Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Week #14

Period covered: 12 - 18 October

My birthday was last Friday... Let us remain silent for a (nano)second in memory of another year spent.  Time's up!  Yea, time flies...

The Week in Instagram

Birthday gift from my sister Jo.  She has to remind me how old I am, and her keychain present double up as present for Mr. A too, with the Mouse in the Tux... // Cake bought, last minute, by Mr. A.  One candle is suffice // Jack Lollipop for Jo's sweet tooth.  No, it's not orange nor pumpkin nor tangerine flavour // This week's little shopping spree, pink pout and big brows // Minty M&M's, Mmmm...// Weekly favourites, see below~

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Mini Sasa Haul

I blame this on Mr. A.  Last Sunday, he made me super duper angry, after my day being long and tiring already. So in the evening I went out for some fresh air and picked up these two little gems.  Have been eyeing the Revlon ColorStay Brow Maker 02 Light Brown $78 for a while but didn't want to shell out for it at full price, glad that it is slightly marked down.  Lavshuca, or Media, both under Kanebo, makes some of my favourite drugstore affordable lipsticks.  This is a recently repackaged Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lip Stick PK5 $90.  To be honest I prefer their previous tube design, but well, it is what's inside counts, right?

2. FeelUnique

On the same day where I bought the two make up above, I also tested out some skin care bits in store.  Sasa finally started carrying Caudalie Divine Oil, and I tried it on.  It smells more sensuous than the powdery floral Nuxe Dry Oil, and just a bit more emollient.  The price was okay but compared to the UK price, it is still higher.  Therefore, as a compensation, Mr. A paid for a rather big FeelUnique order, containing Caudalie and other bits.  Thank you~

#100DaySpendingBan #take2 Update

- Starts on 1 September, ends on 9 December.
- No make up or skin care product, unless I totally run out of that category.
- After the ban, [100 - (days I broke the ban)] * $100 will be my bonus money to spend.  I'm thinking of something non-beauty related, perhaps something for my new flat, or a good quality hand bag...
To be continued...

Progress Update:
While I am packing and unpacking for the move, I realise I have tonssss of skin care.  I kind of have the size of my make up under control - all contained in my two Alex storage - but skin care is another story.  I guess this is why I am kind of constrained from making new purchases... I need to use more things up seriously...

Progress Overall:
Broke the ban on 13 days. + 2

The Week in Blog Posts

| Perfume Purchase |

Weekly Favourites

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer "Ivory" - Perfect colour match.  This range of colours is not super fair so I use the lightest Ïvory.  The coverage is full and flawless.  Texture is moisturising, smooth and creaseless.  I use this mainly under the eyes but it is good everywhere else too.  I give this a Black Jacq stamp!

Acure Chlorella + Edelweiss Stem Cell Eye Cream - Very affordable and contains good ingredients.  I bought it off iHerb and did a post - link!  It is moisturising but not greasy, and sits exceptionally well under whatever make up I put on top.  The only thing I find undesirable is the packaging, it is practical and hygienic but prone to squeezing out too much.  Anyway; Highly recommend!

Must-Read of the Week

N/A - I'm seriously too lazy to fill in this space.  My bad.

Wish of the Week

N/A - I just made my friend picked up some Tom Ford palettes for me at a sale, so, I guess I'm not allowed to wish for anything else this week...

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Happy Weekend!  How was your week?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. happy late birthday.
    Hope you enjoyed it.
    I'm the opposite to you I have the skincare under control but my collection of makeup and nail polish is growing fast ...

    1. Thank you, Eugenia... No... I need to take back my words... my make up is kind of going out of control soon...



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