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Helenere Maitrise du Temps Intensive Treatment

The Maitrise du Temps * is Helenere's best-seller for 25 years. It was recently reviewed in Fashion and Beauty Magazine as well as in Elle Hong-Kong previously - link!.  My French isn't good enough to understand its name totally, but the Chinese product name 時光倒流 simply means 'time reverse'.  Asian customers call this serum “golden drops”, too.  Now, I do not have very mature skin, nor damaged skin to begin with, at my 20s, but I did give this treatment several weeks of good use before giving my review!

Colourmix product page : link!


Extra-rich formula for an intensive beauty care bringing all the nourishing benefits that rhythms the cell renewal process.  This treatment renders its elasticity to the epidermis, and restores firmness and brightness to the skin while re-balancing its hydrolipidic film and diminishing wrinkles.

- Efficiently fights aggressive outside factors
- Increases the epidermis elasticity and suppleness
- Prevents skin ageing
- Deeply moisturizes
- Gives a bright complexion

* Soothing Moisturizing Agents
* Elastin from Plants
* Collagen from Plants
* Highly concentrated in Hyaluronic Acid, DNA and RNA

Apply a few drops morning and evening, to a perfectly cleansed skin and let the serum penetrate with light circular massages.  The treatment can be used as an intensive cure during 2 months once or twice a year, or all-year long.

What I say - Review

First of all, the packaging is neat and sanitary.  The blue box the serums came in is sturdy, and the five little bottles stand securely in their designated compartments, unharmed, all the way from Switzerland to Hong Kong.  The little dropper mechanism of the individual bottle is nice, it helps dispense just enough product without contamination.  It comes in 5 small bottles, 10 ml each, which is way better than one large bottle as you can keep what is unused fresh and untouched!  One little downside is, there is always about 1/3 to 1/2 pump of product left that cannot be squeezed out, I had to pour and shake to get the last little bit - perhaps I'm just asking too much? :P

Price/value-wise, $1500 for a two month treatment I find reasonable.  One bottle can last 10 full day and night, about 20 applications for both face and neck - I use one full pump.  So the 5 bottles, if used consecutively, will serve just under two months of usage.  Of course, if you aren't as liberal, and use less than a pump to target specific areas, the treatment can definitely be used over a longer duration.

The serum has a lovely light liquid texture.  While fast-absorbing, it is still moisturising and doesn't dry to 'nothing' - which means it doesn't only focus on the long-term corrective effect but also the immediate good-looking-skin factor.  Although I do not have wrinkles for testing, I do agree with other claims of this treatment.  It plumps up the skin, making it look and actually feel more supple.  Besides adding moisture, it also adds brightness and a 'glow' to my skin.  The freckles and pigmentation left behind from sun damage and picking at break-outs leave faster, I do credit this to Maitrise du Temps.

Overall, this is a thumb-up product for me.  It is one that actually delivers and improves my skin visibly, in contrast to some other serums that I use to up-keep the condition of my skin.  I am now on the last leg of my 4th bottle, and am holding onto the last bottle for the last week before my wedding.  

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Have you found any treatment, serum that actually delivers and works with your skin type?

Beautiful wishes,
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