Thursday, 5 December 2013

MAC Lustre Lipstick | Lovelorn

A lovely pink, super easy-to-wear formula.

Overall, I like it a lot, and do not regret getting it by Back to MAC.


1.  As a lipstick, it is slightly expensive.  MAC lipstick is $145 a piece locally.  I'm more than willing to pay if it is an extraordinary colour.  For this shade, I can probably find a dupe from Lavshuca or Revlon for half the price.

2.  This pink doesn't make my teeth whiter.  The blue in it is bright enough to make it not-neutral, but next to my coffee-stained + naturally yellow teeth...

3.  It broke in the tube.  Major.  Not even in Summer, but Autumn.  This is my first time to have a "Lustre" breaking.  My last broken MAC lipstick is Creme d'Nude, which is in the "Cremesheen" formula - notorious for being too soft and creamy.

4.  Being part of the permanent collection, meaning you don't need to run out and buy.  But, also, excuse-less to splurge on one. ;)

Bottom line:

Despite the drawbacks, this is still a good pink lipstick.  

Probably my first attempt to find an everyday wearable shade from MAC.  What is your favourite MAC pink, or pink lipstick in general?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. i like maybelline pink please and avon ultra color carnation

    1. Oh, both option you mentioned are not available here! >.<



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