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His Hair Story Ep. 3 | Nanogen Review

It has been a while since I've written about Mr. A's hair story.  After the last post, where he demonstrated the camouflage powder Nanofibre's magic on his little Meditarrean sea, he began switching over to the Nanogen hair care products (which I have picked up for him).  What prompted me to write this review is, Mr. A requested re-order, I made a haul, and Nanogen HK kindly gave me a discount code which I can share!


This is the review of the Shampoo and Conditioner only.  Simply because Mr. A is too, too, too lazy to use the other products.  He has just started two weeks with the Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum (only after he finished 1 set of the Shampoo and Conditioner!) and he hasn't even touched the Mask or the Spray.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Mr. A's review is pure positive.  He hasn't even thought of the design flaws (which I'm going to point out later), as he really enjoys using both products, themselves.

He shampoos both morning and night, while only in the morning does he condition.  The bottle of shampoo lasted him over one month (I don't exactly know how long), but he did remind me to re-order around the four weeks time, when the bottle is running low.  The conditioner lasted him longer than the shampoo did.

I have also tested out the shampoo and conditioner twice, for reviewing purpose.  Of course the effect on me isn't as significant as on Mr. A (all these hair growth products really take time to work!), but I can already tell the texture and how I feel about them.

The Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Shampoo (shop link) retails for HKD $197 for 240 ml.  Not cheap.  For Mr. A's hair it lasted just under two months, two washes per day.  He has medium length hair.  My issue with the bottle is, they leak just a tiny bit in the box during delivery, probably because they weren't standing upright, and the opening isn't taped nor sealed.  (dear customer service, please follow-up!)  It doesn't leave my long hair dry even if I do not condition afterwards.

The Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Conditioner (shop link) retails for HKD $197 for 240 ml.  It lasted longer than 2 months, with just a few pumps per use, and once per day.  This, unlike other hair care line's offering, also has the hair growth ingredients in, and no silicones (probably the last thing you want to put on a thinning scalp to clog up the follicles).  The customer service guy advised this to be massaged onto the scalp and if time allows, leave it to work a while before rinsing it off - I wonder if Mr. A has listened to me or not, but he definitely has soft-to-the-touch hair all day, after using this.  My problem with this is, the pump dispenses too little product.  Mr. A's hair would need around 6 pumps, and my length of hair, probably triple  number of pumps.  I know this line is mainly targeted at thinning hair, but hey, long hair would love a more generous dispenser!  (dear customer service, if ever a larger salon size is available, please contact me)

Oh, almost forgot; both the shampoo and the conditioner has a lovely light fragrance, definitely unisex and not offensive. Ingredient list can be found in previous haul post.

The Result on Mr. A

Photos speak better than a thousand words, so of course, I have photos to illustrate the results.  However, firstly, I'll have to apologise, the photo quality isn't the best down there.  They are taken under different light settings, and the length of Mr. A's hair is a lot shorter now than then.  I did not perform any editing on the images below, not even tuning the brightness (I probably should).  Both pictures taken with the same iPhone 4.


Are you ready?

((the cloud on the right is added as I'm exposed in the mirror's reflection! :P))

Aren't you impressed with the results?  

Seeing how significantly smaller the size of the piece of 'sea' is, I am impressed!  I'm even debating with myself whether I should also switch-over to Nanogen shampoo and conditioner...  Yes, despite the price, I probably will, once I finish with my big current stash.  (or perhaps I'll start steal-using Mr. A's bottles)

Father's Day has passed and it's still a long way to my dad's birthday, or Christmas... What do you guys think, shall I also get him a set of these to test out?

Discount Code

Being a shameless bargain hunter, we (actually I) have asked Nanogen for a discount code for shopping on their website.  Nanogen HK didn't just give us (or rather, me) such saving opportunity, but to all my readers. 

If you'd like to buy anything from Nanogen HK, enter code BeautySketchReader to enjoy 10% off your entire order.  It is valid now through October, 2013.

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The bottle of serum is nearly done - I'll probably review that too, to see if it is worth the price!

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave it below.  Mr. A (though not willingly) and yours truly, will be at your disposal!  :D

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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