Monday, 22 July 2013

First Impression | A Few Emergency Drugstore Pick-me-ups

Yesterday, Sunday, I left home in a great hurry, to catch the bus, followed by mini bus, to visit my friends at a reasonably distant parish.  Smart Silly me, managed to run out with a bare face, and left behind my fully packed make up bag.  Therefore, for the whole day, I've been greasy, shiny and un-touched with dark circles, chapped lips and no eye brows.  Exaggerated, but not looking and feeling at my best nonetheless.

After enjoying the gathering - meeting, Mass, food, presentation, a lot of photo-taking - I headed over to a mall looking for some pick-me-ups.  With a fixed humble budget that I set for myself, I challenge myself to buy the least products that can make me regain well-being and confidence for the family dinner that follows.  I had some things in mind, and after struggling for couple hours minutes in-store, the above pictured were purchased.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing & Toning Wipes $39 (25 wipes)
I need to reward myself with a huge jar of bubble tea, as I didn't cave in the buy 2 get X% off discount, and just got one pack of this stuff.  As I needed something to clean off the oil and dirt accumulated throughout the day, wipes seem to be a good choice.  These TTWH ones along with the Sensitive ones are the cheapest, and being present in a very humid, very hot Summer made me gear towards these.  So far, find this non-irritating and non-drying.  Doesn't smell very tea tree nor witch hazel, but with a faint (artificial) fragrance.  Potential Rating: Just Jacq

Cosmoses Smoothing Auto Eyebrow "2 Gray Brown" $24
My brow addiction made me believe that I look like a ghost without doing something with my eye brows.  Perhaps untrue, but that drove me to buy this.  My criteria of picking it, include - spoolie brush attached, - the cheaper the better, - packaging isn't too flimpsy.  This twist up pencil with an oval lead ticks all boxes, with one big flaw (and a small one).  The shade is too warm (red), despite it being called "gray brown".  However, the major problem is the texture is too creamy and soft; I much prefer a more waxy and drier pencil lead.  Potential Rating: Non Jacq

Dariya Set Up Lip Treatment $49 (10 g)
Considering the lip product stash at home, I hesitated to procure any more lip colour, which I have little chance of revisiting, and finishing.  Therefore I opted for this slightly tinted lip serum/gloss, which I have had good experience with.  I own the Extreme Rich Lip Treatment from this same brand, and like it a lot too.  Just used this a handful of times, already liking this one a big lot!  Potential Rating: Black Jacq

Media Treatment Foundation A3 "OC-C1" $77 (11.5 g)
I confess, I spent way too long in that Sasa debating whether I should get a cream foundation compact, concealer, liquid foundation, 2 way compact foundation, mineral loose powder, or a plain pressed powder/foundation.  Yes, even within that small shop, and within my tight budget (I set it as $200 for this whole challenge), I have too many choices.  #firstworldproblem  Anyway, I finally bought this because it says it has SPF20, PA++, suitable for all seasons, long-lasting, pore-covering, smooth, collagen and hydration, gentle mineral particles, etc.  Verdict?  This shade is slightly pale, which I can still work with.  The texture is smooth but a hint drying.  Does cover pore and doesn't accentuate flakes.  Compact is also neat and look nice, especially at its price point.  Potential Rating: Joyeux Jacq

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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