Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Week #22

Period covered: 7 - 13 December

On the tenth we celebrated our one month anniversary.  It was a normal working day for Mr. A, and the day after, so we had a meal in.  Read to the bottom to see a picture, or two of our lovely dinner!  (the real reason for dining in is, yes, Dayo's Bounty Lady show on TV.  I couldn't give in watching it late...)  I also went out and purchased several (un)necessary things which I'll explain further down.

The Week in Instagram

2nd Sunday of Advent with LED lights set up // Chicken soup for the beauty addict, Biteki magazine from Japan.  Extra new year diary and face masks, too // A week-long debate on "Should I Get Chanel Charming", read more below // Duck toy on our sofa and a new favourite lip combo, Revlon Berry Couture over MAC Extended Play, brilliant // The dinner on the tenth, heavy on the garlic and carrots side, the previous a common favourite and the latter, Mister's obsession // Look I wore to a Black Friday wedding.  The priest said, every day God made, He makes it a blessing for life.  I wonder if this is why the couple picked this day? // Glittery, silver knit from H&M, didn't get it as all those displayed are snagged. Lucky me // P&D on iPad, tea and pudding from Muji.  A nerdy break.

The Week in Acquisition

1.  Huge Disappointment

First thing first, the Max Factor Creme Puff set.  When one sees the Ad with Gwyneth above, one naturally imagines the "Professional Fan Brush" that comes with the Pressed Powder is white, fluffy, and at least, use-able?  The truth isn't.

The actual fan brush is brown, thin in amount of bristles, and not use-able.  So weak that, this may even be too flimsy to flick off excess powder.

I am not returning this because in the first place I'm interested to give this powder a try (reason why I even look at the MF stand), the powder is huge with 21 gram, and I haven't bought any MF in a while.  So, despite this powder is in fact loaded with talc, mineral oil, lanolin and preservatives; for $88 (I get an extra 5% off with most Sasa purchase), this is staying for now, until I find fault in the powder itself.

Just upset, you know.

The other MF items I got are the Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks in "35 Passionate Red" and "20 Subtle Coral".  Beautiful shades and texture.  Although the display shows several other darker shades, I don't think they are stocked (I checked many stores).  I am planning to rock this red in this season, and keeping the coral for next warm weather, or as a gift.  The reason I got two of these sticks, is that I got a free rose gold mirror.  Lame.

Bought this massage tool to work with my worsening varicose veins.  I hope doing upward strokes on my legs with this Cassa Lift Plate $105 and the Medosan cream I got last week, with the over-night pressure socks can help...

2.  Hydration Mask

Not short on the skin care front, but this month I have a coupon to use.  This Ahava Time to Hydrate Hydration Cream Mask was purchased with a gift voucher, $300 off $360.  I'm very eager to give this a go after reading Jen's lovely review.  Let's see how I like it!

3.  Lipstick

... is basically my weakness, besides concealer, mascara, and many others...  On the exact day I mixed up my weekly favourite lip combo, see IG image above, I passed by my worst enemy (NB: Sasa) and spent an hour or so swatching, determined for a cheaper dupe of the Revlon/MAC I was wearing.  Loser.  In the end, I picked up a lip liner I already own - En Coleur "Plume" $18 - along with two other items: Kanebo Media Lip-liner "RS-3" $43, and Docile Splendid Jewel Lipstick "01" $48.

4.  Bonjour, Bonjour!

Another day I went into a Bonjour for a birthday/Christmas gift for a friend, and picked up two little things for myself.  Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour in "Voluptuous Violet" $25 is a sample size, and box of Nissin Baby Cotton Swabs $13 which are super thin cotton buds like the Muji ones, but comes in a nice holder that is easily opened.  I don't have a Muji near me anyway.

5.  Enabled by Others

Last week, I may have already mentioned how Kate/DAF ignited my fire (Chinese blogger expression, meaning arouse the interest/lust) on the Fasio mascaras which I've never cast second glance on.  And so, I bought them.  Full Dynamic Volume Mascara & Easy Remover Kit $138 (meaning $40 for the normally $78 Remover), and Full Dynamic Long Mascara $98 (that comes with a free mini Remover).  Used the Long on two consecutive days, and I find them alright.  Not as volumising as my Heroine Make (I like clumpily thick lashes), but holds curl well, no smudging or fading all day long.  Also not as disgustingly hard to remove as the older Fasio mascaras I have used.

Recently, I've watched a youtube review on the Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Concealer, where it's compared to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I own.  The problem with the Nars is, the two shades I got aren't dark enough, when I want to hide, not highlight.  Therefore I went ahead and got the Revlon in "02 Light Medium" and "03 Medium" $68 each.  Light Medium almost exactly my shade, and Medium is darker, perfect.  With certain amount of purchase, one gets a free ColorBurst Lip Butter, I saw "Macaroon", a shade I'm eyeing, standing there, looking at me, so I also grabbed an ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup in "Light Medium" $74, and checked out.

6.  Other Deliveries

- Free shower gel with magazine bought, nothing special.
- Glamabox December.
- Paid for my Naked 3, and Nars Guy Bourdin Blush palettes... so excited!

#100DaySpendingBan #take2 Update

- Starts on 1 September, ends on 9 December.
- No make up or skin care product, unless I totally run out of that category.
- No body or hair care product, not even perfume!
- After the ban, [100 - (days I broke the ban)] * $100 will be my bonus money to spend.  I'm thinking of something non-beauty related, perhaps something for my new flat, or a good quality hand bag...
- To be continued...

Progress Update:
I didn't spend on the 7 - 9th this week.  So, I passed the spending ban!  Let me do a more thorough review of this little challenge in another post and perhaps share what I reward myself with the $6600 bonus?

Progress Overall:
Broke the ban on 34 days.  [I revisited my notes on Week 18, and, hey, those overseas purchases won't be counted!]

The Week in Blog Posts

| The Week #18 | late! | belated, but still good.

| Jacq's Journal | December |

Weekly Favourites - YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat SPF19/PA++ "B40 Beige"

I find it a shade too dark, but the finish is as good as everyone says it is!

Must-Read of the Week - N/A

Wish of the Week - Chanel Charming Palette

I want it because -- i) I do not own any Chanel eye shadow palette, the only make up I own from them, currently, are two lipsticks and a lipliner, and I'd like to venture into more ii) the colours are neutral and wearable iii) the price is alright, not un-affordably luxurious iv) Christine/Temptalia, Jess/Hakme, Anna/Viviannadoesmakeup all gave good comments on this in various forms v) it is travel friendly. I frequently do my make up, or touch up, on the mtr or at public washroom. This is more practical than Naked 1 or 2 or 3 in that sense vi) it is Limited Edition

Why I didn't, or haven't yet, get it -- a) I am not extremely attracted to the tweed print, and even less attracted to ruining it b) For the same price I'd be more happy getting another Tom Ford quad, or even the Naked 3 (which I've already paid for...) c) Limited Edition is driving me nervous, if it is good, then make it permanent! d) The shades are beautiful but I like more lighter/medium shades, rather than two rather dark pans on the right e) With kilos of eye shadows in possession, I can dupe these colours and probably can't sense the difference myself either f) The last eye shadow palette I finished was a Majolica Majorca one probably a decade ago, when I only owned a handful of options.  I guess the next palette I finish will be in the next century.  For this reason, a Chanel compact/foundation seems to be a more logical product to 'splurge' on, not that it is that expensive compared to some other junk I've bought...

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as promised, our feast on the Tenth.  we don't have enough cutlery, apparently
we also love smoked salmon and cheese :D

Are there any Christmas collection cosmetics you're pondering over, or pending to purchase?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I never liked the fan brushes, lucky you bought the naked 3 I did not get to buy it and is sold everywhere = (

    1. Fan brushes with more bristles can work as finishing or highlight for me. but this super thin one cannot do anything...
      Naked 3 is beautiful, used it a few times and I am happy!



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