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Empties | April 2014 (& Travel Edition Fail)

Right after our Italian honeymoon-pilgrimage-vacation, my SD card decided it is time to retire.  It simply stopped working, not allowing camera or computers to read or write it.  Not only are our valuable trip photos now unobtainable, so are the pictures of my travel empties... (Yes I do mourn over such meaningless photographs of what basically is trash. #pathetic).

Anyway, let me begin by the only 2 things I shot with my phone on the flight, hence being the only products featured that were used in our trip.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask
Wanted to put on a treatment eye mask underneath the steam eye mask hence I put this on.  It was nice, and my under-eye did look decent after the 11+ hour of flight.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  No

KAO Steam Eye Mask "Odorless"

My all time favourite thing to use when my eyes are tired or when I'm travelling.  Odorless and Eucalyptus are so far my favourite options.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes and have already replenished again and again.

April itself is a pretty fruitful one, or empties-ful, as a month.  Let's begin with the full sizes first.

ORGANIX Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea Shampoo & Conditioner
Because I have coupons to use up at Glamashop, I gave this brand a try.  My sister Jo enjoys the pink Cherry Blossom set very much, so I've been saving that up for her.  This red Pomegranate set was used up in a month of consecutive use - I wash and condition my hair once a day.  I like the scent and consistency of both a lot, and they seem to make my hair healthy instead of artificially shiny and silicone-smooth.  One minor flaw is the conditioner don't dispense well when it is down to the last few uses, and the lid is not designed to allow upside-down standing.  So I had to find a basket to prop it up, allowing the last bit to come out.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes

IN ESSENCE Body Oil "Energy"
The bottle design isn't super great, I like pouring out my oil in plenty and the stopper stops that from happening.  It also leaks a bit.  The oil itself and the blend is beautiful and great for massaging.  Not super nourishing so for dry monster skin like mine, I would use something more hardcore.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  No as it's probably discontinued

LUNABLEU Goatmilk Cream "Belgium Chocolate"
Every time I used this, Mr. A or my ex-roommate (my little brother) always asked if I was eating chocolate.  The scent is super strong, and it lingers until you wash it off.  The hydration of goatmilk cream is superior too.  This formula, along with the scent, can stay on my skin and make it feel and smell good for way over 24 hours, even during the driest days.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes (but, I can't find their online shop?)

THE BODY SHOP Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil
Brazil Nut is a lovely scent, not too sweet or over-powering like some other nut or cocoa scents, but Brazil Nut is still significantly fragrant to linger a while on the skin.  This beautifying oil formula alone does not moisturise my desert dry legs enough, in the drier months.  I had to layer it with something else, for a long while I put this on, and then layer The Body Shop body butters on top.  After I used up the butters (that I plan to use up last cold season), and the weather turns warmer, I can use this alone on my legs - driest part on my body - or just use it on my arms or tummy - it can sometimes shed snowflake-like dead skin because I forgot to moisturise it...
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Not this scent (want to try new things), Yes this formula

NANOGEN Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Men
Mr. A's.  This new formula has added sulphates back (the previous version claims to have NO bad ingredients), so it foams up better.  This is clear instead of milky (the previous version).  The new bottle design is still a little leaky at the lid because the formula is rather thin and it can collect at the cover.  However, this is way better than the old bottle where the opening is constantly in a goo-y mess.  Mr. A enjoys it, and I realise getting them off FeelUnique directly is cheaper than from the local retailer.  Plus I can always pick up free skin care samples when I place order for Mr. A...
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes already got 2 more (& 4 extras on their way)

ADIDAS Victory League Anti-Perspirant
Mr. A's.  It smells nice and does the job, but Mr. A said he prefers Gatsby ones so I have got those for him.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  No

CHOI FUNG CL Technology Vanilla Rice Body Scrub
Smells good, very smooth to work on with enough sandiness - real word? - without leaving a thick greasy feeling (Soap & Glory I'm looking at you).  All Choi Fung stuff are very affordable so I always go overboard when I make an order... Glad that this was a good one and I can use it all up.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes but it seems to be discontinued on the online shop

SOAP & GLORY Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel *
Has the exact same stunning fragrance as the Flake Away.  This is both creamy and clarifying as it says, leaving skin clean but not cracking dry.  You don't need a lot to make plenty of foam, when a bath lily (The Body Shop's name for the thing that is NOT called loofah - loofah are those natural fibre type of scrubbing tool, not the man-made ones...).  I will for sure be buying a large bottle of this next time I visit Thailand or UK, or where-ever S&G or Boots is present.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  YES!  Drown me in this please~~~

LACTACYD Feminine Daily Wash Cleansing Daily Protection
Does the job... I really can't tell the difference from one type from another.
Recommend?  Yes (this brand is good, but really, use whatever brand there is in your market)
Repurchase?  Yes and No (any version of Lactacyd works for me)

LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin
First it came with a monthly Glamabox (I think), then I like it enough I repurchased 20 tubes of this travel size from Glamashop.  It cleared up my skin which was suffering from clogged pores, break-outs and problems in general, after we return home.  However, once my skin get used to the weather and conditions at home, this became too drying for my face.  Now I'm continue using the other tubes on my shoulder and back, where the worst-ever acnes are erupting - the back acnes are so bad they hurt and give me pain.  :(
Recommend?  Yes if your skin need purification
Repurchase?  Yes I did, but after my current stock (20 x 15 ml) I may not.

D PROGRAM Deep Cleansing Oil
D Program is a drugstore line of Shiseido, it targets sensitive skin, the pink set (cost me 2,000 yen) is a trial set for sensitive & dry skin.  I brought it along with me to Italy not knowing if my skin would be dry or oily, and turned out my skin was pretty normal.  I used about half of each product in the set and brought them back.  (I'm kind of glad I did now that all the images in SD card are *&^%$#@)  Out of the four I enjoyed the cleansing oil and emulsion better than the other two, more because of my habit or preference, rather than the products themselves.
The cleansing oil is decent, take off all make up except my waterproof eye make up just because I didn't try.  It emulsifies and washes off easily, leaving skin clean but not dry.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes

D PROGRAM Conditioning Wash
Foaming but not drying I really enjoy this.  Cleansers that foams up to give thick lather/bubbles can strip moisture along with oil from the skin, this doesn't have that problem.  However, I'm getting used to using one or two make up remover, followed up with a milk or gel cleanser that is not very foaming - this routine seems to work better/best for my skin.  If you like foaming wash that cleans and doesn't irritate, this is a good one to try.
Side note.  The conditioning wash has a joke associated with it.  I prepared the majority of Mr. A's toiletry including body wash, shampoo and of course conditioner.  Mister only conditions in the morning, and one day I noticed his hair drier than normal, and I wonder if he missed conditioner or used a poor quality conditioner.  When I asked him which conditioner he used, he said he used a weird one that foams up.  Doubtfully I went to the shower and found this conditioning wash damp... Undoubtedly, he was being laughed at throughout the whole trip.  #poorhubby
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes (for the fact this is associated with such a funny memory)

NUXE Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petals *
A genuinely gentle toner.  I love everything about it.  It refreshes, moisturises, softens and wakes me up.  The scent is also soft and beautiful.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes

REN Vita-Mineral Day Cream *
Adore this stuff, a little thick for summer, but perfect for cooler drier weather/climate.  Sam sent me this along with a night cream which I used up in Italy.  That frankincense night cream is also beautiful.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  No

CETAPHIL Gentle Cleanser
I always take off my face make up with something else, and use this as second cleanse.  It is good in terms of not drying and non-irritating.  Nothing exciting about this though.
Recommend?  Yes if your skin can't stand fragrance
Repurchase?  No

When I was in Italy, and when I just came back, I broke out quite a bit.  Probably due to lazy cleansing, or hormones, there are uncountable active acnes on my back, and quite a handful on my pretty rough and surprisingly oily skin.  This helped to combat the breakouts on my face a lot.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes (but I have so many acne medication or treatment thing to go through)

LA MAUVE Caviar Supreme Longevity Serum
Enough for two usages, smelled nice and absorbs well quickly.  The first-and-second impression is it moisturises and firms a little.  Can't tell any long term effect though.
Recommend?  No
Repurchase?  No

DR. HAUSCHKA Aufbaumaske Firming Mask *
Smells pretty typical of Dr. Hauschka products, natural and refreshing.  Feels nice on the skin, no irritation or tightness.  After washing off, nothing noticeable though, perhaps my skin doesn't need this mask just yet.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  No

PRIMERA Watery Cream *
Light but moisturising.  Pack a whole lot of hydration into the skin.  Great for hot summer nights as it is quite cooling to apply.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes (I have two big jars waiting me)

BEAUTY FORMULAS Gentle Soft Apricot Cleaning Facial Wipes
One of the cheapest kinds available at Sasa.  Nothing special, non-irritating but not effective in removing anything.  Dried up quite fast in the packet.
Recommend?  No
Repurchase?  No

NO7 Whitening Cleansing Wipes
Better than the Beauty Formulas in terms of face make up removal or keeping moist in the packet.  Didn't notice whitening effect.  I have came across a new type from the pharmacy that works way better than this, and is cheaper.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  No

Limited edition from a cross-over collection with an ice-cream company.  This rose scent is to die for.  I like rose, but not a gigantic fan.  This I highly recommend though, the moisturising effect is noticeable.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes (if I could)

UP & UP Cotton Rounds *
Thank you Ari for sending me these.  I wanted to try the hyped-up exfoliating cotton rounds many American youtubers rave about, so Ari mailed me some.  The first pack didn't impress me, so as this pack.  I kindly ask Mr. A to use this with an acne-treatment toner on my back, and every time he complains about the cotton debris dropping everywhere.  I encountered such problem when I use it on my face with other products too.
Recommend?  No
Repurchase?  No


AFU Essential Oil *
Free gift with purchase from Glamashop.  I just used all these to refill the reed diffuser in my toilet/bathroom.  The lid is a pain to open and get super messy.
Recommend?  No
Repurchase?  No

DAISO Fragrance Candle
Burnt down very quickly, maybe in two days.  The scent is sweet and comfortable.  For $12 I have no complaint.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  No

DAISO Flower Candle (pack of 6)
Mango or Yellow Fruit fragrance?  Lovely scent, very beautiful lying around as decoration.  Also good props for photo taking.
Recommend?  Yes
Repurchase?  Yes already bought the pink version


LUSH Buche de Noel Facial Cleanser
Bought it on a whim - aka impulse purchase - because I remember loving and hating the Angels on Bare Skin.  This Buche de Noel is a Noel, Christmas, special, only available some time of the year.  I don't mind the messy consistency, because I expected that, just like the AOBS.  However, the overly powerful powdery oatmeal smell, and presence of funny seaweed discouraged me to use it daily.  At the end I tried to use it on my back to combat acne, but it is not strong enough.  Mr. also doesn't like the debris it left in the shower...
Recommend?  No
Repurchase?  No

AMPM Skin Ecological Indoor Defense Cream
I like this a lot, in fact.  It is a medium to thick cream which feels comfortable and lovely on the skin.  Heavy enough to wear at night, and also work decently under make up.  The reason I am tossing this out is because it has a lavender-ish fragrance which I am not a big fan of.  I recently found this from a basket I have neglected for a long time...
Recommend?  Yes (if it is still available)
Repurchase?  No


NUTRITIONAL CONCEPTS Pure CoffeeMax Green Coffee Extract Link!
COUNTRY LIFE Maxi-Zyme Caps Link!

Because I have these opened for many months and I do not want to take them any more.  Both don't have adverse effects on me, but doesn't help digestion (or going to toilet...) on me.

2014 Toll

Full Size: Body 9 + 4, Hair 4 + 2, Skin 4 + 2, Makeup 0, Fragrance 0, Nail 1
Sheet Mask: Face 2 + 1, Eye/Lip 2 + 2, Body 0
Deluxe Sample: Body 6 + 2, Hair 0, Skin 1 + 7, Makeup 1, Fragrance 0
Small Sample: Body 3, Hair 2, Skin 4 + 4, Makeup 0, Fragrance 0
Accessories: Disposables 4 + 1, Candles/Room Fragrances 1 + 3 (count Afu as 1, Daiso flowers as 1)
His: 6 + 2
Tossed: 9 + 4

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* obtained as free gift with purchase, or from family and friends

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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