Thursday, 11 July 2013

100 Day Spending Ban | Finale!!

It's finally over!

1.  A Recap

My rules:
  • No spending on ANY make up or skin care.  No exceptions.  I do welcome free gifts or samples though.  Note: during this span I shall have at least 3 Glamaboxes (all arrived!) coming in, so that can keep me entertained!
  • Every single day I survive this ban, I will put HK $100 into my Fun Fund.  When the ban is over, I can treat myself well (perhaps some Burberry or Guerlain Tom Ford make up??).  :D
  • My 100 Day Spending Ban starts on 1st of April and shall end on 9th of July.

2.  Fun Fund (this decade: 30 June - 9 July)

$7,500 + $900
= $8,400

i) 2nd July:

Confessed in my Jolly July Journal, I made some skin care purchases.

That's it!  Didn't I do pretty well???

3. Lesson Learnt

Although I have been messing around and violating rules here and there, now and then, I did manage to save up $8k+ in the Fun Fund.  That means I only failed in 16 days - which is precisely 16% of the time span.  I will give myself an A- for constantly being aware of the spending ban and spent a significant amount of mind power to not buy!

For the remaining 5+ months this year, I will allow myself to shop for beauty products, sticking to my Embargo (which, by the way, need an update also).  For the time being, I'll take money from the Fun Fund whenever I buy make up and skin care.  If the Fund is totally drawn out, perhaps I'll start another spending/saving plan; not because I really need to be so fussy about my money, but I find it fun and fulfilling to observe my own beauty spending~

Remark: I have been de-cluttering in craze for the past week and a half and I realise I have a hoarding problem.  Wardrobe clearing is simple, I parted with 80% of my clothing at ease.  Beauty closet is a totally different story.  After gifting a bunch of stuff to my family and friends, I still have a lot that I do not need, nor want to keep.  Probably need to break that up into many parts to blog sale... :S

4. Wants or Wishes

I will write these down weekly, and after the 100 day spending ban I will look back and see what I really will buy.  I suppose this is a good way to see how unnecessary some of my desires are...!  I am limiting myself to add one wish per day only, is that considered self-control, too?

Biore Aqua Rich (the silver tube mentioned by Jamilla - yay she's back blogging!)
Biore Aqua Rich Whitening
Maybelline Falsies Mascara Waterproof (saw it 'on sale' for $109 in stores...)
Media Cream Foundation
Naris Up Maxigrade Eyeliner Liquid (raved by Snowkei! saw it about USD $10 at sasa)

Aesop Cleansing Oil
Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse
Nude Oil Cleanser
RMK Cleansing Balm
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

5. Other updates:

a.  Shop my stash!  Blog Sale!  (I am planning to update this every Friday)

b.  Recap of recent posts:
  • New update of Jacq's Journal for Jolly July!
  • A Face-of-the-Day with bright summer lips and current favourite false lashes.
  • My lengthy, in-depth, whole-heartedly-written SK-II review.  Please read!
  • A skin care haul and first impression - Taiwan brand Prof. TK
  • Finished Fortnight/ Beauty Empties, a hug lot saved up since the end of May!

Jacq's 100 Day Spending Ban
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Congratulations to myself!  

How are you doing in your project/spending ban?  Leave me your link below so I can go and read more!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. congratulations! you know I'm in a ban and find it very difficult, you did very well and I hope you enjoy your fun fund... =)

    1. Thank you Eugenia, you're doing well so far, keep it up~~~~

  2. Congratulations Jacq! Maybe one day I'll have enough will power to do a "no buy" :)

    1. Hi Liz, Well, If you use what you buy, why no-buy? :D



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