Friday, 13 December 2013

The Week #21

Period covered: 30 November - 6 December

It's been a relatively relaxed week.  And a week with several deliveries~

The Week in Instagram

The Nativity Scene // 1st Sunday of Advent, and the 1st Advent wreath I've ever built, this one chez AJ of course // Lovely almond pudding at dinner with some family friends // A potential Korean rival to my well-used Clarisonic // Trying out the Pobling face brush for the first time // Newly acquired shower oil, see below.

#JoyeuxAmourNov: Day 30 - Life.  "Women's life can be completed after marriage", an interested paperback, translated into Chinese from Korean.

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Make up samples 

From Bonjour, the best place to hunt down high end brand samples: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat SPF19/PA++ "B40 Beige", got six of these and gave little cousin Honor one to try out.  Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer Smoothing Fixing Makeup Base, got one for myself and one for Honor.  $20 per unit.

2.  The Hunt for Shower Oil @ L'Occitane

The humidity has dropped to around 50%, and often below, which causes my skin to crack.  My body is dry all year round, but none of my shower gels or creams are working on me right now.  Therefore, I ran out and did a little shower oil hunt.  One of the more famous one is the Almond one from L'Occitane, so naturally I stop by a store and check that out.  The smaller one is $195 / 250 ml, and they also have a larger one, as well as holiday gift set.  Pondering on that, I came across the larger bottle for cheaper, Amande Almond Shower Oil $225 / 500 ml.  Considering this is just 30 dollars more than the smaller size at standalone stores, I purchased it.  My first impression of it is so far, so good.  Mr. A, though, has already clearly stated his preference of this over the other one, mention in next paragraph, due to its scent.

3.  @ Meka

My mum used to an avid fan of SebaMed.  When I was small, their shower gel and baby lotion used to be the only things used on me, until my mum realised there are other budget options to clean us with.  While I was looking for shower oil last week, I came across SebaMed again, and decided to give their Cleansing Shower Oil a go $132.4 / 500 ml, $66.2 / 200 ml.  I gave mum a large shower oil together with a litre of Liquid Cleanser, the green aromatic lovely shower gel she adores and used daily when I was small.

I suffer badly from varicose veins, and it is getting worse in recent months.  The saleslady recommended me try the Medosan Veno-Night Cream $194.4 / 100 ml.  It contains valuable horse chestnut, myrtle, chamomile and echinacea extracts to relief my leg condition.  Have been using it every other night when I watch TV, in upwards direction, and it seems to work okay.

As free gifts, I received Uriage Xemose Universal Emollient Cream 50 ml, SebaMed Feminine Intimate Wash 20 ml, and Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk, Refining Toner 10 ml each.

4.  (More) Real Techniques Brushes

Placed an order on iHerb when RT is doing 20% off.  Ordered for Honor too, excuse.  The order has arrived and will be pictured and posted in a bit.

5.  Sasa VIP Redemption 

Only redeemed boxes of BRTC Stem Cell Masks, $68 / 5 pieces each.  Green Tea Soothing Mask for Immediate Relief, Rice Skin Brightening Mask for Brighter, and Ginseng Anti-Wrinkle & Nourishing Mask for Resilient.

6.  Other Deliveries

- Pobling cleansing brush from Here We Seoul.
- Swiss skin care products from Helenere.

#100DaySpendingBan #take2 Update

- Starts on 1 September, ends on 9 December.
- No make up or skin care product, unless I totally run out of that category.
- No body or hair care product, not even perfume!
- After the ban, [100 - (days I broke the ban)] * $100 will be my bonus money to spend.  I'm thinking of something non-beauty related, perhaps something for my new flat, or a good quality hand bag...
- To be continued...

Progress Update:
As the ban ends in just a few days, I'm positive that I can spend about $6000+ on something major for myself this Christmas.  Now, what should I get?

Progress Overall:
Broke the ban on 29 + 3 days.  (Still need to fill in the blank week 18 and week 19 to see how well/bad I did)

The Week in Blog Posts

| MAC Lovelorn Lipstick | swatches and review and all that jazz

| The Week #17 | late! | belated, but still good.

Weekly Favourites

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - saves my lips. period.

Must-Read of the Week

Another amazing post by Kate from Drivel about Frivol.  This time it's about Lashes.  Made me want to treat applying mascara more seriously.

Wish of the Week

Fasio Mascara and eyelid shield/ mascara guard mentioned in Kate's blog.  (I may or may not have purchased the Fasio already...)

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I hope iherb re-stock the kit brushes because I wanted one =( .
    Tony moly has a brush like this, I wonder if they are good ...

    and when the ban ends you could buy something nice for Christmas, like a bag or something like that. =)

    1. The RT brushes are amazing, hope you can get yourself some! Face wash brushes are very popular amongst korean brands now, many different companies are releasing their own.

      I am really picky when it comes to real fashion purchases, I can easily spend thousands buying skin care or make up but couldn't decide on a pair of shoes or a new bag... That's me :P



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