Thursday, 10 April 2014

Retail Therapy | When Burberry Fails Me

It was near the end of the Year of the Snake.  One chilly but fair afternoon, Honor and I went beauty browsing (and shopping).  Our target was pretty clear, she wanted 1 (or 3) Lunasol lipsticks; and I want 1 (or 2) Burberry Spring eye shadow palettes.  We even dragged her mum, my aunt, along, because her Sogo card has rebate with purchase at the Burberry counter.  Bullet-ful were our wallets, all but a chance to 'fire' was we seek.


the Spring palettes are really under-whelming.  I almost blindly paid for a #10 Pink Rose palette, which is priced very reasonably at $ 390 without discount, but I'm glad I didn't.  My wise and calm advisor (Honor, by the way) made sure I went to the counter with her, and while she tested out the blushers herself, I am allowed to swatch the new Spring palettes.  Pink Rose was really disappointing in two ways.  Firstly the darker two shades on the left are sheer, like a semi-translucent wash of colour, smooth but barely there.  A wash of pink will only make my eyes puffy, not pretty.  Secondly, the two shimmer shades, on the right, are not Burberry-like.  They are pretty, and nice to have, but not something I'd look for from this brand.  Therefore, I desperately turned to the Sage Green, hoping for some miracle, which was absent.  The browns are acceptable, just that the greens aren't flattering on me.

With grieve (exaggerated), we turned to Lunasol, Nars, and other brands.  Honor did pick up a gorgeous wine colour lipstick $ 260 from Lunasol, and a moisturizer $ 610 from Ahava.  And I, turned to the never-failing embrace of Sasa and picked up a bag-full of goodies.  Cheap, I must say, but cheerful.

Lip Products

Shiseido ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge "RD-391" ($ 99, 4.5 g) - The selling points, of this, to me, are two.  The wand-applicator, and the comfortably creamy consistency.  The applicator is a dupe of the more expensive Maquillage (a middle range Shiseido brand).  The formula doesn't have an odour as far as I'm concern, and it is smooth whether or not it has shimmer.  In fact, 8 out of 10 shades have visible shimmer, including the RD-391 I chose.  Just a bonus information, this liquid rouge, along with some other lip products, are still made in Taiwan, unlike some newer Za powder products, in China.

Kanebo KATE Bloody Lacquer "RD-1" ($ 79, 2.4 g) - This is from a seasonal, limited time display of the "Unlock Collection" at the Kate stand.  The eye shadows and eye liners didn't excite me much, but I managed to pick one of the 4 shades of lipsticks they offer.  All 4 lip colours are jelly like with no detectable glitter nor shimmer.

Kanebo LAVSHUCA Dramatic Stay Liquid "RD-1" ($ 75, 3.6 g) - Ever since Lavshuca hit our shores, I've been a loyal fan.  Perhaps not so much the most recent update move in re-branding, as it leans too plastic, toy-like and childish in my eyes.  Luckily, after skipping several seasons I finally encounter this range of lipgloss, liquid lipstick hybrid.  The formula is beautiful, and the colours are wearable.  RD-1 is the more mature of the bunch and a very gentle elegant warmer pink nude 'fig' colour, or at least, the Japanese interpretation of 'fig'.  (Reference: Cle de Peau #226 Fig Tart)

Kanebo LAVSHUCA Dramatic Stay Liquid "RS-1" ($ 75, 3.6 g) - When I pick up this shade, I was simply asking myself  "Which would Yuan buy?".


Kanebo MEDIA Emulsion Foundation S "01 Light Beige" SPF 25 PA ++ ($ 77, 10 g)
Kanebo MEDIA Emulsion Foundation Case S ($ 30)
Been wanting to try this ever since it was launched, but nothing drove me to the purchase.  That day was a perfect excuse so I got myself one.  Verdict after 2-3 months of usage?  This is a great cream compact foundation.  Easy to apply and blend is definitely the selling point, however, even in the driest weather this also looked decently nice on my poorly-looked-after skin - a huge bonus!  For its price this is a big fat Win in my books.

Kanebo MEDIA Cream Foundation "OC-C1" ($ 77, 25 g)
Kanebo MEDIA Cream Foundation "PO-B1" ($ 77, 25 g)
For similar reason to the Emulsion Foundation above, I purchased these.  I don't find a perfect shade that pleases me enough so I went for the two lightest ones.  In cream foundation terms this is quite creamy and fluidy (not thick or balmy or jelly).  I confess though, for so many months these haven't been opened and used yet...

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What do you do when something big on your wish list disappoints you?  Do you buy a bunch of small replacements or just move on to another bigger target?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. you're so lucky to be based in Hong Kong! I actually found you on Instagram last night :) happy blogging!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

    1. welcome Anita. yes in terms of shopping HK is pretty good. thanks for commenting!



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