Thursday, 18 July 2013

5 Mascaras I Can't Use

... or at least, on their own.

Some of these are big "No-No"s, others, maybe alright for layering.

Background: My Lashes

Naturally soft and pointing straight forward when they are not shielding my eyes (pointing downwards).  Easy to curl, as they are very thin and soft, but doesn't hold curl especially in the moist local climate.  Quantity of lashes are few, quite sparse.  Some lashes are decently long, but others are tiny and hard to find.

image sourced from the internet...

Not for Me

MAC Zoom Lash
- What the Jacq?
1st trial, 11-Mar: Straightens my curl, shortens my lashes (if that's possible), no added volume.
2nd trial, x-Jun:  Straightens my curl very very badly.  No added length nor volume.
Wand: Traditional bristle brush.
Overall:  I will still say this 'shortens' my lashes.  Doesn't hold my curl at all.  In fact, I think just one light coat make my lashes point straight down to the floor.  No wonder MAC mascaras never gained much love from bloggers/youtubers, now I know why...

Agnes B. Volum'Up Mascara Volume Profusion (pictured in this post)
- Non-Jacq
1st trial, forgot
2nd trial, 12-Mar: Holds the curl, blackens lashes, no added length, no added volume, smudges after 3 hours.
Overall:  If this holds better in my climate, I'd use this as a layering mascara.

Too Faced Lashgasm
3rd or 4th trial, 19-Mar:  Holds curl, volumises a bit.  Possible for layering.
Wand:  It should be the rubber spiky type.
Overall:  Got this from the Pixie Pin-Ups kit long time ago.  After this last trial in March, it has to go.  I do not miss it.  ;)

image sourced from internet

Possible for Layering

Chanel Inimitable "10 Noir Black"
- Just Jacq
1st trial, 19-Mar: Too wet, straightens my curls.
2nd trial, x-Jun:  Still too wet (?).  Straightens my curls.  Good thing: no clumps and lengthens a little... I curled it again after it dried, applied another light coat, and it looks pretty decent.  Didn't smudge.
Wand:  Lovely rubber-spiked brush.  Easy to use and catches my tiny lashes.
Overall:  If I had stronger lashes that doesn't fall straight so easily, I could use this.  This is okay as a layering mascara for me.

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Black "01 Black Black"
- Just Jacq
Wand:  The traditional bristle type, looking at the cross section, bristles are shorter on two sides, and longer on the other - like an oval shape.
Overall:  When I purchased it, I primarily bought it for its packaging (I'm a pathetic collector of leopard and cheetah prints), and secondarily, for the reason I have never tried Helena Rubinstein mascaras.  The first purpose has served me well, I am delighted every single time I see it.  The second part, I'm impressed.  It is not often for me to find international or Western brand mascara that works okay, this does, in terms of curl holding, lengthening and volumising.  However, I need the WP water-proof version as this does smudges after 2 or 3 hours wear.

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I hope you find this little 'disappointing' review helpful.  If you have similar lash or climate condition as I do, perhaps these mascaras are to skip or avoid.

What are some mascaras that you can't use?
Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I love the mac mascara so thank you ...The other for now I have not thought to try them but is good to know how they work =)

    1. You're welcome, Eugenia. That's right, what doesn't work for me might work for others!

  2. My absolute favourite is Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara waterproof.

    I have very short eyelashes and they don't curl up nice enough, too soft. I found the MF clump defy gave me amazing volume!

    I'm currently having about 10 mascaras switching up on a daily basis!


    1. I see... just read your blog, seems like MF clump defy is still too 'natural' for my liking!



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