Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Week #6

Period covered: 17 - 23 August

This week was hectic.  On one day my family, all adults, went to the Disney Resort Hotel for a buffet dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday.  The food was great, atmosphere fantastic, but most magical was the make up (surprise, I know!).  On the second day, I hauled Mr. A to sit down and properly discuss how we want our wedding invitations to be, still undecided, we sort of came up with some designs.  On another day, Mr. A and I went hunting for a printer to print our wedding invitation, the informal one, we found it, paid the deposit, everything happened in a whim.  Then on the last day, Friday, the cards are now in my hands.  Precious.  

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Michael Todd True Organics

Ordered a regimen, i.e. whole set from cleanse to tone to moisturise.  Still waiting it to arrive from the States.  Will do a separate post on it.

2.  Another iHerb order

Because Jen my sister wanted some Palmer's stuff, which is priced double in local stores; and because Honor my cousin wanted some Real Techniques brushes.  I will probably update the pictures of this haul in my monthly journal.  :P

the 'good set' above, the 'evil set' below

Ocean Mist (Little Mermaid?), Enchanted (Enchanted?), Off to the Ball (Cinderella?), Looking for my Prince (Snow White?)

Mistress of Evil (no idea), Midnight Hour (no idea), Just One Bite (Snow White?), Diva of the Deep (Little Mermaid?)

3.  Disney Souvenir

It occurred to me that, before this week's trip to Disney Hotel, I have not heard anyone talked about these Beautifully Disney (I suspect is the brand name) make up.  The company that makes this line is Disney Theme Park Merchandise, and all the products I acquired are Made in USA.

I got an Eye Shadow Palette "Enchanted Kiss" $148 which says it has 3 grams of product but I suspect it is 4 x 3 grams... Lip Gloss "Love's First Kiss" $98 with 2.3 g and two Mini Nail Polish Sets $148 each with 4 x 4 ml.

The eye shadows and lip gloss are great, no significant fragrance or glitter (except for the darkest shade in the palette), and textures are ever so soft.  Impressive!

Nail polishes, hmmm, I'm still undetermined.  First, I cannot recognise all of the stories they're referring to (not a big Disney fan myself, and my sisters aren't Disney Princess fans), lack of resonance... Second, of the two shades I have tried, both give a nice glossy finish, but the mini brush are difficult to control, and formula isn't very pigmented.  Perhaps these are designed for kids, not adults?  :P

You can find swatches and the boxes photographed below.

swatch: eye shadow quad, lip gloss

enchanted kiss eye shadow palette

love's first kiss lip gloss

the 'witch set'

the 'princess set'

4.  Sun Protection

Summer is technically on its last tail now, and with HK being affected by several (I lost count) typhoons, I was kinda lazy at putting sunscreen.  However, I did procure my last (hopefully) bottle of sun protection of this year, Naris Up Parasola Essence In UV Cut Spray (SPF50+ PA++++) $79, 90 g.  This has the newest 4+ against UVA, a Japanese standard.  While I'm uncertain if this is officially recognised elsewhere, I'm sucked into such better guard against harmful rays.  This formula also claims to be Clear, Water Proof and works for Hair, Face and Body.  Bonus?  Mineral Oil and Paraben Free, plus it smells gorgeous.

The Week in Blog Posts

| July and August 2013 Glamabox |
| New-in | Scalp Care and Soap from iHerb |
August Journal | updated with more pictures~

Weekly Favourites

Ben Nye Concealer Palette
Used with my Real Techniques Accent Brush, this is perfect for spot concealing.

Nude Bon Bon Lipgloss #1
An almost Japanese exclusive brand, I think.  Log-On used to sell these.  The perfect grown-up nude that is flattering.  Formula is comfortable and adorable.

Must-Read of the Week

This week, for work, I have been reading a lot regarding Marian Theology, not so much on cosmetics, sorry!

Wish List Concatenation

ampm Total Brightening Renewal Treatment Mandelic Acid 5%
ampm BHA Skin Renewal Serum

I have become an avid addict of chemical exfoliant, or peel, or AHA, BHA, etc.  When I saw that Niu-er, the guru behind Naruko and ampm, launched these little bottles, I am tempted!

photo source: ampm website 

I am kind of sorry I couldn't put up more posts for the time being - this situation will probably be unresolved until after the 'big day', which is in November.  No promises here, but I'll try my best to put up at least 2 posts a week, aside from this weekly update.  You can always see me updating my instagram, twitter, or facebook page!

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Happy Weekend!  How was your week?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Love your post!!!!
    have a nice weekend dear

  2. Well i have never tried any Disney, but I know they do limited edition collections at Sephora here in the states. Also ELf did some LE sets this year. I know some of the Sephora mirror compacts were $20 in-store, and now they're selling for like $200 on ebay! 8/

    1. I'd not consider myself a big Disney fan (my favourite 'princess' is naturally, Mulan, who isn't even a princess). These make up are surprisingly decent in terms of quality~ Won't spend too much on them though, as they are half-toy-half-make-up really! :D
      I heard michelle1218 talked about those mirrors too... Looks like Sephora made a successful product!



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