Wednesday, 16 April 2014

MAC Matte Lipstick | All Fired Up

I figure after tuning the brightness (and white balance) of these pictures, the colour doesn't look right.  Therefore, don't trust my pictures 100%.  I'd say, just take about 60% for the colour.  It is pinker in real life.  This draft was sitting in my Draft Folder for months and I just want to get this out.  Perhaps I should do a collective post of my MAC lipsticks (or by colour family?) in the future, to give myself a better overview of my unhealthy stash... What do you think?

Long story short, I like this lipstick A LOT.  The matte formula is comfortable and easy to wear.  Got this last Summer but I will start wearing it again, ASAP.  I also find this slightly whitening my teeth with its brightness.

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Does bad lighting in photo-taking, or colour-correction in photo-editing, ever frustrate you?

(I'm almost always pissed by that...)
Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Please do a collective post <3<3
    Love the color.

    1. request accepted, let me find time (and sunlight) to do so!

  2. Love that colour too
    But i find it really similar to Runway Hit so I just got runway hit instead.
    It look redder in the photo than i think of which makes me want to get it right away!

    1. what colour is runway hit? you make me interested in that... google search seem to return a bunch of pale nude colours...

  3. Replies
    1. it is bright, but on the pink (fuchsia) side.. for some reason my pictures show it very orange-y

  4. love the result! a lipstick that has a whitening effect for teeth is all I need :D


    1. tell me if you found any good lip colours that make teeth whiter! that'd be very helpful



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