Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Glamabox | February 2014

Let me begin by saying, I really love and hate this month's box.  I kind of regret continuing my annual subscription mainly because, my first and foremost important drive to subscribe is to try NEW things, products or brands that are alien to me or too difficult (or expensive) to get hold of.  I can tolerate that Glamabox includes different products from the same brand (e.g. La Roche Posay various lines of skin care), in close intervals of time.  I can even endure the fact that they can throw in several same type of product in one months box (e.g. cleansers from two or three brands, or sheet masks of dissimilar make), as that can serve comparison purpose or what not.

HOWEVER, this month, they included two - not just one - repeats which I have received not long ago.  I understand one is not from the monthly ordinary box, but from the New Year Lucky Bag.  Still, I get an exact duplicate of item in this month's box that I have received in December 2013, just two months ago.  Why did they do this to me?

not my image, source 
The outside of the box is actually getting prettier and prettier each month, yet poor quality blogger and sad customer who paid for the box = JACQ didn't remember to photograph the outside.  So I borrowed an image from someone who received the box for free, or perhaps was paid to review it.  Who knows?  I don't care.

I understand the subscription fee I paid also funded the box designer and it can be seen from the improving art.  I call this a 'good thing'.

First of all, this month's theme is about Valentine's Day and/or Love.  Just a gimmick trying to tie everything unrelated in the box together.  A new brand I'm introduced to, JANUE, did impress me positively with two of their face creams.  Both products are made in Australia and have natural extracts (amongst other less-natural ingredients) to hydrate and beautify the skin.  Janue Nourishing Milk Cream came in a small pot and is the 'original' formula.  It doesn't print 'Fragrance' in the 'Main Ingredients' list, but I suspect it is there, because it smells quite significantly fragranced.  Although I appreciate the pleasant scent, why not give an honest 'Full Ingredients' instead?  I also got two sachets of Janue Hydrating Cucumber Cream, which is the 'advanced' formula.  I appreciate this just as well, and I have already consumed one sachet when I took the above picture.  Same problem with the Milk Cream, it is fragranced and scented but fragrance is not stated.  I enjoy both of these creams, and would like to continue finishing the samples - or purchase a real one if I ever know how/where to buy AND if I need to buy any face cream.

Another new brand, to me, is D'ORIENT ACQUA.  The box came with a 5 ml sample of its Full Effect Meticulous Cleansing Gel, which claims to remove ball point pen mark (what? is that make up?) at ease.  I have tried it once as a face wash and it is nice.  Probably won't use this to replace my make up remover though (I use bi-phase type, or cleansing water, or cleansing balm/oil).

First disappointment comes in the form of a mask.  ANNIE'S WAY Italy Red Wine Jelly Mask is the second pack of the exact same flavour of mask I got from Glamabox.  The previous pack came in the New Year Lucky Box (separate post on that, if I find the mood to do).  My complaint, if they're going to give away as many packs of these masks as possible, can they at least find a formula or logistic control method so that one customer, who paid for both the New Year Lucky Box AND the monthly subscription, won't get the same flavour/option to try out?

Another 'happy' inclusion in this box are these two products from MICHAEL TODD TRUE ORGANICS.  This brand isn't entirely new to me, as I am that adventurous to make an order from their website a while ago.  (haul post) (review post on one item)  Good thing is, although the Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask 30 ml is not new to me - previously got a tube from that order as free gift - it is my first time getting the Skin Loving Facial Wipes 30 pcs.  Wipes are not a necessary step in my routine, nor is one I am happy to incorporate into my day, but I love to try out new wipes.

The ultimate dismay comes in terms of a tube of full size mascara.  MAX FACTOR Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising Mascara is supposed to be the key-retail-full-size gem of this box.  BUT, Glamabox had included this in December's monthly box.  If that is still acceptable, then I hope the fact that I got the exact same shade in both boxes can justify my distress.  This is the second tube of Black Sapphire For Blue Eyes I've got out of the three or four variations they make.  Not only am I doubtful about whether this non-waterproof can hold my curls, be smudgeproof and such, but really also, I don't have blue eyes.  I do not need two full size of the same 'wrong' mascaras in just three months.  Bad Box.  Bad Box.

The FREY Chocobloc Dark is technically a extra Valentine's sweet treat.  Nice to have.

That's it.  My not at all positive box-opening experience of the month of February.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I always think that when they send products like that, very specific like the mascara... are leftovers.

    1. Mascara is alright (if it is not a duplicate), but foundation type of base products are really hits and misses.



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