Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Not So Recent Perfume Acquisitions

Found this draft sitting in my to-be published and realised, this then 'recent' acquisition post was 5 months old.  I must have been pretty crazy...

I don't often run out and buy perfumes.  Actually, I don't even wear perfume regularly.  Mr. A does, though, so I find shopping scents for him a good excuse to buy myself something.  Although what he likes is pretty particular and the extras I got him often ended up on myself; so I probably smell pretty funky always, go figure~

1.  Zara Ginza 7-9-19 Tokyo Eau de Toilette $159, 100 ml - This smells like the dry-down of a Chanel perfume Mr. A used to wear, or wears.  Both him and I agree on it hence I bought it for him.  Very reasonably priced so even though this may be significantly less long-lasting than the Chanel option, I consider this a steal.  Plus, I can wear this lighter version without being caught wearing a men perfume! :)

2.  Travalo Rapid Refill Perfume Spray - Pink, Black, $125 each - Pink is mine, Black is his.  I am still on the hunt for the next men's perfume I want my man to wear... He's been trying out several samples I got for him, but none really wow-s me.  If nothing new impresses me, I think we'll get another Chanel Allure again.  (Fyi, his body works well with Chanel Allure, Allure Sport, and Bleu... Gucci Guilty smells alright on him too.)  Oh, by the way, my Pink Travalo is filled with Zara Black Peony - my silver older one is with Bvlgari Rose Essentielle.

3.  Banana Republic Alabaster $35, 7.5 ml - Scent description: A delicate blend of wild musk and natural florals.
4.  Banana Republic Black Walnut pour homme Eau de Toilette $29, 7.5 ml
5.  Banana Republic Republic of Men Eau de Toilette $29, 10 ml

Bought him these to test out but he was not keen at all... :P  Still sitting in their packaging untouched, nearly half a year post-procured.

6.  Escada Ocean Lounge Eau de Toilette 2 ml
7.  Cartier Roadster Eau de Toilette 1.5 ml
8.  Hugo Boss Energise for men Eau de Toilette 2 ml
9.  Armand Basi Sensual Red Eau de Toilette 1.6 ml

I got all four of these samples from Bonjour for $32.  Probably the last time, for a very long period of time, will I ever pay for sample vials again...

My all time favourite fragrance is probably Zara Black Peony, which is a close dupe to Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb.  I also find Zara perfume so tempting as they are affordable, smells good and comes in pretty bottles/boxes.  It is easy for me to pick up some whenever I see new ones...

10.  Zara Femme Eau de Toilette Natural Spray $119, 50 ml - Made in Spain.

11.  Zara Black Amber Special Edition Eau de Toilette Natural Spray $69, 15 ml - Made in Spain.  Dollar to dollar, it is much more cost effective to get the larger sizes.  However, I don't go through perfumes that quickly so I had to purchase the smaller ones for scents that I'm not too sure of.

12.  Zara Chypre Floral Lex Eaux de Toilette Natural Spray $69, 15 ml - Made in Spain

13.  Zara Wild Rose Eau de Toilette $99, 50 ml - Made in Spain.

14.  Zara Black Peony Eau de Toilette $99, 50 ml - Made in France.  This is my third bottle of this stuff.  I am collecting every size and bottle they come out with this perfume.  Obsessed.  Bring me more!

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What's your favourite perfume and latest purchase?  Tell me your favourite Him Fragrance too, so Mr A can have something new to try, perhaps! :D

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Wow o.O I'd like to try Zara Ginza 7-9-19 Tokyo Eau de Toilette and Banana Republic Alabaster!


  2. I usually not smell masculine perfumes so I can not comment, and good collection of zara perfumes, I never tried them because here there are no zara =(

    1. we have several zara shops here, but not all shops stock their perfume :)

  3. Could you please tell me to which Chanel perfume the Zara Ginza perfume has a resemblance? It seems to have sold out en I've looked everywhere in my country (i'm from the Netherlands) but i can't seem to find it. Not even online.. So maybe with Chanel i can get my boyfriend the dupe. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Paloma, I'm afraid you'll have to visit a Chanel counter and smell them yourselves, because I don't remember that clearly. Also, because my husband doesn't smell what I resemble, that may happen to you and your bf too :)

  4. Is Zara Ginza 7-9-19 Tokyo Eau de Toilette still available. I have fallen in love with this smell in 2013.
    I already looking for it. Here in Switzerland I find nothing.



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