Sunday, 18 August 2013

Glamabox | July, August 2013

Let me begin by highlighting three facts, in no particular order whatsoever.

1.  I renewed my subscription, with an annual fee of $1298.
2.  I am not at all satisfied with the July box.
3.  I am impressed by the August box.

July Box

The July box was basically a sample kit from one brand, a Korean new-to-me medical-grade cosmetic brand, Sferangs.  With a bunch of natural ingredients and technology threw in the description, they came in a humble pre-packaged set.  On one hand I am thrilled to try out a nearly full range from a new brand, on the other, Glamabox didn't seem to put in much thoughts or work into this month's box, did they?  Sferangs is with close partnership with Glamabox - as I see that some of their products are sold in GlamaShop or GlamaEvent - however, wouldn't it be nicer if Glamabox also lists out the 'how-to' use of each product somewhere on the website or in the printed brochure attached?  For instance, I have difficulty figuring out how to use the More than White Pack (face mask), am I supposed to sleep with it, wash it off, or massage it in?


Sferangs More than White Toner 8 ml ($380, 120 ml) - $25
Sferangs More than White Serum 8 ml ($495, 35 ml) - $113
Sferangs More than White Cream 5 ml ($660, 50 ml) - $66
Sferangs More than White Pack 10 ml ($350, 100 ml) - $35
Sferangs UV Sun Controller SPF 50+ / PA+++ 5 ml ($390, 40 ml) - $49
Sferangs Aloe Essential Soothing Gel 5 ml ($360, 150 ml) $12
Sferangs Expert Recover Balm 5 ml ($668, 50 ml) - $67

Box Worth: $367

August Box

Feeling a little disappointed by the previous box, I didn't expect much from this one.  It pleasantly surprised me with two full size products, and nothing that let me down.

The full size lipgloss with built-in light and mirror is handy and fun to play with, although it doesn't add much colour nor shimmer on my naturally quite pigmented lips.  The face wash and serum are more targeted at mature skin, however, I never quite avoid ingredients that help to fight ageing - these are still going to be used!  What I'm happy to try out are the German body cream and oil samples, they look so promising and lovely; and to be honest, I can do without the feminine wash, which is of course good to have, but I'd rather that be replaced with more body or skin care products!

To conclude, this box is good enough to make me renew my annual subscription, although the price is raised and I know I'm going to relocate after my wedding.  :P


No7 Protect and Perfect Serum 30 ml ($279) - full size!
Collection Hotlights Lipgloss "04 Sparkle" 6 ml ($69) - full size!
Innoxa Renew Triple Action Gel Wash 20 ml ($78)
Dresdner Essenz Creme Body Cream "Black Grape" 8 ml ($150, 200 ml) - $6
Dresdner Essenz Haut Body Oil "Wild Rose Lavender" 6 ml ($175, 100 ml) - $11
Summer's Eve Feminine Wash 59 ml ($32)

Box Worth: $475

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Hope you find this post helpful!  

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I ordered the August box, too - it's on its way and I can't wait. I also heard the September box was Alice in Wonderland. Do you think it's equally good?
    My Beauty Junction

    1. @Renu
      Cool, have you received the Aug box yet? Where are you located, 'cause the Glamabox is different slightly in different cities they're distributed!



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