Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Glamabox | 2014 First Box

I reckon I'm a season behind posting these, my Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 boxes are still collecting dust in my study (storage) room.  New year is a new beginning, so let's kick off the un-boxing with the freshly re-designed January box!

is it just me, or do you also find my photos having a hint of mouldy green hue?
SANRIO HELLO KITTY Graffiti Nail Polish "Respect" (Dark blue) 10 ml, $48
I've spotted this line on shelf at various Sasa since last year.  However, not being a fan of the no-mouth cat, and this line being targetted at a much younger audience, I have never tried it out.  It seems exciting to me to get a full size nail polish in a beauty box, this blue, or the other yellow they randomly send out, is a shade I'd wear.  I'm still semi-addicted to my gel color by OPI, but when that is over, I'll find time to try this Kitty out.

DERMAL Red Ginseng Collagen Essence Mask 1 pc, $16
Dermal makes good face masks, and even if they don't, one or two Korean sheet mask in my box is never a complaint.  I love ginseng, so this mask is a bonus, and probably one of the first thing I'll use (up) from this month's box.

CETAPHIL® Gentle Skin Cleanser 29 ml, $7
I tried Cetaphil about a decade ago, when it is still a rare and seasonal offering from some pharmacies.  Now it is stocked everywhere, and advertised on nearly all the platforms.  Very gentle, good for any skin, can take away make up, etc, etc.  To be frank, I do not remember being crazy over it, and therefore never repurchased.  It doesn't help me to like it more when a little googling will tell you that Cetaphil cleanser is key to one of the secret recipe of fake semen in the porn industry.  Not Gross?

LA ROCHE-POSAY Toleriane Ultra Light 2 ml x 2, $28
Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser 4 ml, $5
Toleriane is a nice line, and if I have really sensitive skin, I'll for sure opt for this instead of other things, say, Cetaphil.  Ultra light may be in fact, too light for my dry skin, so unfortunately I may have to wait till Summer, or give this away.  On the other hand, usually, I prefer not getting repeats in my boxes, but I don't really mind.  This time, however, disappointingly, is a repeat in a smaller size.  The Dermo-Cleanser used to come in small bottles (15 ml), whereas this time it comes in a sachet.  What?

SFERANGS Repairing Eye Balm 5 ml, $97
Technically the most expensive item in the box, and I welcome it not because of that, but because I also like to try out eye moisturisers.  A nice to have in this month's box!

Overall, this month's box is not bad.  At a value of $201 it isn't a bargain - with my annual subscription, each box costs around $108.  The products aren't mind-blowing, but enough to tempt me continue if it was my first box.  This box is in fact rather gender, age, and skin type friendly.  One or two skin care samples may not suit me, but together the box is a good selection of stuff.

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Disclaimer: I paid for my Glamabox subscription.  

If you want to check it out, please consider using my referral code: 24963 (... although I don't really know how it works, and they reset all my points after they redo their website!)

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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