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Helenere | White Perfection Day & Night Cream

Testing out skin care products takes time, and forming an opinion even longer.  More often than I desire, skin care expired or got used up before I can formally write about them.  I am not promising a lot, but this year I'm hoping I can do at least one in-depth review on skin care, per month.

It has been a while since my last lengthy talk on an Helenere product.  Since then, I'm introduced to several other products from various lines made by the company.  Helenere makes different line for varying skin types and concerns, and White Perfection, as you may have guessed, is formulated for skin lightening, dark spot erasing, or more professionally, melanin fighting.

White Perfection Day & Night Cream* - What it Says it Does

- Prevents the formation of pigmentation marks

- Protects from noxious rays, Prevents the appearance of redness and brown marks
Titanium Oxide is the photo-reflector for the UV, the formula contains also a UVB and UVA filter.

- Moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates
Glycerin is a good emollient, cucumber extract has moisturizing properties.

* Leucocyte Extract
* Plant Extracts


It comes in a sturdy glass jar with a protective seal.  Not the most fancy, but with a substantial weight, the matte lid and pot feels pretty neat.

For those who are exceptionally careful with the sanctity of their creams, a spatula is included.  Dipping one's finger(s) in and out a pot may contaminate the content, so this is a nice touch.  I rarely use it though, not only because I didn't realise it is present until writing this review, but also because I don't care that much when I'm the only one using the cream, and with clean hands.

Manufacturing and expiry dates are clearly printed on the box AND the jar.  This may seem too obvious a smart thing to do, but way too many brands opt to ignore it.  Our local laws do not restrict these information printed on skin care products, therefore I suspect some (or many) shops are selling not so fresh merchandise... We should really follow the footsteps of Taiwan, for example.  It is sweet for Helenere to take care of this!

The Interesting "Swiss COS" Sticker

The fact that a brand is all developed and made in Switzerland may appeal to some, as that country is famous for its latest cosmetics technology.  Upon browsing the Helenere website, I learn that not only does H claims to be a Swiss brand, but they actually form an association with other authentic Swiss companies, to guarantee their origin.  Reference link!

How I Use It

Instructions say: Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed and toned face and neck with light massages. Particularly insist on the areas where the pigmentation is stronger. Avoid the zone around the eyes.

Daytime:  After washing (usually with a very gentle milk or simply water), toning (various toners in rotation), hydrating serum (skipping if I'm too lazy), then this White Perfection Cream (I use a generous amount, maybe two to three corn kernels?).

Night time:  As a whitening treatment just on my cheeks where I have more freckles, if I feel like to.  Otherwise I don't use this at night.

before, the cream, after

My Review

Immediately upon application, the skin is brighter and 'whiter'.  The titanium dioxide does show.  I do not mind this and kind of fancy it, as it works as a make up base that adds luminosity (or paleness), hydration and sun-protection.  The skin tone difference will not be drastic, but noticeable, if you place the before and after side by side, illustrated above.

The texture of it as a cream is quite light and fast absorbing.  It is a pleasure to use in the day time as I can easily skin moisturiser and/or serum and/or sunblock all at once, when I use this.  This is a good shield to wear for someone as lazy as me, and wish not to be harm by the winter ultraviolet rays.

This is designed for all skin types, and I would say this is true for most skin except for the extremes.  For extremely oily, perhaps this can be used on targeted areas, and sparingly.  As for the extreme dry, or me, who wants more emollient, heavy duty layers at night, use this in conjunction with a thicker cream or serum; as I find it doesn't give enough moisture and nourishment for my liking in this weather.

Where to Buy

Heads up: I just realised that the price in Hong Kong is a big chunk cheaper than the US or UK listing!

The official local channel is Colourmix, which may ship internationally.  Link!
The other place you can check is the Helenere website.  Link!

Wrap Up

Convenient for lazy people (3-in-1 and Day-and-Night),
Good for all skin types,
Hygienic design (if you use the spatula, unlike me),
Great under make up,
Big size

Not enough for very dry skin,
Price (if you're outside HK :P),
Limited buying channels


One of my 2013 (last year!) 's resolutions was to branch out into the video world.  I only did uploaded one Get Ready with Me because I suck at filming, talking into a lens, and more so, editing.

Earlier in January I filmed, by myself, me talking about a pile of empties, using a flip-monitor Nikon DSLR.  Weeks post production, the footages were only up to the Imported stage.  I wonder how many more hours or days will it take me to get that Trimmed and Exported...

However, my dear Honor and her friend Timmy, who are both trained to be journalists, had a little successful project with me the other day.  We teamed up to film a skin care video.  It was embarrassing, fun, and hot (just a table lamp but it felt like spotlight temperature, due to my adrenaline level perhaps?).  The result is amazingly professional.  Not so much the blogger herself though, for her face was astonishingly round, make up washed out, features  vanished.  Anyway, if you would like to see the product, or I, in motion, click here.

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This post features a *press sample.

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I love the description of this cream I'm going to see the video...
    The only drawback I see is that if I want to try it will cost me a lot to buy it. =(

    1. Have you seen the video? any comments? :P



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