Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Week #7

Anna Sui #325
Period covered: 24 - 30 August

This week was, hmm, lazy.  The heat kept me from doing everything I planned to (excuse!), and my body was still recovering from the busy weekend which included a secondary school reunion (plenty of girl talks), delivering a session on Our Lady to a group of Catechumen, running up and down the Cathedral hill for meeting/  To recover, I went shopping for my wedding shoes (girlfriend G helped out with this one, a lot).

In between lazy weekdays, I managed to went in my facialist for a facial (just lay there and sleep basically), purchased 6 pairs of skinny jeans (yes you get the digit correct), bought home nearly a dozen of nail paints...

I'm planning on kicking off a new round of 100 Day Spending Ban in September, which will approximately end in early December - perfect timing to treat myself some presents for Christmas.  Details to come in next week's update!

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Going CocoNuts

The beauty community online, whether it is blog or youtube, has been going nuts about coconut oil.  It can be used in food, as a supplement, in your hair, on your skin, nails, anywhere.  While I've been testing out the large bottle of oil given to us by an aunt, mainly on my body to combat dryness, I came across the small size at local store, so I bought it for my face.  Used this a few times as face make up remover (it fails to take off my stubborn waterproof mascara, or I refuse to rub), and as a night time face moisturiser.  So far so good, the sweet coconut aroma (all natural!) is definitely the biggest pros among the many.  ;)

Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 250 ml, a product of the Philippines.  A gift from a relative.
Caleb's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil $25 15 ml Product of Sri-Lanka.  Purchased from Bonjour.
Koconae Coconut Lip Balm.  Souvenir from Thailand.

Koconae Coconut Lip Balm and Lavshuca Eye Shadow
2.  Souvenirs from the girls

Aside from the coconut lip balm mentioned above, from A, I also met up with another friend who handed me some bits.  Lavshuca Lav Hearty Eyes "PK-1" and Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base from W.  She finds the Biore sunscreen Mousse (silver tube) too heavy on her oilier skin, so I swapped with her my Essence (blue tube) - pictured here!  She reported back she enjoys the blue tube much better, I'm glad!

3.  Nail Polish

Revlon, at Sasa, and Bourjois, at selected Watson's, were having amazing deals with their nail polishes.  I purchased the Revlon at buy two get one (paid $50 in total), and the Bourjois with 25% off (paid $175.50 in total).  Been wearing the Bourjois for many days straight, no top coat, on both toe and finger nails - minimal chipping and brilliant impact.  I want to go back and get more!

I also picked up an Anna Sui Nail Color N "325" with a lovely discount! $98 instead of $125, 8 ml.

Revlon Nail Enamel "380 Elegant" "780 Ritzy" "290 Girly" 14.7 ml each
Bourjois 1 Seconde Silicone Gel Texture "02 Rose Delicat" "07 Fuchsia Bucolique" "14 Rainbow Apparition" 9 ml each

4. High Street Fashion

I'm not a typical clothing shopper.  Perhaps I acquire new pieces for my wardrobe only every quarter, or less.  However, when it comes to jeans, I'm hopeless.  Recently, like a few months back, Top Shop opened a store in town.  After I have cleared out some 70% of my wardrobe (the kick-off of my de-cluttering project), I find it justified to replenish on some fitted skinny jeans.  Hearing a lot of fashion bloggers or youtubers mentioning the Leigh Jeans $499, I went in and tried on a pair.  Fell in love.  However, my size is nearly out of stock.  Only managed to buy the two colours available, a pair of black, and a pair of washed medium blue.  Feeling incomplete and unsatisfied, I rushed to a Zara and then an H&M, craving for more.  In the end, in just one afternoon, I hauled six pairs of skinnies (1 Zara Trafaluc Jeggings $259, 3 H&M $99, $99, $179).  While I was at these three stores, I, of course, picked up some beauty bits.

H&M make up is pretty crappy, therefore I went for a set of two midi rings $29.90 - a heart and a rhinestones band.  Zara makes some of my favourite perfumes, and I'm an avid collector; got a roller ball in Zara "Zara Woman Milano" $49 10 ml, which is pink and has shimmer!  I believe Zara creates special edition for special stores around the globe.  In the past I've bought a men fragrance named after the Ginza, Tokyo store.  Last but not least, I purchased four Top Shop Nail Polish in "DareDevil" "Pool Party" "Prim and Proper" "Dark Knight" $99 for 2, 8 ml each.

5. Finally...

Some good basic cotton rounds.  These are from supermarket's own brand and are product of France.  With buy two get one promotion, totally cost me $31.  Not bad.

The Week in Blog Posts

August Journal | updated with more pictures~
| Sample Sunday #3 | Prime Mini(ster)s |
| Finished Fortnight #18 | always the longest posts I do, always the most fulfilling

Weekly Favourites

Chantecaille Just Skin "Alabaster"
The perfect lazy girl, lazy day base make up.  I will repurchase paying full price, no complaint!

Integrate Separate Mascara
Opened a new tube this week and felling back in love with it.  Perhaps this is the only mascara I need in life?  Then why isn't it available in my city!?!? ><

Must-Read of the Week

N/A - I've been reading the September issue of Allure on my iPad (I'm subscribed thanks to Mr. A).  There's a feature on 'Surprise Skin Sins' >> highly recommend!

Wish List Concatenation

Kiko Dark Heroine Fall 2013 Collection - Preview by another blogger link!

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Are you going back to school this Autumn?  Whether you are or not, are there any new plans for you in the coming new month of September?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I'm planning on a shopping ban, too! very nervous about it.


    1. good luck! I'll keep an eye on your shopping ban progress ;)

  2. I'm planning on a shopping ban, too!


  3. I've been into coconut oil also! I mainly rub it on my arms and legs however my table is often slippery because the oil rubs off my arms. xD

    I am still on the fence about using it on my face. I am loving the Ponds cleanser you sent me! =D



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