Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Finished Fortnight #21 | Late October Empties

Apologies - English only... skipping the Chinese until late November, I am afraid.

This was about a week, (or two?), late; but I really want to get this out so, Here we go!!

Sample Size

Joseristine Super Sugar Moisture Shower Gel * - Just Jacq - I believe this was a gift with purchase size, but also available for sale as a travel size.  All-time best-seller of Choi-Fung, the very affordable beauty store that supplies salon and household.  Did several posts on this brand before, including this link!  I like it but I prefer something more luxurious and yummy for shower.  This is a great moisturising wash, very affordable and smells good - but one will get bored with scents, you know!

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser Cleansing and Make up Removal Fluid - Just Jacq - I don't have the skin that has to use this.  Just trying to use this up.

Kibio Intemporelle Intense Cream - Joyeux Jacq - Came in one of the Glamaboxes link!  Enjoyed this a lot.

Chanel Le Jour de Chanel, La Nuit de Chanel, Le Weekend de Chanel * - Non-Jacq - Too heavily fragranced, and I do not really find space in my routine to introduce these steps.  Le Jour is a runny day serum for moisture, which I already have plenty; La Nuit is a gel-cream, not heavy, the last step you put on, like a sleeping mask, to lock in anything you put beforehand (I have other sleeping masks for this purpose); Le Weekend is the only thing you use in the weekends, when you're lazy and need some renewal exfoliation over the weekends.  Texture-wise I think Le Weekend attracts me most, however, I can't stand their perfume intensity.  :S

Astara Botanical Eye Treatment * - Joyeux Jacq - If only I knew where to purchase more of this brand!

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser Cleansing and Make up Removal Fluid - meh~

Helenere Maitrise du Temps Intensive Treatment * - Full Review link! This is the 4th bottle.  Savouring the last bottle~

Kibio Cleansing Lotion * - Not a huge fan.  Doesn't take off face make up very well, and the scent is a little over-powering when used over time.

Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel Face and Eyes with Rose Petals * - Big fan of the product, not the price...

It's Skin Mangowhite Cleansing Foam * - forgotten.

Mineral Fusion Volumizing Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner - Just Jacq - Leave my hair a little dry and tangled.

Soap & Glory Hand Food * (full size) - Joyeux Jacq - I have other hand creams I like better, but this is one I enjoy.

Yves Rocher Tradition de Hammam Oriental velvety - skin scrub - Non Jacq

Erb Eastern Treat Aromatic Hand Cream * - Black Jacq - Lovely scent, a little musky/ambery but still very gender-neutral.  Great light texture, fast-absorbing and hydrating at the same time.

Full Size

Nars Skin Double Refining Exfoliator * - Joyeux Jacq - This product employs both physical and chemical means to exfoliate.  Like it but do not necessarily find justified to purchase it.

Reskin Solution Mist Glacier Express - Black Jacq - Perfect mist, scent, price.  I paid $59 at that time, which I find very reasonable.

Curel Sebum Care Foaming Wash - Non Jacq - Tried to clear my back acne with this but didn't see results.  Probably too mild.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Black Jacq - One either hates this or loves this.  I love it, although I do not think this is a must have in my routine.  Already have a larger bottle in use.  ;)

MAC Fix + - Black Jacq - Another spray I can't recommend highly enough.  Already repurchased the larger size.  Will keep this bottle as travel.

First Aid Beauty FAB Face Cleanser - Just Jacq - My mum likes this more than me.  I prefer something more nourishing or smells better.  This has barely no scent and is very basic.  Good for sensitive skin.

Lunableu body oil thing, scent should be Vanilla Apricot Type.  Both the formula and scent is probably discontinued...


Banila Co. Black Acai Berry Mask * - Black jelly/bio-cellulose mask.  Texture is okay but effect not significant.  I expect something more from a mask as expensive as this!

Primera Hydro Gel Mask * - Scholar Tree was good, but Cresswhite is brilliant.  I love how it leaves my skin moist and brightened, while the mask smells light and beautiful on the skin.  :)

Kao Steam Eye Mask * - This pair was Fragrance-free.  Holy Grail.  Black Jacq stuff.  I always have some around to use when I want a good relaxation mask session, or to put me to sleep, or to relieve sore eyes.  Oh by the way, I'll throw in the counts of hand mask, eye mask, foot mask in this category if they are sheet/sachet that kind of resemble sheet mask ;)

JaneClare Blueberry Revital Firming Mask * - Not bad.  Bio-cellulose, or jelly, type.  Got it in my September Glamabox - link!  Great natural soft scent and I enjoyed the mask.  Didn't firm much, but brighten a whole lot.  For its retail price, I won't repurchase though... :S


Neal's Yard Remedies Balancing Candle - Travel size.  This brand and Aromatherapy Associates, both essential oil blended, tend to smell pretty oil-y after its half life.  Previous empties link!  Now NYR is sold at Faces, Harbour City, and Hysan Place (and some other places I believe), so I can go back to get their skin care - Frankincense line being my favourite.  However for candles, I'd stick to my Aroma Natural ones which are much better smelly, also natural, and can be bought off iHerb - haul post link!

JimmBenny Tea Tree, Lavendin Essential Oil - used to refill my home reed diffuser... just for the sake of using these up, the rubber lid part is so old that it became sticky (like gross Nars packaging)...

Sasatinnie Flower Embossed Cotton Pad - Just Jacq - Not bad.  Won't repurchase though.

mini hand sanitising wipes - don't know the brand, only know it is from Sasa.  Good to have in the hand bag.

Rite Aid Renewal Exfoliating Cotton Rounds * - I like it, but not as much as my other cotton.  I truly appreciate my friend for getting these for me and sending them over!

JimmBenny Essentail Oil Mandarin, Rosemary - Used to refill my reed diffusers.


Nanogen Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment - Shampoo and Conditioner reviewed - link! Treatment, to be written.  :)


Hadanomy Collagen Mist (Limited Edition Lemon version) - A bit sticky, smells too sour, and too old.

Kate Gel Eyebrow - Dried up.

MissHana brow thingy - Rant link!  The colour side, just fell off, like it dried up within a few months.  I always covered it tightly with the lid!

Joseristine Ampoules (Anti-Freckles) (Hydrating) etc... - I never used these, I purchased a lot of them without discount a while ago, and finally time to discard them...

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*Gift/PR Sample/from Glamabox/anything I didn't pay for

2013 Toll:

Full Size - 80 + 9
Deluxe Sample - 101 + 15
Small Sample - 67 + 1
Sheet Masks - 36 + 5
Random - 76 + 8
Tossed - 94 + 5
His - 13 + 3

Leave your recent empties link below!  I'd love to know what you've finished up~

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. good empties... The Kate Gel Eyebrow is good? for a while I was thinking about buying it but did not know if would leave very dramatic eyebrows... Or you can apply natural and soft?

    1. I'd not recommend the kate gel eyebrow, I guess it is discontinued? Laura Mercier also makes one, as well as MAC (limited edition?)... these brow gel/mousse/paintpot is good for those who don't have much brow hairs or colour. I prefer powder/cream/pencil/mascara over these.



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