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First Impression | Prof. TK Skin Care 開箱 + 面膜用後感

Earlier in May, during the 'Mother's Day sale', a couple of my friends and I made an order from the Prof. TK Taiwan web-store.  I took advantage of the 50% off all Mandelic Acid line, and get one of each from that series; I also shared two big boxes of bio-cellulose mask with girlfriend A, resulting in a few kilo of supply and a more-than-adequate stash of gift with purchases.  Every full size product ordered came with a tiny sample size, for testing of allergy reaction, before you whack open the big bottle - I find this approach very humane and reasonable.  Win-win for the store and the customer, isn't it?

This is a short post listing what I've got and the first impression of the two masks.

台灣品牌<楊登貴教授>(其實就是 Prof TK :P)母親節推出了一堆優惠。

想知道我和我的女友們總共花了多少錢,手滑了些什麼,請移玉步到 Honor 的部落格

Bio-Cellulose Mask Review

1. Prof TK TPGS-VE Rejuvenating Tendering Bio-Cellulose Mask 嫩膚
  • Claims:  Stop melanin formation, restore fair skin complexion in no time.  The total destroy of spots, freckles, to create a uniform colour.  Keep skin moist and smooth.
  • The Sheet and Scent: Scent is of chicken broth (see more description below), and sheet is a thin gel-type bio cellulose.  The cutting was just fine, but because of its texture, it hugs and clings to the face really well and no gaps in between.  
  • My Reviews: Very tightening!  Along the mask time, the mask slightly dry up and shrinks, and I had a significant feeling of firming.  After the mask, my face is visibly firmer and redness tamed.  It is very clean and fresh, not a hint of residue and stickiness.  I have dozens of these to use so I'll save the rating for later; first impression?  Joyeux Jacq~
  • 用後感:味道不太討好,似乎是:白蘭氏雞精!?正正是因為它沒有添加香料去蓋過它的「雞精」香,讓我對它的成分和功效更加有信心。質地是偏薄的生物纖維,剪綵不是特別細心,但材料超貼膚,所以不會移位。敷的時候一邊收縮,有明顯的收緊作用。用後輪廓有分明一點點,然後感覺超爽,皮膚表面完全沒有黏。膚色有變得均勻,泛紅也有退掉。這個面膜我覺得賣點是[超爽];特別是在炎炎夏日,雖然在冷氣房,也不一定喜歡等精華慢慢吸收的嘛!?
1 mask // 2 before // 3 mask on // 4 mask dried up // 5, 6 after

2. Prof TK Alpha-Arbutin Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask 美白
  • Claims: Whitening complex formula containing Tranexamic Acid, Arbutin, β-White ™, Japan JNC small molecule collagen, Vitamin B3, Sodium Hyaluronate, VEP Factor, chamomile extract, licorice extract and other effective formula, whitening skin, improve skin transparency and other effects to make skin shining brilliantly rendered flawless perfect skin whitening. [sorry, too lazy, this is google translation of the Chinese claims XD]
  • The Sheet and Scent: A very thin delicate sheet of bio-cellulose gel that is not particularly wet.  It adheres to skin so well and hugs every facial contour.  No funky fillers or fragrance, not even 'masking fragrance' to cover the ingredients' raw scent.  A Taiwan blogger once described the scent as 'protein-like', while I can't exactly agree (what's the smell of 'protein' really?), I'd second that it is a funny smell.  I will call the scent a chicken broth scent (白蘭氏雞精 to be exact).  Indeed, not the most attractive, but this is fragrance-free, guys!
  • My Reviews:  Due to the ultra-thin sheet, I find the instructions on mask accurate - Maximum for 15 minutes in an air-conditioned room.  As you can tell from my [3] and [4] pictures, the mask does dry up a little and loses its moist look.  That's the time to take it off.  When the mask is removed, there's no wet or sticky residue on face.  I feel like my skin has absorbed every bit of the benefits and it feels  soft and smooth.  Result in a little bit brighter skin that is greatly refreshed by the crisp feeling!
  • 用後感:雞精氣味同上。用後的[爽感]也同上。暫時沒有特別看見美白的效果,膚色均勻的話,上面煥膚那款也有…嗯,可能再多用幾塊會比較看得出兩款的分別?

All freebies - I probably kept too much?
List of products:

Prof TK Crystal Skin Instant Whitening Toner - gift with purchase
Prof TK Mandelic Acid Renewal Toner
Prof TK 10% Mandelic Acid Renewal Essence
Prof TK 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Essence
Prof TK Mandelic Acid Renewal Lotion
Prof TK TPGS-VE Rejuvenating Tendering Bio-Cellulose Mask - got 15 pieces
Prof TK Alpha-Arbutin Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask - got 14 pieces
Other samples excluding the mandelic acid ones
Prof TK Crystal Skin Anti-blemish Serum
Prof TK VEP Skincare Revitalizing Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
Prof TK VEP Skincare Revitalizing Anti-Wrinkle Lotion
Prof TK TPGS-VE Rejuvenating Tendering Serum

Ending Note:

題外話,我開始了用杏仁酸的小樣,幾天下來,最有感覺是爽膚水。10% 20% 精華有點點令我泛紅加強(煥膚進行中?)。空瓶記再談吧!

Been testing out the Mandelic Acid samples for several nights straight now.  So far, enjoying the toner most, the 10% 20% essence is more irritating, adds more redness to my skin - probably natural as this is an effective exfoliator?

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Hope you find this 'haul' interesting.  Which item do you want to hear review from first?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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