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Glamabox | March April 2014

I was out of town when the March box was delivered therefore I received that after the April box arrived.  Haven't tried most of these yet, but figure it won't hurt to do a quick Un-Boxing type post just as a record of what I received.  Right?

MARCH 2014

In the March box there were two distinct food/health items.  BRAND'S InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract & KING Chrysanthemum Tea both didn't interest me so I'll immediately give them away, not to mention that the Brand's drink is making a repeat appearance...

Onto the skin care,

LA ROCHE-POSAY is almost making a monthly - or bi-monthly - appearance in Glamaboxes.  I do not complain about this as long as they throw in different products every time.  This time I got Uvidea Aqua Fresh Gel & Uvidea XL Melt-in Tinted Cream which are both new to me.  They are both using the latest Japanese standard of UVA protection and has the highest value of PA++++ (four plus).  I adore the LRP Uvidea line always, so these are a thumbs up to be included in my box.  I have already repurchased these from Glamashop...

From a new-to-me brand JAYANTI came two little samples, and a small tote bag.  Eco Organic Aloe Vera Face Cream & Recovery Gel have organic ingredients and are made in Italy.  The brand is interesting because Jayanti, per google search, is an Indian word, but the brand seems to make all its products in Italy or Europe.  (There isn't even a letter "J" in Italian...)  Anyway, I always welcome new skin care brand or products when they are included so these are also good ones to keep and try.

The thing that disappointed me the greatest is the presence of JANECLARE Blueberry Revital Firming Mask.  I got one of this last September 2013.  I don't care how much it retails for, or how good it is.  This re-appearance just let me down.  I didn't even enjoy this mask that much last time I tried.

March box value: 16 (Brand's) + 8 (King) + 18 + 28 (LRP) + 42 (Jayanti Cream) + 127 (Jayanti Recovery) + 127 (JaneClare) 
= $366

Although they bulk up the value of the box with a repeated mask, making up the equivalent to above $300, I still find this box just okay.  If I'm not subscribed for a full year, I probably will still give it a go seeing Jayanti as a new brand that seems promising.

APRIL 2014

April's box is better than March's for the sole fact that there are no repeats what-so-ever.  Indeed they included yet another CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleanser, but they are smart enough not to count it as one of the five products, but as a "happy Easter free special gift".  I have no bad words to say about Cetaphil or this "new" tactics of Glamabox.

The skin care in this box came in a little pot of SEBAMED Visio Active Hydro Gel and three little sachets of COSMETIC SKIN SOLUTIONS Hydrating B5 Serum.  I always have a soft spot for SebaMed, so anything from them is great.  CSS on the other hand is totally brand new to me, and, who on earth would have thought of such a generic name to be a brand name?

Men's face is also taken care of by this box.  Unexpected, and probably redundant to some of the subscribers, there is a sample of L'OREAL Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Scrub.  I believe that there isn't a strict barrier between male or female skin care, for the most part I think it is marketing more than science.  However, I do not have the strong tough oily skin to test this out, nor is Mr. A willing to wash his face (such a #lazyboy), so this scrub will probably end up on my back where acnes prevail.

Body-wise, AFFORESTS Peppermint & Eucalyptus Body Wash came in a rather generous size of 100 mL.  I love the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of Eucalyptus (and Tea Tree) type of essential oils, combining with the cooling peppermint I feel like this can easily be my favourite out of the box.  The consistency looks quite runny in the bottle.  The first sniff invigorates me and knowing it is 100% biodegradable, 95% natural ingredients and free of petroleum/paraben makes me want to take a shower once again right now!  Oh, and this brand is made in Hong Kong!

JAYANTI, which made its debut in March, made a return with two body products.  Cellulite Cream & Toning Body Cream.  Looking at their humble sizes, I am guessing they can each last me one application, if not together?

April box value: 7 (Cetaphil) + 19 (SebaMed) + 123 (CSS Serum) + 12 (L'Oreal) + 28 (Afforests) + ? (Jayanti)
= $ 189

As I suppose the Jayanti body creams won't be cheap, this month's box total should be up to $ 200 plus.  Although this is not very valuable compared to some other months, I'd say this month's box is pretty satisfying.  I can't wait for my next shower to try out the Afforests on my body and L'Oreal on my back!

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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