Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Jacq's Journal 日誌 | 2013.08

A collection of random thoughts or happenings.  New updates will be concatenated at the front. ;)


28th Aug

Ordered more Nanogen shampoos (these are gone through quicker than the conditioners) and treatments for Mr. A.  There's an amazing deal going on this month and even if you use my 10% discount code (BEAUTYSKETCHREADER), you can still get the free gifts!  Check that out now - shop link!

八月 Nanogen 有特別的優惠,所以幫 Mr. A 補了貨(他洗髮比護髮用得快)。額滿贈髮膜和噴霧送給表哥試試用~

10th Aug

brands I have tried before...

Using up my Glamapoints I purchased a "Less is Free" Box - link! - along with some other things.

因為我更新了訂購 一年的 盒子。有很多點數可以用,用掉了一部分來換這個{無添加盒子}。連結!

Content 內容:

Monaco Argan Oil 10 ml
Kibio Intemporelle Intense Cream 5 ml
Kibio Gentle Cleansing Milk 10 ml
Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel 10 g
La Roche Posay Uvidea XL Melt-in BB Cream "01" 3 ml - Pretty similar to this - review link!
La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser 15 ml - Tried this before - empties link!
La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Biocellulose Mask 32 g, 1 piece
Beauty Day Olive Oil Hand Cream 35 ml
Ren Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Facial Wash - Combination 15 ml - Used up a sample similar to this not long ago - empties link!

brands 'brand new' to me

Faust's Potions Awake Potion (Orange Flavour) 25 ml
Faust's Potions Asleep Potion (Red Berry Flavour) 25 ml - Tasted a little bit of 'Awake' diluted in water.  Doesn't taste bad.  :S
Astara Botanical Eye Treatment 5 ml - Adore this stuff.  Tried this on, find this really refreshing and hydrating.
Astara Activated Antioxidant Infusion 5 ml

Others 其他加單買的:

Kerasys Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner 60 ml each $15 - Like this a lot, so I re-stocked on a humble set - previous empties link!  I seriously have too many shampoos and conditioners I shouldn't even buy anymore....

F&N aLive Nut Bar "Energise" "Renew" $35 per box

15th Aug

I was lucky and won a pot of face mask from Herborist.  Thanks Jen for the favour of bringing this big tub home!

足足 290 gram

13th Aug

All of the above are FREE GIFTS with purchase from Bourjois.  (They're insanely generous to their customers, aren't they?)

Link! to the full post.


Naris Up, BCL Makemania, Celdie

Two brow 'mascara', or tinted brow gels, from Sasa; along with a tube of face wash for Jen.

在莎莎替 Jen 換購了一枝洗面。
然後手滑了兩枝眉毛膏給自己。 o_0

swatch from left: Etude 31, 33, Fraiche 24, 23

Mentioned in The Week #4 - link! - some brow products I picked up from Bonjour.

在 x悅 手滑了 一些眉筆…

2nd Aug

Purchased this for my friend.  Limited edition Guerlain Meteorites Perles in the white tin.  Eye candy~


Technically last month, but I recently had a hair cut.  Feeling more refreshed with shorter hair, and less damaged ends!


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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. love the hair, I also I got my hair cut recently and feels very nice to have the tips soft and less damaged.
    Guerlain Meteorites always look very pretty

    1. Thank you, Eugenia. I also like my hair healthy rather than just ~long~ I hope I can keep its condition good enough for longer, I'm just too lazy to take good care of it... lol.

  2. I've heard there's a dupe for those meteorites at a place at the mall called Icing, but we don't have any around here :(

    1. I see... I have seen these little powder balls floating around, even Body Shop and No.7 (or 17?) made similar things. Asian brands have such too... I guess Guerlain is just the 'best' in terms of packaging and the beautiful fragrance... :P



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