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New-in | Bourjois Summer 2013

Bourjois is one of my weaknesses when it comes to beauty brands.  I have, not too long ago, done an entire inventory post - link! - for this brand, with products collected and loved for years.

Last week, intended to buy nothing, I bought and brought a bag-full of goodies home, spending a total of $600 (about US $77).  Perhaps it is because I haven't gotten anything from them for a while (since last October); perhaps it is because I wanted a Chanel cream blush but couldn't justify paying for one (Bourjois owns Chanel); perhaps the saleslady is too keen and kind... anyway... Individual prices will be listed down below, although I'm uncertain about them; in fact, to this day, I'm still uncertain why I came out from Seibu with $600 less.  I have some serious problems...

What I bought

1.  Bourjois Cream Blush "01 Nude Velvet" $128 is one of the shimmer-less shades.  Out of the four available, some have shimmer, some don't.  This has a beautiful texture, not entirely 'cream-to-powder', but very smooth and definitely not sticky after blending.  I adore this very natural tone and even more so the magnetic closure.  Unlike the baked blush 'hinge' closure, this is more modern and less prone to breakage (I have baked blushes with broken hinges).

2.  Adding to my fat twist-up lip crayon collection - link! - are two Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks $118 each.  These are glossy, shiny, balmy sticks that adds comfort, hydration, and loads of colour to the lips.  Although it is printed as 'waterproof colour', I find them not exceptionally long wearing (probably too balmy?).  "03 Orange Punch" was the last one left at the counter, so it went into my basket without second thought.  Didn't think I'll love "01 Red Sunrise" that much, but it surprised me, a lot.  It is a bright pinkish red, more warm than cool, or somewhere in the middle.  For some reason, it makes my teeth much whiter and compliments my complexion greatly.

roughly applied 01 Sunrise on my bare lips, photographed by my phone.
3.  I refused to get this, but the saleslady insisted.  Bourjois Delice de Soleil Mineral Bronzing Foundation "03 Olive / Tanned Skin" $158 was the only one left at the counter, and there was no tester.  It is expensive for just 5 grams of product, and I do not need, nor want another mineral foundation or bronzer.  However, this smells same lovely as the chocolate bronzers, and she told me this blends out seamlessly, great as a contour or to add colour to the face.  First impression?  I am quite liking it.

4.  An all-time favourite cleanser (takes off make up) plus face wash (washes face) that smells surprisingly divine and feels amazing on the skin - Bourjois Foaming Cleansing Cream $78.


I got all the items below for free...

Free Gifts

Because I had too many stamps (loyalty points), I brought home 7 full size body products along with a 150th anniversary folder.

1.  Bourjois Deodorant Invisible "Magnolia Blossom" - Not normally a spray-deodorant user or fan, but this smells divine!  Also, not chokingly strong as some others.
2.  Bourjois Refresh Me! Hydra-Fresh Shower Gel - On the label: Aquatic fragrance, blue lagoon flowers, moisturised & revitalised skin, paraben free...
3.  Bourjois Wake Me! Vitamin Enriched Shower JellyOn the label: Invigorating fragrance, citrus fruit & goji berries, radiant & energised skin, paraben free...
4.  Bourjois Pamper Me! Cocooning Shower MilkOn the label: Comforting fragrance, milk & cherry blossom, soft & moisturised skin, paraben free...
5.  Bourjois Beautify Me! Velvet Shower CreamOn the label: Powdery fragrance, lily flower, radiant & silky skin, paraben free...


Delice de Soleil Mineral Bronzing Foundation "03"

Cream Blush "01" blended, heavy swatch, Color Boost "01" "02"

Cream Blush "01" blended, heavy swatch, Color Boost "01" "02"

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Thanks for reading! ;)

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I've never tried anything from this brand but there are some things that catch my attention: bronzers and foundation, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum especially =)

    1. Bourjois is hands-down my favourite 'pharmacy' or 'affordable' make up brand!

  2. I have to remember to take a better look at their products next time I pass by a Target! lol

    1. Ari, so Bourjois is sold at Target in the States?



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