Friday, 28 February 2014

Holiday Haul | From Samui, Thailand

from drugstore (Boots)

from duty-free (Harnn)
Mr A and I visited Samui Island for an almost impromptu honeymoon the week after our wedding, last November.  We basically ate, slept, had spa and just a few sight-seeing plus shopping here and there.  The weather was very unpredictable.  It could pour for hours, followed by hours of clear sky.  It was basically warm and wet, windy and with plenty of mosquitoes.

Another Story - Future Tense

Exciting news.  Our real long vacation (honeymoon) will be in the form of a pilgrimage to Italy.  We will fly in and out Rome/Roma for a stay for a total of 16 days, in which we will take time to visit Florence/Firenze, Milan/Milano and Assisi.  This is the first Italian tour for both of us so we're very excited.  Not only are we embracing our Catholic identity and spending a lot of time at ancient and still-alive houses of worships; but also, we shall see and smell the real Roman ruins (see the alliteration?).  Oh, and of course, while I'm planning for our itinerary, I research on beauty shopping...

Kiko (I have already located at least one of their stores next to almost every hotel we're going to stay in), Pupa (probably not going to buy any simply because the HK Sasa stocks a whole lot of Pupa), Nouba (this came up when I was researching on Italian beauty brands, I don't have any idea where to find it yet).  Skincare-wise, I've been making a long list and checking it (more than) twice on two major brands: Santa Maria Novella (I will definitely be spending a lot of time at the basilica anyway, so for sure I'll also check out the store next to it), and L'Erbolario (a few tubes and tubs of body firming, fragrance line of Honeysuckle and LiquidAmber, and a mesmerizing warm blend called Meharees, which is sweet Date mixed with Myrrh, or even Myrrhae, which is Myrrh with Incense... Mmmm...  A guide book also mentioned about a specialty shop that stocks products made by convents, monasteries, abbeys from all over Italy.  Ai Monasteri it is, and I have a feeling I will encounter a lot of interesting items over there.

Okay, enough rambling on the Roman Holiday... Let's go back to a recap of what I hauled back from Thailand...

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Glamabox | February 2014

Let me begin by saying, I really love and hate this month's box.  I kind of regret continuing my annual subscription mainly because, my first and foremost important drive to subscribe is to try NEW things, products or brands that are alien to me or too difficult (or expensive) to get hold of.  I can tolerate that Glamabox includes different products from the same brand (e.g. La Roche Posay various lines of skin care), in close intervals of time.  I can even endure the fact that they can throw in several same type of product in one months box (e.g. cleansers from two or three brands, or sheet masks of dissimilar make), as that can serve comparison purpose or what not.

HOWEVER, this month, they included two - not just one - repeats which I have received not long ago.  I understand one is not from the monthly ordinary box, but from the New Year Lucky Bag.  Still, I get an exact duplicate of item in this month's box that I have received in December 2013, just two months ago.  Why did they do this to me?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How much are you willing to spend on Make Up Wipes?

Disclaimer: I do not own the above image.  Source

Until now, MAC Wipes was my top limit.  I spent $180 (equivalent to US$23+) for a pack of 45 cloths, at local MAC counter, some months ago.  It is sold cheaper in the States at $20 for 45 sheets, or $29 for 100 sheets.  I am never a regular user of wipes to remove make up, I just buy them for fun and then try to use them up for the sake of clearing them out...  What inspired me to write this post is the recent release of Shiseido's Clé de Peau Beauté Makeup Remover Towelette...

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Humongous Korean Haul | Sulwhasoo, Primera, Innisfree, Nature Republic...

Hinted in the last empties post, I have a very unhealthily big Korean haul to share today.  My mum brought my two sisters, or vice versa, on a Seoul holiday early in January.  They borrowed a luggage of mine, and returned it fully packed with my shopping list realised.  (inside one also finds confectionery, kimchi, pots and other extras)

Of the four beauty brands I 'ordered', all but Nature Republic belongs to the Amore Pacific group.  Sulwhasoo and Innisfree are officially represented in HK with counters and stores, and not the other two brands.  My excuse for getting them in Korea instead of here, is for the price difference (rent, exchange rate, tax-refund, etc) as well as the generous samples/gift-with-purchase.  I have also pictured and typed out all samples I got, not counting those my sister hasn't handed over to me...

Anyway, here I show case the luggage-ful of goodies the three ladies kindly carry back for me, with a clear majority of skin care...  If their retail prices are known to me, then I'll also quote it next to the full product name.  Just take the price as reference, because as I said, I'm pretty sure my sisters got some of them with discount or tax-refund or in promo sets.


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