Friday, 23 August 2013

New-in | Scalp Care and Soaps

Reason for my order was to get my mum a jar of Vitamin D supplement.

Result of my order was a box of scalp care supply and soaps.


Note: All USD in this post

1.  Acure Organics Moisturizing Root Repair $12.94, 118 ml - product link!
Very minty and loaded with good ingredients.  More runny than I expected so I had to use a little more than other hair treatment/mask.  Used once only, so far so nice.

2.  Giovanni Wellness System Step 3 Conditioning & Styling Hair Elixir $6.27, 118 ml - product link!
I have been eyeing this for a while.  The Scalp Serum - link! - and this Elixir are always out of stock, so I threw one in my shopping cart when I saw this in stock.  This stuff has a lot of good herbal extracts and even Chinese botanicals.  Used this as a hair night moisturiser when I skipped conditioner or hair mask in the shower.

3.  The Jane Carter Solution Scalp Renew $14.40, 59.14 ml - product link!
This is a pre-shampoo oil treatment.  Gave this a go as it is on specials, 20% off when I ordered.  I used this once, massaged this onto my scalp mainly.  It is refreshing and nourishing at the same time.  Felt pretty good, although I am not the biggest fan of its smell (a sophisticated blend, with significant lavender among other essential oils).

4.  Stridex Natural Control Alcohol Free $6.61, 70 Triangle Pads - product link!
From Blistex, the lip balm company.  I think this will be a good salicylic acid medication for my back acne.  Now let me figure out how to stretch my arm as far as I'd like to...

5.  Out of Africa Pure Shea Butter Bar Soap African Black $2.30, 113 g - product link!
Purely because this brand is doing a 20% off.  Black soap is something new to me, and, this looks cool!  Also, I like to buy soaps for Mr. A's apartment, or our-home-to-be.

6.  Out of Africa Origanic Shea Butter Soap Apricot Exfoliating Bar $2.58, 105 g - product link!
Might be good stuff for my back acne, or his psoriasis, as both can benefit from some mild exfoliation.  This will sit and wait to be tested by me at Mr. A's.

7.  Now Foods, Vitamin D-3, 2,000 IU $9.38, 240 Softgels - product link!
Purchased for my mum.

8.  Now Foods, Real Food, Raw Walnuts, Unsalted $8.82, 340 g - product link!
Walnut is one of Mr. A's favourite snacks.

Then, I of course got some freebies with purchase...

9.  Sierra Bees Organic Honey Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E 4.25 g - product link!
I've been collecting a flavour with each order since a few orders ago.  :P

10.  Now Foods Stevia Extract - I guess is this product link!

11.  Touch pen for smart phone

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Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. The pads look good, I bought the facial cleanser of that stridex and almost added the pads to my cart.
    I have used black soap and it's good but I felt a little drying and started to use other soaps in the middle of the black soap...=)

    1. How's the facial cleanser? Have you reviewed it already? ;)
      I see, do you use black soap on the face or body? Mr. A only ever washes his body - face is reserved for pure water XD



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