Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Week #5

Period covered: 10 - 16 August

Giveaway was ended.  Congratulations to Kirstie and Annamaria!  Both packages have been sent~

The Week in Acquisition

1.  New Camera

My sister's birthday gift is a Nikon D800 24-85 Kit from Mr A and I.  Therefore, I'll going to receive her used D5100.

2.  iHerb Order

Made an order because my mum wanted some vitamin supplements.  Of course I bought other things also, will confess in a separate post.

3.  Korean Souvenir

Honor came back from Korea and with a $1000 HKD budget, she procured products for me from two main brands, 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) and banila co., both not available locally.

banila co. Clean It Zero 100 ml - a cleansing balm, one of banila's best sellers.
banila co. Primer Primer Classic 30 ml - I picked the original 'Classic', also a best seller.
banila co. The Kissest Lip Crayon "08 Pink Lady" 120,000 won
banila co. Eye Love Brow Auto Pencil "03 Deep Brown" - how can a Korean haul be without some brow products?  That nation is brow-obsessed like I am!
banila co. Deep the Eyes Auto Gel Eyeliner "Smoke Grey" - because I do not have grey eyeliners, and because the MUA used this on me at my wedding make up trial...
3CE Skin Tone Control Primer "Mild Peach" 30 ml
3CE Shimmer Stick "Pink" 10 g- I'm slowly becoming a highlighter collector...
3CE Lip Pigment "Mellow Pink" 11 g - the Asian revenge on the OCC lip tar.  well, not the first one, as Sleek paints are made in Taiwan too... Picked one up to see how this works.
Holika Holika Sharpener
banila co. Secret Highlighter Brush - I have pictured it side by side MAC #138 for easy comparison.  First impression: #138 is denser, its bristles are shorter overall, and firmer (not rougher though) than banila co.

Left: MAC, Right: Banila Co.
4.  Glamabox Renewal

Despite the not so impressive July box, the August box blew me away.  Therefore, in a stormy night, bored, on my iPad, I made an annual subscription.  Now I am getting not just a little excited looking forward to my September box!

5.  Glamashop Shopping

With the intention to spend my Glamapoints and newly acquired cash coupons (from my annual subscription), I went ahead and ordered the special "Less is More Box" along with some other things.  Pictures will be updated in my monthly Journal. ;)

6.  Lucky Draw

Entered a lucky draw hosted by Watson's a little while back.  Just realised I won, and Jen helped to brought home a big tub of mask.  Herborist is a Chinese natural brand using herbal ingredients and some Chinese medicine concept.  A very generous gift and Jen aleady said she's going to use a lot of it.

Herborist T'ai Chi Detoxifying & Nutrient Clay 290 g - worths $450!
Herborist Hydrating & Moisturizing Emulsion 5 ml

The Week in Blog Posts

August Journal | updated with last week's acquisition pictures
| Bourjois Summer 2013 Haul | with swatches and a lot of freebies
| Finished Fortnight | or a very late July Empties

Weekly Favourites

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base
The silver tube.  Despite having an array of sun protection in rotation.  This is my go-to.  Moisturising, just a tad bit richer than the blue tube, and very comfortable through-out a whole day's wear.

Dariya Set Up Lip Treatment
It has a nice sweet scent, pale milky pink glossy hint, and comfortable smooth balmy texture.  Mentioned previously in my collective first impression review - link!

Must-Read of the Week

If you want some insightful advice regarding beauty spending, blogging or such, Best Things in Beauty has a lovely post to read - link!

A cream foundation that sounded spectacular.  One that I will definitely try out and perhaps purchase next time I'm in Japan.  Suqqu Foundation reviewed by Karima of Shameless Fripperies - link!

Wish List Concatenation

Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation - reason mentioned above
Yuan Revitalizing Essence - because I'm a huge fan of Yuan, the blogger, I've decided that by the end of this year I'll purchase her skin care line!  her blog link!

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How was your week?  Have you been shopping lately?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I have a sample of this cleanser and I really like, just don't let it get in your eye

    1. Thanks for the tip I'll be extra careful not to let it run into my eyes! :D

  2. jacq, Banila Co is available in Sasa :)

    1. @Dorothy, Yes! I know! (but not when my cousin went to Korean...) Sasa price is still higher than Korean price :P



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