Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Week #4

Guerlain, Miss Hana, Chanel

Period covered: 3 - 9 August

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I feel bad not writing more for the blog this week.  A finished fortnight post is due this week, but I haven't get around filling in the words - pictures are done though - I'll try to get it done tomorrow or early next week... My excuse for being absent, first, I've been under flu attack.  My sister passed it to Mr A in a hot pot meal the week before last (yes mid-Summer hot pot), then Mr A, of course, passed it along to me.  I'm now 90% done with the virus, but stuck in a lot of unfinished business regarding several different matters, one of which is my wedding.  Surprise!  No.  o_0

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Samples
Obtained some skin care sample bits from department store.  Really intrigued by the Chanel concept which put Salicylic Acid (BHA) in Le Jour, and Glycolic Acid (AHA) in Le Weekend.  I'm on a serious chemical exfoliation kick right now so these seem to be my cup of tea, or acid!

Guerlain Secret de Purete Cleansing Milk
Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum Intense Hydration Wrinkle Plumper
Guerlain Blanc de Perle Matifying Hydrating Emulsion Brightening Pearl Perfection
Chanel Le Jour
Chanel La Nuit
Chanel Le Weekend

2.  Brows
A day of bad weather and to perk up my mood I decided to purchase some brow products from Bonjour.  Then the other day, on a day too sunny and hot, I walked in a Sasa for the air conditioning and left with more brow products.  Insane.
Etude Auto Eyebrow Pencil "31" "33" $25 each comes with 4 leads (refills)
Fraiche Auto Eyebrow "24 Brown" "23 Dark Brown" $20
BCL Makemania Data 3D Eyebrow Color "Natural Brown" $59 - pictures of these to come later...
Naris Up Day Keep 24 Hours Long Lasting Eyebrow Mascara "Light Brown" $55
pdc Celdie Rosehip Whitening Cleansing Foam $25 - redeemed with discount using VIP points

3.  Miss Hana cross-over Brother Cream Eyeliner
Honor - her blog - made me buy these.  Not a fan of fur or fluff, but interested to try the very popular Miss Hana liners.  I got the shimmer brown and shimmer black, Honor took the pure black and pure brown.  $276 for a set of four.

4. New-in from Bourjois
Intended to visit Seibu for other counters, and passed by Bourjois (intentionally?).  Left with a heavy bag of free gifts (7 full size body products), along with the acquisition of certain new Summer products.  Excited things, which I'll probably be uploading to my monthly journal or somewhere.  Look out for that!

5.  Glamabox August 2013
Arrived with brilliant products!  Need to do a post on them soon.  (and a change of mind, I'm really tempted to renew my subscription... shall I?)

The Week in Blog Posts

| August Journal |
| Awesome Awful Swap from London |
| Recent Regrets |

JCN Apricot Pink - Nails of the late night :)

Weekly Favourites

Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish Setting Spray
Because it is pink, and holds make up perfectly.  The smell is growing on me too, I am kind of obsessing over it.

Jewel Ceramic Nail (JCN) Nail Polish "Apricot Pink"
It's been months since I last lacquered up my nails.  This is the only colour from this brand, picked up from Tokyo last year.  I wish I had bought more!

Must-Read of the Week

Definitely, "The Blonde Salad"s interview on Into The Gloss - link.

Wish List Concatenation

It's been really difficult to think of new things to add, so I'll just jot down whatever number there are this week, instead of doing one per day (a practice since my 100dayspendingban).

Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow "02 Brown"
Tom Ford "Sahara Haze"

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Wishing you good health, and a lovely transition into Autumn - if that has started at your place already - as that's my favourite season of the year!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")



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