Recap

My rules:
  • No spending on ANY make up or skin care.  No exceptions.  I do welcome free gifts or samples though.  Note: during this span I shall have at least 3 Glamaboxes (all arrived!) coming in, so that can keep me entertained!
  • Every single day I survive this ban, I will put HK $100 into my Fun Fund.  When the ban is over, I can treat myself well (perhaps some Burberry or Guerlain Tom Ford make up??).  :D
  • My 100 Day Spending Ban starts on 1st of April and shall end on 9th of July.

2.  Fun Fund (this decade: 30 June - 9 July)

$7,500 + $900
= $8,400

i) 2nd July:

Confessed in my Jolly July Journal, I made some skin care purchases.

That's it!  Didn't I do pretty well???

3. Lesson Learnt

Although I have been messing around and violating rules here and there, now and then, I did manage to save up $8k+ in the Fun Fund.  That means I only failed in 16 days - which is precisely 16% of the time span.  I will give myself an A- for constantly being aware of the spending ban and spent a significant amount of mind power to not buy!

For the remaining 5+ months this year, I will allow myself to shop for beauty products, sticking to my Embargo (which, by the way, need an update also).  For the time being, I'll take money from the Fun Fund whenever I buy make up and skin care.  If the Fund is totally drawn out, perhaps I'll start another spending/saving plan; not because I really need to be so fussy about my money, but I find it fun and fulfilling to observe my own beauty spending~

Remark: I have been de-cluttering in craze for the past week and a half and I realise I have a hoarding problem.  Wardrobe clearing is simple, I parted with 80% of my clothing at ease.  Beauty closet is a totally different story.  After gifting a bunch of stuff to my family and friends, I still have a lot that I do not need, nor want to keep.  Probably need to break that up into many parts to blog sale... :S

4. Wants or Wishes

I will write these down weekly, and after the 100 day spending ban I will look back and see what I really will buy.  I suppose this is a good way to see how unnecessary some of my desires are...!  I am limiting myself to add one wish per day only, is that considered self-control, too?

Biore Aqua Rich (the silver tube mentioned by Jamilla - yay she's back blogging!)
Biore Aqua Rich Whitening
Maybelline Falsies Mascara Waterproof (saw it 'on sale' for $109 in stores...)
Media Cream Foundation
Naris Up Maxigrade Eyeliner Liquid (raved by Snowkei! saw it about USD $10 at sasa)

Aesop Cleansing Oil
Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse
Nude Oil Cleanser
RMK Cleansing Balm
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

5. Other updates:

a.  Shop my stash!  Blog Sale!  (I am planning to update this every Friday)

b.  Recap of recent posts:
  • New update of Jacq's Journal for Jolly July!
  • A Face-of-the-Day with bright summer lips and current favourite false lashes.
  • My lengthy, in-depth, whole-heartedly-written SK-II review.  Please read!
  • A skin care haul and first impression - Taiwan brand Prof. TK
  • Finished Fortnight/ Beauty Empties, a hug lot saved up since the end of May!

Jacq's 100 Day Spending Ban
Rules | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | Week 8 | Week 9 | Week 10 | 80 Days | 90 Days ...

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Congratulations to myself!  

How are you doing in your project/spending ban?  Leave me your link below so I can go and read more!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finished Fortnight #15 | June Empties 六月凹凹回顧

It is true that I have published two other Finished Fortnight posts in the month of June - here, and here.  However, one is pre-written before my trip, and the other, the empties of that trip only.  All the other finished products I have accumulated since the beginning of June, piled up under my desk for the entire month.  It is now time to write about them and let them be recycled/thrown out!

Reminder: new product rating system is employed in this post, make sure you know what the Jacq I'm talking about! :D

I will began with the less exciting body and skin care, and end with a few pieces of make up.  How exciting!?


懶懶地(參考了 Honor),



Monday, 8 July 2013

First Impression | Prof. TK Skin Care 開箱 + 面膜用後感

Earlier in May, during the 'Mother's Day sale', a couple of my friends and I made an order from the Prof. TK Taiwan web-store.  I took advantage of the 50% off all Mandelic Acid line, and get one of each from that series; I also shared two big boxes of bio-cellulose mask with girlfriend A, resulting in a few kilo of supply and a more-than-adequate stash of gift with purchases.  Every full size product ordered came with a tiny sample size, for testing of allergy reaction, before you whack open the big bottle - I find this approach very humane and reasonable.  Win-win for the store and the customer, isn't it?

This is a short post listing what I've got and the first impression of the two masks.

台灣品牌<楊登貴教授>(其實就是 Prof TK :P)母親節推出了一堆優惠。

想知道我和我的女友們總共花了多少錢,手滑了些什麼,請移玉步到 Honor 的部落格

Bio-Cellulose Mask Review

Friday, 5 July 2013

FOTD | Burberry "Pale Nude" Palette, Bite "Tart" High Pigment Pencil

A quick post.

I finally found a way to make Pale Nude work, and I like it a lot.  Didn't employ much techniques to achieve this look, just made use of a pair of really natural false lashes (new favourite!).  And, by the way, Bite Beauty (sold in Sephora) lip products really rock, thanks Traci and Ari for sending me lots of them to use!!


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