Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Helenere | Hedelweiss 24H Cream

This past February was one of the coldest one I've been through.  Damp and dry alternating, one day it was 6 degree, another 16.  I felt sick and my skin felt the same too.  A lot of the nights - and days - I couldn't stand to finish all the skin care steps, and I just slapped on either an oil, or a cream, after a hot shower, and ran into bed.  To be frank, I haven't been the most diligent at skin-caring for a while recently, but thanks to the decent products in service currently, my skin is in acceptable condition.  One of them is the face cream I'll talk about today.

** Notice: I'll be travelling in Italy from 12-27 March, with limited network access (who trusts hotels' free wifi anyway?).  Stalk me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook (link on your left, or at the end of this post), where I'll be more present than on this blog space.  Ciao.  Salve.**


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