Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Week #8

Period covered: 31 August - 6 September

On the last day of August, H brought me to a Shiseido workshop.  First time visiting their 'training centre'-ish salon and was stunned by the free testing area.  No sales pressure, no busy pedestrian traffic, it is like a Japanese cosmetics heaven.  After the workshop we were given some samples to test out, along with a letter/voucher.  Naturally, I took advantage of the voucher and went shopping for the one Shiseido product which impressed me most (and most affordable, and one that is least redundant to add to my current stash).  With the letter, I 'earned' another two pretty generous samples with purchase.  Yet, that isn't the end of the story.  H and I visited a newly revamped enormous Sasa store.  The Sasa is so big that it houses Bobbi Brown, MAC, Anna Sui and Banila Co. counters!  Did some damages to our wallet there, and left with a grin and heavy bag.  Now I'm totally ready for a spending ban!

In September, #100DaySpendingBan #take2 started, and if you know how well (or bad) I did.  Then keep on reading!

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Shiseido

only paid for the makeup remover, and got all these... great deal, no?

The Revital set we got at the workshop, includes a Cleansing Foam I 7 g, Lotion EX I 7 ml and Moisturizer EX I 7 ml.  (I is for normal to oily skin, II is for dry skin)  Then, I went ahead to a counter and procured a bottle of The Skincare Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - your dual-phase shake-up type remover for point make up, this removes waterproof mascara pretty amazingly.  With that voucher, I got a Perfect Face Cleansing Oil 40 ml (made in Taiwan) and a Revital Vital-Perfection Science Serum AAA Whitening 1.8 ml.  Most Shiseido products, under its own name, I have encountered in my life are made in Japan, including the drugstore lines, i.e. Integrate, Majolica Majorca.  They do various lines in Asian markets using Chinese factories, e.g. Za, but those products are not usually obtainable at department store counters.  Now that they are giving out these Perfect cleansing oil over their counters, is that a possible change of their strategy?

2.  Sasa Supreme

Whenever a Sasa store is renovated or relocated or opened, I get excited.  This time, it is a Sasa Supreme Store at Leighton, Lee Gardens.  The Supreme store is larger, brighter, more well-stocked than ever, with some new highlights.  Banila Co., Bobbi Brown, MAC, Anna Sui are introduced as counters that are incorporated into the Sasa stores.  Brilliant!  Now I have feel more comfortable playing at a MAC counter!

At the MAC counter, the sweet and helpful MUA helped me picked up a new Mineralize Skinfinish in Adored.  It is adorable!  A peachy shade with a significant amount of pearly shine, I find it a nice light blush with strong highlight property on my skin tone.  This is the first time ever for me to pay full local price $275 for a MAC MSF, and I'm glad Adored is it!  No regret.  Temptalia has a beautiful review on this product - link!

I also picked up a large bottle of MAC Fix+ $190 100 ml, as I'm seriously in love with the scent, and dispenser, with my mini one - shown here.  Then I was distracted by the gift with purchase over certain amount, and almost impulsively asked for a packet of MAC Wipes $180 45 sheets.  I hope these won't be money wrong-spent!  As gifts I received samples of MAC Cleanse Off Oil 6ml and MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula SPF 30/PA++ Moisturizer.

Dolly Wink limited edition lashes!

At the normal stands in that Sasa Supreme store, my cousin and I picked up a few things, hers are featured on her instagram account (username @hrkmhonor - link!), and I only bought a pack of false lashes.  Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No.101 "Feminine Chocolate" is Dolly Wink's response to the growing trend of Japanese eye make up going from harsh, strong black to gentle, natural brown.  The trend involves lashes, mascaras, eye liners and brow colour.  I am embracing this trend as I prefer browns over black to create younger, softer eyes - perhaps later though for brown mascaras (as I still have dozens of black to go through...)

With our purchases, I got the Sasatinnie Tangerine Facial Mist Toner 110 ml (made in Korea) and SkinPeptoxyl Daily Micro Peel Mitts Cell Renewal Treatment 28 doses (made in USA) for free.  Not bad, right?

ingredients of the sasatinnie mist

ingredients of the micro peel mitts

#100DaySpendingBan #take2 Update

being a professional procrastinator, I've decided to postpone it to next update to announce the rules, feel free to leave your ideas below in the comments!

Day 1-6:
I broke the ban twice, both in Sasa making purchases of unnecessary products.  Both trips include Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream set, and then some.  I'll update the pictures of them in my monthly journal when I get around photographing them.
Not at all satisfied with myself with the first week of a new round of spending ban.  Will try harder next week...

The Week in Blog Posts

| September Journal | aka where I dump my haul pictures without disturbing my other posting schedule...
| Hit Pan #9 | MAC Palette |

Weekly Favourites

Beautifully Disney Nail Polish
Have been really into painting my nails in recent weeks, and these new-ins are great ones.  Acquired not long ago - post link! - several colours are stand-outs.  "Just One Bite" is a pink glitter which looks totally gorgeous layered over "Diva of the Deep" a deep purple.  Imperfect quality NOTD picture - link!  "Ocean Mist" also looks stunning when I applied this on my mum's nails.

Must-Read of the Week


Wish List Concatenation

None at the moment!

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Has September, Autumn, or this week been anything special to you?  Please share!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. it always amazes me the amount of gifts they give you when shopping ... here I have to ask on my knees for some samples. lol
    And lucky you, I would love to have a mac store near me to try the lippsticks.

    1. Eugenia,
      I guess over here, brands have too much competition... They don't easily hand out free samples but there are a lot of gift with purchases, so that you will actually spend your cash in their stores...



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