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Ahava Review | Cleansing Gel-Milk Hybrid (and the brand's controversy)

Ahava Time to Clear All in One Toning Cleanser* is the first thing I try out from this Israeli brand.  It is marketed at HK$310 for 250 ml locally - website link!

Most offerings from Ahava is made with Dead Sea Mud, or Dead Sea Minerals.  This particular cleanser has incorporated ingredients such as dead sea salt, various algae (seaweed) extracts, witch hazel, etc.

Squeezed out from tube
What It Does
It removes make up, takes away dirt, cleanses the skin, purifies pores, tones and keeps skin fresh.

How I Use It
I used it in two different ways.  First, in the shower, as a face cleanser after make up removal.  I massaged this on my dry face and rinse off with water.  Second, as face make up remover, wiped off with cotton or cloth.

The Texture
After using arrays of different consistency, I'm thrilled to still find something alien.  As I put it, this is a hybrid between a cleansing milk/emulsion, and a gel.  This doesn't foam up, no further emulsify.

The Aroma
The scent is interesting.  It vaguely reminds me of the Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser - review link! - that came with the Clarisonic Mia.  Compared to the Ahava Time to Hydrate Essential Moisturizing Lotion (review coming up), which has a more melon tone, I'd call it a grass-infused date (the fruit) fragrance.  Quite fresh and not offensive, but not one that I particularly adore.

My Review
As discussed above, the consistency is new to me, and I'm pleasantly surprised by it.  It feels lovely on the skin and facilitates gentle massage movements, given its gel properties that doesn't slip away as easily as milk.  Washed or wiped off, it also leaves skin feeling clean and soft, and as it puts it, toned.  My skin is ready for skin care steps to follow after using this cleanser.
Cleansers form part of my skin care regime that I go through daily; the stash come and go quickly.  I believe that most formula work similarly.  As long as they bring away make up and dirt effectively, and you wash off the any residue of the cleanser itself properly, they don't differ tremendously.  Of course, that also depends on your skin type, allergic reactions to ingredients, and preference on texture/fragrance.  

Overall Rating
Just Jacq - The only thing that made me not like it is the fragrance.  I confess that if they make it fragrance-free or even better-smelling, I'll go out and repurchase it.  However I adore and enjoy the texture and result, I just won't spend dollars on skin care that carries scent I don't fancy!

The Controversy
Last but not least, I'd like to lightly touch on the controversy behind this brand.  While I was looking up information about this brand and their products.  I came across websites, activist groups and news addressing certain practice or 'moral issues' about Ahava.  For instance, the 'mud' ingredient they use are 'stolen' (HK PR representative confirmed they acquired the mud legally), and the location(s) of their factory is in an occupied territory (the West Bank, which is a zone being fought after, and according to different people, it belongs to different countries), not in Israel (therefore the product we obtain today is stated as "Made by Ahava DSL Ltd. Dead Sea, Israel" instead of "Made in Israel").
If you have further questions, feel free to do your own research.  Google can assist you, or you may find wikipedia helpful:

*PR Sample

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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