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Holiday Haul | From Samui, Thailand

from drugstore (Boots)

from duty-free (Harnn)
Mr A and I visited Samui Island for an almost impromptu honeymoon the week after our wedding, last November.  We basically ate, slept, had spa and just a few sight-seeing plus shopping here and there.  The weather was very unpredictable.  It could pour for hours, followed by hours of clear sky.  It was basically warm and wet, windy and with plenty of mosquitoes.

Another Story - Future Tense

Exciting news.  Our real long vacation (honeymoon) will be in the form of a pilgrimage to Italy.  We will fly in and out Rome/Roma for a stay for a total of 16 days, in which we will take time to visit Florence/Firenze, Milan/Milano and Assisi.  This is the first Italian tour for both of us so we're very excited.  Not only are we embracing our Catholic identity and spending a lot of time at ancient and still-alive houses of worships; but also, we shall see and smell the real Roman ruins (see the alliteration?).  Oh, and of course, while I'm planning for our itinerary, I research on beauty shopping...

Kiko (I have already located at least one of their stores next to almost every hotel we're going to stay in), Pupa (probably not going to buy any simply because the HK Sasa stocks a whole lot of Pupa), Nouba (this came up when I was researching on Italian beauty brands, I don't have any idea where to find it yet).  Skincare-wise, I've been making a long list and checking it (more than) twice on two major brands: Santa Maria Novella (I will definitely be spending a lot of time at the basilica anyway, so for sure I'll also check out the store next to it), and L'Erbolario (a few tubes and tubs of body firming, fragrance line of Honeysuckle and LiquidAmber, and a mesmerizing warm blend called Meharees, which is sweet Date mixed with Myrrh, or even Myrrhae, which is Myrrh with Incense... Mmmm...  A guide book also mentioned about a specialty shop that stocks products made by convents, monasteries, abbeys from all over Italy.  Ai Monasteri it is, and I have a feeling I will encounter a lot of interesting items over there.

Okay, enough rambling on the Roman Holiday... Let's go back to a recap of what I hauled back from Thailand...


The best beauty find, or rather, realisation, of this Thai trip, is definitely Jasmine Rice Oil.  Jasmine Rice has never been alien to me, or HK locals.  Since forever we've been importing Thai Jasmine Rice as our daily carb.  Yet it is until this visit that I realise Jasmine Rice, when made and used as beauty products, gives such a clean, sweet, warming and filling sensation.  After the therapist at our resort used an Jasmine Rice Massage Oil on us in our spa experience, I was desperate to hunt down everything labelled Jasmine Rice.  NB:  Jasmine Rice (or Thai fragrant rice, the white rice) is not the same as Jasmine Flower.  Period.

SABAI-AROM Happy Rice Hand & Nail Care Cream - Jasmine Rice #1

SABAI-AROM Jasmine Ritual Hand Cream - This is the only thing that I find available in HK, out of everything I've bought.  Note: this is Jasmine Flower, not Rice.

BOOTS EXPERT Build Up Removal Shampoo, Thickening Shampoo

BOOTS INGREDIENTS Jasmine & Jasmine Rice Massage Oil - Jasmine Rice #2

SABAI-AROM Tender Care Trio Set with Jasmine Ritual Hand Cream, Wonder Banana 'Tender Me' Foot Cream, Happy Rice Neck & Decolletage Care Cream - Jasmine Rice #3

SABAI-AROM Wonder Banana 'Tender Touch' Hand & Nail Cream - sample

IN2IT Long Wearing Eyebrow Liner "Soft Brown"

IN2IT Waterprrof Eyebrow Liners "Dark Brown"

ESSENCE Dual Sharpener - Just because I needed one and I didn't bring any.

ESSENCE Eyeshadow "Party All Night" - This is a brilliant gold shade for all those who love shiny one colour on the eye lids.  It has just the enough depth to add dimension to the eyes but it is still a light bright golden brown for the day.

COLLECTION Lasting Perfection Concealer "Light 2" - My dear friend Sam sent me a new one in Fair 1 recently and I finally kind of like it.  Unlike the first tube I ever had years ago, this time they seem less drying.  Also while I was at Samui, my skin freaked out a little and has some congestion and minor break-outs to hide.

At the Samui Airport

GLA Nature Skin Source Nourishing Rice Milk and Coconut Body Moisturizer with Shea Butter ฿385 - One of the better body moisturisers I've used this past Winter - yes I am trying to convince myself Winter has passed.  It is more emulsion and milky than a butter, but no less rich.  I enjoy it very much. - Jasmine Rice #4


At the Samui Airport, among the many interesting duty free shops along the promenade, I encountered Harnn (website:  It is an elegant luxury Thai personal care and lifestyle brand.  Everything in that store smells divine and the display is ultra encouraging.

Another similar spelling brand, THANN (website:, which is also Thai, has been well-represented and distributed here in HK.  However, I did not see any sign of Thann at Samui, probably because Samui is too remote.

Harnn is different from Thann.

HARNN Marigold & Neroli Bath & Massage Oil - gift with purchase

HARNN Oriental Herbs Rice Cream Soap, 2 pcs - gift with purchase

HARNN Hand Refining Set with Neroli & Sandalwood, Neroli & Jasmine, Marigold & Neroli, Lotus & Osmantus Hand Cream, 30 g each, ฿1500

HARNN Angel Hand Set with Oriental Rose Hand Balm with Coenzyme Q10, Cymbopogon Hand Cream, Jasmine & Pomegranate Hand Cream, 25 g each, ฿1150

HARNN Dawn of the Rose IV Set with Oriental Rose Skin Purifying Shower Gel with Coenzyme Q10, Oriental Rose Body Balm with Coenzyme Q10, Oriental Rose Hand Balm with Coenzyme Q10, Rose & Geranium Soap 2 pcs, ฿2690 - I am normally indifferent towards rose, seeing it as just another good smelling floral.  However, this Oriental Rose line from Harnn is spectacular, you'd probably end up getting a set or two from this collection as it really smells, unlike any other roses I've smelt.

HARNN Reed Rice Soap Set "Yellow" with Black Rice & Charcoal Soap, White Jasmine Rice Soap, Red Fragrant Rice Soap, 100 g each, ฿570 - It comes in the green knit pouch.  I love the white rice so much, I decided to give this set a go, with the black and red rice also. - Jasmine Rice #5

HARNN White Jasmine Rice Soap, 2 pcs, ฿170 each - If I could only forever use one soap, this is it.  This is a very rude statement because I really only use liquid detergent daily...

Others - From Supermarket/ Convenient Store

MAITHONG Balancing Whitening Bath Mitt - I got one for myself, one for my little sister who has bumps on her arms.  I use this on my back and it is really nice.  The rough fibre exfoliates really well, and the built-in soap inside the mitt lathers and cleans thoroughly.  I bought this at supermarket, and I saw the smaller travel version of this at convenient stores too. - Jasmine Rice #5

PATUMMAS HERBS Body Scrub - Random picked up from convenient store.

REIS CARE Rice Baby Powder "Extra Mild" - Talc-free, rice-based baby powder. From supermarket. - Jasmine Rice #6

LE AMENITY Body Wash, Body Lotion, Hair Wash, Hair Conditioner - Free stuff from our resort, they smell good.  Shameless Jacq...

Bonus/ Special

*******therapist's secret Jasmine Rice Oil - After nagging my therapist for days, she agreed to sell me two bottles of this stuff.  I have only used this once to massage and moisturise myself when I was feeling super cold and down.  Needless to say, I'm saving this to savour. - Jasmine Rice #6

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That's all!  Hope you enjoy this lengthy Thai Holiday Haul!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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