Monday, 30 December 2013

Important Notice

I am experiencing immense difficulty trying to renew my domain registration for, which was purchased through Google Apps.  For incomprehensible, to me and my IT friends, reasons, if any, my account is not the Admin of the Google Apps.  Even though I was reminded to pay for renewal, receiving their emails using that account.  So the problem is I cannot log in to pay for the renewal, and no assistance is offered from Google.  Apparently there are only troubleshooting Q&A/FAQ pages to read and one has no channel to open a ticket for follow up.  I tried popping a mail to, as well as the Sales at Google Apps.  No response for over a week now.

Alternatively I may find a new host to host my domain, but I do not know if that implies complication dealing with the first ownership made through Google Apps (supported by eNom).  Another option is to make up a new name for my blog or create a new one from scratch, which I do not favour.


if starting next month you no longer see updates in your subscription box or blog roll feeds, or anything, please do not panic.  At worst, we will fall back to what this blog is originally named:

Have a very Happy New Year of 2014!

PS. I do want to make a post on the amazing Sephora purchase Ari helped me make, featuring Ambient Light palette and Naked 3.  That will come soon, or later than soon. (!)

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Pretty sure that Google does not give two shits about Blogspot/Blogger. I've been having other difficulties with it and seriously thinking of switching to Wordpress. Hope your troubles will be resolved though! Happy new year, Jacq!

    1. Thanks Liz! I wish I can have this issue resolved as soon as possible... ><

  2. i remember it was a giant pain the behind when i renewed mine because I couldnt find the place to get access to my account. Try these directions and see if they work for you. If not let me know lemme see if I can recall where i went to do it.

    1. Thanks Ari. I made it through, finally!
      Turned out I have to find my registrar first, then they refer me to an email address which is actually read by the technical support. Let's hope we don't have to go through this again too soon... :S



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