Friday, 4 October 2013

Finished Fortnight #20 | September Empties

English only.  Concise.  Ask me if you want to know more about particular items.  Yes this post is 1 week late...


Sample Size

Bioglo Red Ginseng Facial Scrub * - Just Jacq

Apivita Express Beauty with Carrot * - Black Jacq - Got this in a previous blogger meet-up link! and finally got around testing this out.  LOVE it.  I still have some sachets of Apivita waiting but when I finished them, I'll step inside a store and repurchase!

Astara Activated Antioxidant Infusion - Joyeux Jacq - Enjoy my Astara samples from the Less is Free box featured here link! very much.  The eye cream is also nice, almost finished.  Just wish Astara is more readily available!

Nip + Fab Facial Scrub - Just Jacq 

Helenere Maitrise du Temps Treatment * - Joyeux Jacq - Full review link! and this is my 3rd bottle.  I still have just a little more than one bottle left for the countdown stage before the Big Day!

Chanel Sublimage La Creme Yeux * - Non Jacq - Pretty generous for an eye cream sample, but not what I want nor looking for, as an eye cream.  Doesn't cooperate with any of my other skin care or make up.

Nivea Firming Body Oil * - Just Jacq

Full Size

Kate Nail Color Remover - Joyeux Jacq - I will repurchase this when I run out of my current bottles.

Orly Flash Dry Quick-Dry Shine Drops - Joyeux Jacq - Does the job.  Still have a bottle of this, can postpone repurchase decision for a bit.  ;)

Olay 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths Combination/Oily * - Black Jacq - I like everything about these, price, quality, scent, convenience, everything.  Except the fact that they are not sold locally.  I also enjoy the Dry skin version, but this Oily ones have a more textured cloth and isn't drying.  This is a value refill pack therefore the box is plain.  It is now renamed to 4-in-1, even better?

Lavera Rose Garden Body Oil * - Joyeux Jacq - Pictured far down below.  Lovely and not crazily expensive for good ingredients.

Sheet Mask

Sooae Snake Essence Mask Pack + Moisture Eye Patch - Joyeux Jacq


Johnson's Baby Bath Milk - Just Jacq - Not bad, but at the end I used this to refill my bathroom hand soap bottle.

Fa Whitening Anti-Perspirant - Just Jacq - I use this as normal deodorant.  Don't find this perspiration suppressing nor under arm whitening, but I won't mind continue using.  I like other scents from Fa better though...

Essence of Beauty Brush - Just Jacq - I broke the foundation end of this foundation/concealer duo brush, so I'm tossing this side.  I don't really enjoy putting on foundation with a brush, although I have collected dozens of them.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Candle - What the Jacq? - These don't burn well.  I am glad I'm finally down to the last two.  No more Body Shop candles!!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange Ginger Scented Candle * - Joyeux Jacq - Invigorating, energizing, good.  I like some spicy candles!

Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur Eau de Parfum * - Just Jacq - Not repulsive.

JimmBenny Clary Sage Essential Oil
JimmBenny Orange Sweet Essential Oil - Both used to refill reed diffuser... What a waste?

Aromatherapy Associates Candle "Comfort" - Not spectacular.  Won't repurchase.

Colgate Sensitive Fresh Mint - Okay.  Now using Jason's and Sensodyne toothpaste.


Olivella Bath & Shower Gel, Vanilla

The Body Shop White Musk for Men Anti-perspirant Deodorant

Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum - Reminder to self, need to update His Hair Story featuring this serum!


Weleda Wild Rose Oil *
Weleda Almond Oil * - They stayed way too long in my cupboard and expired.  :(

Cosline Sweet Honey Pack - One of my all time favourite honey/ginseng mask.  A little sticky, gluey and tricky to work with but smells and feels divine on the skin.  Will get a new one when my mask stash is consumed a bit.  Highly recommend!

This Works No Wrinkles Sensitive Moisturiser * - A great moisturiser, too bad I don't have much wrinkle or capacity to use this up before it gets funky in the tub.  Lovely cube design, too!

Soin l'eau Silky Elastic Mask - You soak these in toner or mineral water and make sheet masks.  This pack is a good few years old so they look old and bit moldy.  Yuck.

Bioglo Pure Aloe Lip Smoothener - I don't scrub my lips with products at all...

Yves Rocher Lipgloss * - Gift with purchase, beautiful colour and scent and texture.

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*Gift/PR Sample/anything I didn't pay for

2013 Toll:

Full Size - 75 + 5
Deluxe Sample - 98 + 3
Small Sample - 64 + 3
Sheet Masks - 35 + 1
Random - 65 + 11
Tossed - 87 + 7
His - 10 + 3

Leave your recent empties link below!  I'd love to know what you've finished up~

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I guess this is the first time i read the empties post with so much comfort. I love the way you sorted them and wrote about and most imp that tossed section is pretty good..... looks like i have few pointers :D

    1. thanks dear, I always feel more comfortable finishing/publishing an empties post too! :D



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